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Q: Options missing in the "share this question" line

kesarling He-Him there's nothing after 'email', just commas. It's definitely now a browser issue. I have tested it on chrome, edge and firefox (all latest versions)

@NewPosts dupe of meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/280798/…, self-deleted though
6:19 AM
@AndrewT. undeleted and OP agreed with the dupe target.
good to know...
Glad to be of service o7
6:53 AM
Q: Where can I find the developer survey 2021 dataset?

zenCoderI can't find the link to the SO 2021 survey data set here. Any idea when the data set will be made public?

7:23 AM
Q: Need send bulk mailer to different persons with different attachment using Python

Sandeep GuptaTrying to write a program on python to send bulk mailer with concern attachment. Sample data :- voucher id are in csv files and pdf files are in a folder with voucher id in middle name. Voucher id / PDF File 10012 / Bill_10012_04082021.pdf 10013 / Bill_10013_04082021.pdf 10014 / Bill_10014_040820...

8:05 AM
Q: Audits in review queues

DominiqueI'm currently working on the reviews of the Re-open cases. I stumbled upon this question. The question basically says: I have an error with some code, and here is the code. The question was closed saying that more explanation and/or clarity was needed. The question has been modified into: I ha...

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10:53 AM
Q: Merge [symfony-components] with [symfony]

Stephan VierkantAccording to its own website, symfony is is a set of reusable PHP components ... and a PHP framework for web projects The Symfony Components are using in many other projects and the Symfony Framework is 'just' a way of glueing them together. This makes the symfony-components tag redundant. Inst...

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12:11 PM
Q: How to structure an Android code block that accepts user input and stores the input string into a database?

ZerrubabelBeen troubleshooting this for awhile now, I can't get consistent answers in google searches so I'm posting it here. Obviously there are many factors to consider when deciding exactly how to structure code, but for this question please know that I just need base functionality, I'm not worried abou...

12:59 PM
Q: Consistancy of Symfony Component tags

Stephan VierkantWhen looking at Symfony related component tags (see Merge [symfony-components] with [symfony]), I've seen some inconsistency in the naming of component tags. Here's what should be renamed: domcrawler -> symfony-domcrawler symfony-config-component -> symfony-config

1:23 PM
Q: Merge [symfony-recipe] into [symfony-flex]

Stephan VierkantRecipes are part of Symfony Flex. No need for a separate tag.

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3:35 PM
Q: Extract coefficients from ordered logistic regression models when there are several exposures and outcomes

rklI'm trying to extract intercepts from a lot of ordered logistic regression models with different exposures and outcomes. In the end I would like a file with the name of my independent variable, dependent variable, intercept, beta, se and p value. ``ivs_vec <- names(cars)[5:6] #Replace with number...

3:59 PM
Q: When will a flagged answer of mine going to get deleted?

InQusitiveI was answering one of the question in SO and in the middle of writing it got submitted(some tab + space-bar combination). Since it was my first experience of partial answer submission, without thinking I deleted it(instead of edit) and submitted another answer. Then I flagged the deleted answer ...

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7:53 PM
Q: Compromised account credentials posted as sample data to Stack Overflow

Jeremy CaneyRecently, a question was posted which included the credentials for twelve accounts. Upon investigation, it appears those credentials are compromised accounts for Uplay (Ubisoft Connect), and frequently appear on sites trading in such information (example). Now, obviously, this data is already out...

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11:47 PM
Q: What's the consideration behind removing profile views?

Wenfang DuIn the previous user profile design, we used to have a "profile views" counter, now it's gone, I'm wondering what's the consideration behind this change?


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