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1:36 AM
Q: Drawing a blank on the [whiteboard] tag

kaya3There is a tag whiteboard which as of writing has 78 questions, and no tag information or wiki explaining what it is meant to be used for. Some of the questions are about making digital whiteboard software. Using the tag for this purpose makes it a meta-tag since it is about what project the ask...

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4:35 AM
Q: How can we handle a question where the problem in the title is different from the problem in the body, and OP refuses to change the title?

wjandreaThis is the post. The title has usually been "How do I calculate square root in Python?", but the body is actually about a problem that's specific to division in Python 2 (1/2 is 0, not 0.5). So if you're not using Python 2 (which you shouldn't be since it's EOL), the top answer and most of the ...

5:23 AM
Q: navigation to next page is not working flutter

Nirashawhen I click the first card on my home_page.dart I want to navigate to the next page. I added onpressed() but seems like it is not working. how do I correctly add this navigation code? home_page.dart import 'package:flutter/material.dart'; import 'package:fashion_app/color_filters.dart'; impor...

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7:53 AM
Q: Stackoverflow should have button of copying commands and code, in code sample part

Abd ur RehmanI think of this, when solving some error in my code, because it is time consuming while selecting and scrolling through code and then copying it, while many popular sites using this facility too. Then why stackoverflow didn't implementing it? Vote Up if you Aggree!

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10:17 AM
Q: How to change Background for a Button MouseOver in WPF?

Hasith YomanI have three radio buttons in my xaml file. I want remove this mouseOver. But my mouse over colour is red. But when I put mouse over my button, button's background changes to default windows gray background. What's The Problem? <Page.Resources> <Style x:Key="GroupToggleStyle" Target...

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1:53 PM
Q: Is my downvoting criteria, based on useless titles, too strict?

user438383I was quite surprised to see that I have downvoted questions approximately three times as often as upvoting them. This seems to be a lot more than most users. My strategy for downvoting pretty much boils down to 'is this post useful for other people with the same issue'. A key part of being usefu...

2:47 PM
Q: Same question (as on SO) got answered on another website

Muhammad Mohsin KhanI saw this question on the main site today as I was also trying to solve the same problem. I also found that the OP asked the same question on another website, which was answered there. This also solved my problem and I was wondering if this answer could somehow be documented on SO. Of course, it...

3:05 PM
Q: How do I format code so that I can post a question?

Antonio Di FenzaI've been trying for over an hour to post a question. But I have miserably failed because apparently my code (entirely copied from Chollet's book Deep Learning with Python) isn't 'properly formatted as code' Has anyone an idea where I can find instructions of properly formatting code? Thank you s...

3:53 PM
Q: Shared cookie SSO implementation with .net core

MMJIn .NET Framework MVC we can implement SSO (Single Sign On) Application by using Form Authentication in Web Config file. Please Note : I have already created domain in IIS server with 1)www.mainapplication.com => Having log in mechanism 2)www.secondapplication.com => this will be redirect to main...

Q: Blocked, but don't know why

MC SquaredI'm confused. I posted my first question yesterday, since last April. I'm a relative newbie with an 11 score and 3 Bronze badges. I cannot see any "downvotes" on my latest question, nor can I find any reason why this question would ban me. I'm fine going on the 5 day probation they gave me, I jus...

4:47 PM
Q: why was this question closed for not being specific enough?

YehosefHow to build a regular expression to check search syntax? It says that it needs to be more focused. I don't know how to make it more focus. I asked about how to build regex for a specific case in which I gave the specs. Also - how is it possible that it was closed so fast. I opened this a few ...

5:26 PM
Why is it so often that closure is equated with "you don't know how to answer"? I mean - yes, a lot of times questions are closed because they are nonsensical or don't have enough information, thus nobody can know how to answer them. But that doesn't mean that closure is "due to ignorance".
> no, you're asking how to fly a plane when you know how to turn the ignition key
Can count on Cerbrus to bring plane metaphors :p
i mean
flying a plane is easy
landing it on the other hand..
which is akin to saying building an application is easy, finishing it on the other hand..
5:42 PM
@KevinB The first 90% of the project take 90% of the total time. The last 10% take another 90% of the total time.
i could have the majority of a project done the first day... but there's always that one piece that then takes another month unexpectedly..
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6:43 PM
@VLAZ frustration on the asker's part, I'm sure
ironically, ignorance
Reminds me of the statement "those who can't do, teach", which itself is mired in ignorance of both the target's reasons for 'not doing' and of what teaching requires
2 hours later…
8:41 PM
Q: Using grep/awk to find/print certain pattern in a text file

Zarkos.FinaAssume that i have a text file containing the following 5 lines: Tue 18 2022 car model: Toyota , car motor: 2001 , car color: blue , year of production: 2018 Thu 19 2022 car model: Mercedes , car color: black , year of production: 2012 , car motor: 4000 Thu 20 2022 used: yes , car motor: 1999 , c...

9:36 PM
10:29 PM
Q: Where would be a good place to ask questions about Play Store policy?

Ilya GazmanPlay Store gave my app status of App Content Approved with Issues Issue: Invalid Data safety section Policy Declaration for Play Safety Label: Template id: "subtype_psl_device_or_other_identifiers" > not found Where can I find help figuring out what is "subtype_psl_device_or_other_identifiers"?

Q: User profile answers and questions UI was better before

anastaciu(Not so) recent changes in the user profile UI, the answers and questions separators took a turn for the worst in my opinion, the previous presentation was more intuitive, this is not a major issue, nor am I one to go against progress, but I would like it to be more like it was before. What say y...


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