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12:05 AM
Q: Opinion-Based / Not currently accepting answers?

BDragonCan anyone in this group guaranty that their answer is 100% correct? If not, then Why is the “opinion-based” questions is banned from this group? What if people is looking for an suggestion or recommendation solutions for their problems? What is the point if people could not ask questions when th...

12:17 AM
Q: Why some PluralsightIQ assessments does not show relevant tag

Nenad MilosavljevicI have finish a few PluralsightIQ assessments and wanted to share that in my SO developer story. For express the tag was automatically added, and for angular there is no tag added. What is the reason for this?

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3:51 AM
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4:57 AM
@NewPosts oh, I missed this one...
Why was this answer marked R/A? The tone and content seem fine to me. Unless it was marked spam and I really don't see that. Is there something missing from the history?
5:13 AM
and it seems I missed another one...
@VLAZ (possibly one rude flag, then the answer got deleted normally from the delete votes)
Wait, so if an answer has one R/A flag and the question is deleted, the flag takes effect?
I guess so, since all the answers are also deleted at the same time
This...seems plausible but also slightly broken.
I mean, it's flagged as R/A, but not the penalty
A: What are the “spam” and “rude or abusive” (offensive) flags, and how do they work?

KipNote for moderators: some sites, including Stack Overflow, have more permissive, overriding guidance on the handling of these flags. What makes something spam and when should I flag it? A post should be marked as spam only if it promotes a product, service, or similar; and is unsolicited or lacks...

- The contents of posts that were deleted and got at least one helpful red flag will be masked from 10k+ users: the content isn't shown on the post itself, but can be browsed to in the revision history.
- If a post with pending red flags is deleted for any reason, even if not automatically by the system in response to six red flags or one from a moderator, the red flags will be automatically marked helpful. This will trigger this mask when viewing the post, but this doesn't necessarily mean it was deleted for that reason.
5:36 AM
Ah, if the penalty is not applied that's better. I still find it strange that the question deletion applies the R/A mask. But it's documented.
I genuinely don't get why the mask is triggered on question deletion
OP self-removing or the post being 10k/20k'd is more fine (but not exactly great)
5:52 AM
Yeah, I can see it's confusing for 10k+ because mods don't see the mask anyway, so they may not realize if the post got red-flagged...
Don't mods have another UI that makes it painfully obvious?
Mods see like this
6:08 AM
Mod sight seems...boring. I expected it to have flashing indicators and an overlay with judgement of the souls of mortals. Maybe even a cross-sight that automatically focuses on the unworthy.
7:05 AM
@Zoe by that logic you don't think the mask should be there at all. It masks so the post is hidden if it didn't get enough of the flags by the time the parent post was deleted. Think, racist answer posted against OPs question, gets a couple flags by time OP sees it and self deletes question, the post should be hidden, but didn't get enough flags to delete with mask on its own
7:24 AM
@Nick hm, good point
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8:59 AM
Q: Is it legit to delete a comment that has answers?

Marco SullaAs title. Is it legitimate (or educate) to delete a comment after someone mentioned you and replied to your post?

9:29 AM
Q: Why a question asked by a 11-years old person was not deleted? (my flag was taggued helpful)

Temani AfifI flagged a question where the OP explicitely said he's 11-years old. The flag was helpful (all my comments deleted) but the question and the account are still there. Why? It's a clear violation of the terms of service or did I miss something? I expected the question and the account to be deleted...

10:01 AM
@NewPosts I'm afraid to comment on that meta post
10:11 AM
Is it legit to harass users in comments after being repeatedly told that comments don't work the way you want them to?
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12:05 PM
Q: Why do someone make insignificant edits to my post

MartinSomeone just edited an old post of mine, with seemingly pointless changes. I assume it's is a way to earn credits. I don't want to hang anyone, but my question should provide an example. These are the edits: https://stackoverflow.com/posts/28135663/revisions

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1:05 PM
Q: Add option to filter felon friendly employers to promote equal opportunity

silencedogoodWhile looking around on Linkedin, I noticed that last year they rolled out a feature called the Fair Chance job filter. This feature, in their words, will "help job-seekers easily identify employers who have committed to consider applicants with a criminal record, thus removing a major barrier fr...

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3:17 PM
Q: When will they unblock me from asking questions?

The AGI have tried to edit my current questions and still they are not unblocking me from asking questions. I am still answering questions, upvoting, editing questions and answers. I have edited my current questions already. When will they loft my unblock?? What else do I do.. ???

3:41 PM
Q: Appears to be copy-pasted from SO without attribution

Jared SmithIf this is the wrong place to post this, apologies. Looks like this question from 1 year ago: https://www.semicolonworld.com/question/71381/how-to-return-multiple-lines-jsx-in-another-return-statement-in-react is a copy-paste sans attribution of this StackOverflow question from 7 years ago: How t...

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4:59 PM
Q: add more button and remove button on my javascript code aren't working please help

Humzah QureshiThe add more button and remove button on my javascript code isn't working please help me someone. <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge"> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">...

Q: Why does Stack Overflow not allow logged in users to vote on software solutions they use?

azeemhI cannot upvote a software solution or gem I used in a project, or write any stack overflow comments unless I have reputation, but I can't get reputation without writing any comments or voting or interactions. Also when I posted a question completely according to the guidelines someone told me si...

5:26 PM
@NewPosts Ewww... jonsharpe with a save but I wonder if it really makes a difference.
6:23 PM
Q: Best way to convert an old question into a feature request

silencedogoodI asked a question (that was more of a feature-request) almost 2 years ago that received positive votes. However, it was my first question on meta and I didn't realize I should have used the feature-request tag. It was recommended I raise a feature request for the issue, but I never did. And I'm ...


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