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12:10 AM
Q: What's the etiquette for improving on answers that only address part of a question?

Nick McCurdyThe question I'm referring to: Easy way to list node modules I have npm linked? The OP asks for two different things (a local and global command). The accepted answer is a good solution for part of what they're asking. However, I also know the answer to the other part of their question. How shoul...

12:27 AM
12 hours later…
12:16 PM
Q: Require a reason for question downvote or close

JessI love Stack Overflow, but I just asked a question and I have had a horrible user experience so far. I asked a question. I had a code example. I told ideas that I had tried. I gave example pieces of data and told which would pass and which would fail (like a unit test). I have edited the ques...

12:33 PM
^ The question OP sort of complained about was basically "Here is some grammar I've defined, I want to be able to generate a regex from it that matches these several different things". Not very specific problem. And mysteriously it was closed...
2 hours later…
2:24 PM
21k rep even.
> this limitation make my skills stuck
> Doesn't get a downvote in several months.
> Receives a downvote, immediately goes to Meta to demand an explanation
i can't remember the last downvote i got on so
Oh, look, it was yesterday
i wonder who i pissed off
2:41 PM
Last time I received downvotes were so blatantly targeted. :')
2:53 PM
in this case there's no recent activity from me that would have caused any kind of reaction, so, i'll just assume it was organic
it's not a useful question
3:10 PM
I also checked myself. Got a DV a few days back. I think it was organic - there is another answer there that is better than mine.
It's also an instance where unpinning the accepted answer helped - my answer is currently accepted with score of zero, the other answer is on top with a score of 3.
3:32 PM
I only give 100% organic, GMO-free, vegan downvotes, honest.
I hope they don't have gluten or lactose.
Nonsense. I want my downvotes with extra gluten.
4:12 PM
Sucrose-coated downvotes ¯_(ツ)_/¯
5 hours later…
9:10 PM
Q: Do we really need so many user-defined custom tags about (custom|user-defined)[-data]-type[s]?

mkrieger1The following tags exist: custom-type (no tag wiki, 145 questions) custom-data-type (no tag wiki, 201 questions) user-defined-types (tag wiki exists, 758 questions) user-defined-data-types (no tag wiki, 41 questions) I don't really see a difference between them. Since user-defined-types is the ...


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