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12:39 AM
Q: How is question 67813154 opinion based?

Someone_who_likes_SEThe question If I built an app with a CSS framework, and then they change their styles, would the look of my site change with? about CSS frameworks was closed as opinion based. The question can be answered with facts. Why is it opinion based?

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2:27 AM
Q: How to get the phone number of the incoming call before answering in flutter

Sohaib El MediouniHello i want to know how can i get the phone number of the incoming call before answering and check the number if exist in my db in flutter.

Q: How to solve 'int' object is not iterable?

brianKI input pesan in hexadecimal. For example e = 5, n = 221, and pesan = 1e. Then pesan will convert to decimal and decrypt it. The result (in decimal) will convert to hexadecimal again. But i got error TypeError: 'int' object is not iterable. How to solve it? Here's the code def decrypt(m): pl...

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5:57 AM
Q: An interesting task about filters and drop-down lists

Oleg GribanovHow to develop a webpage with a filter and a list of items, using a minimum of javascript, but a maximum of HTML5 and CSS3? Also I can use Bootstrap 4. I have to develop a webpage that has 2 filters which are dropdowns. The first dropdown list has the following items: juniors; middle; seniors. T...

6:15 AM
Q: What recourse do question-askers have when dealing with moderators who do not welcome non-programmers and who interfere with questions?

NTSHow can I add a number I asked the question at the link above. I simply need to know how to add a column of data to a large file. Someone has closed the question for reasons I don't understand. The question is similar to many others that people ask here. It contains an example. The moderator ...

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7:39 AM
Q: Badge progress counts not updating

Will NessMy Illuminator badge progress counts are not updating for about a week now, I believe. Maybe more. Something needs fixing?

8:10 AM
@NewPosts time to delete :[
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9:22 AM
Q: How can I write again in stackoverflow?

Denis TurgenevToday I've written one question on stackoverflow. How to use default assignment operator in QObject-inherited class? And It was closed, because I didn't search similar question and wrote. After this question closed, when I press "Ask Question" button, it says that You have reached your question ...

10:16 AM
Q: Please reopen my question, it was NOT a duplicate

Vilx-My question was closed as a duplicate of another question when it was not. In fact, that's what it was explicitly about - why am I NOT seeing the behaviour that was supposed to be there, according to the other answer? I tried copy-pasting and asking the same question again (with a note that this ...

@E_net4theflagger a-a-and it's gone.
11:04 AM
Q: Azure application gateway waf2 giving error 404 not found

Rajesh Sao Blockquote I have created 3 different environments dev, uat and Prod in azure app services. All these webapp came with the Microsoft provided DNS name and I have created self signed certificate of all three webapp with the Microsoft provided DNS. Post that I have provisioned Azure application g...

11:46 AM
Q: Please help in this question, I cannot find help anywhere

Daniel WayneI don't know how to do dependency injection using HK2. There are no sources on web which explain that (unlike spring). I haven't got any answer and I have been tired after trying myself for 2 days continuously. Please help. Question link

12:39 PM
@NewPosts Please help
1:10 PM
@E_net4theflagger ok tanks in advancing
@Zoe thanks you kind sir for halp
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4:16 PM
Q: Where's the spam in this audit?

Bill TürToday I failed this audit in the LQP queue. This was the answer which I thought was OK: It didn't mention any product and didn't contain any link. The text is factual. I know that the user card was a strong hint that it is an audit, but I have often seen such anonymized user cards on audits with...

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8:52 PM
Q: "Serial voting reversed" destroyed my rep

user3237465I've been steadily gaining rep for several years answering questions on Stack Overflow (mostly ones with the agda tag) and a few weeks ago I started seeing a lot of new upvotes on my old answers (one upvote per answer, all with the agda tag). I assumed that someone was looking through all the que...

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10:52 PM
Q: The highest voted questions do not have research effort; this is a bad role model for new users

Someone_who_likes_SEMany top-voted questions with hundreds of votes do not have any research effort: How to manually send HTTP POST requests from Firefox or Chrome browser? How do I undo the most recent local commits in Git? How do you decode base64 data in Python? How do I redirect to another webpage? How to check...


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