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4:46 AM
I think I haven't visited MSO for 2 days... and I feel like I'm already missing something...
3 hours later…
7:57 AM
Q: User post search

PhilippeI can search a particular user's posts by : user:555 I tried to search multiple users' posts at the same time, like user:555 or user:666 Only user 666's posts come back. Is there any work around ?

8:09 AM
Q: Remove [spark-java] tag from [apache-spark] questions

mckThere are 34 questions tagged with both spark-java and apache-spark, even though the spark-java tag info explicitly states that it should not be used for Apache Spark questions. Is there any tool to remove the spark-java tag from all such questions?

8:45 AM
Q: Merge the [rocket-u2] and [u2] tags

Simon KissaneBoth these tags are about the same topic, Rocket Software's U2 products. u2 has more questions than rocket-u2, which suggests merging the later into the former. On the other hand, the later is more distinctive, which makes it less likely someone will accidentally use the tag for some unrelated th...

9:43 AM
@AndrewT. You missed a post that had a cool flipping off emoticon: t('-'t)
But other than that, I don't think there was that much
10:09 AM
Q: Dealing with an ancient unsalvageable question which scored 0 points and had zero interest

DavePlease note this question is being asked by a user that is banned from asking questions, is trying to do something about, is not trying to doge the results of previous questions. I am wondering what to do with several ancient questions I asked more than 4 years ago, they score zero points, nobody...

4 hours later…
2:33 PM
Q: Getting PNTimeoutCategory when trying to channels of the PubNub Service

Mr.HeisenbergGetting the PNTimeoutCategory while trying to connect to PubNub Services. Following are the PNStatus category we receive. PNErrorData(information=null, throwable=com.pubnub.api.PubNubException), error=true, statusCode=0, operation=PNHeartbeatOperation, tlsEnabled=false, uuid=null, authKey=null, o...

1 hour later…
4:03 PM
Q: Why are some comments blocked from being posted but not others?

mckI noticed that comments like "What have you tried?" is blocked from being posted, but "thank you very much" / "this works for me" comments are not blocked (and are found everywhere). Is it possible to extend the comment-filtering mechanism to block "thank you" comments as well?

6 hours later…
9:51 PM
Q: JAVA Can anyone please help me with this? I need to write linked list stack and cannot use any of the link list or stack java classes. I am lost :(

sus378JAVA. To get experience working with a stack, and linked lists, you will write an EvaluateExpression class. Stacks can be used to evaluate an expression, i.e., (1 + 2) * 4 - 3 NOTE: The spirit behind Assignment 5 is for you to create your own stack class using a linked list implementation, and no...


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