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1:37 AM
Q: New Syntax HIghtlight Colors for Dark Them are Wildly Different with Change of Highlight Engine

David C. RankinAll, after following the post of trials of the new highlight scheme (I can't recall if it is from highlight.js to google or vice-versa) the new engine is apparently in use on StackOverflow now. The colors are wildly different from before. The reds are now burnt orange and the rest of the syntax c...

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3:01 AM
Q: Breach or very strange coincidence?

egerardusIt has been too long since I've updated my password on stackoverflow so I decided to do so a couple of days ago, I accidentally set it as the same password that I used on an old (forgotten, unused and totally empty) github account connected to my email address. The very next day I received an ema...

4 hours later…
6:49 AM
Q: My question has been deleted. It was new and unresolved. Why?

MehBMe I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Are complex javascript URLs not supported when following links? I posted a question here on meta asking why my question had been closed. That meta question was heavily downvoted. Is it off topic on meta to ask advice on how to form a good questio...

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8:01 AM
Q: Have anonymous edits been disabled on Stack Overflow?

41686d6564I opened a post while not logged in and I noticed that the "Improve this answer" link does not exist under any of the answers. I checked several other posts on SO and meta.SO and the behavior was consistent. It works on (some) other sites on the network though. If I remember correctly, this used ...

8:55 AM
Q: How does upvoting a downvoted question affect my repuation on StackOverflow?

dagelfIn the past I've been hesitant to upvote unpopular downvoted, but valid, questions - purely because they already have a lot of downvotes - but when they are in my opinion valid questions, that I would also like the answer to. So this is a two part question: Firstly, does upvoting a downvoted ques...

9:19 AM
Q: How to have TypeScript syntax highlighting

johannchopinI don't know if it's the right place to ask but how should I write my code block to have highlighting for TypeScript language? I use this: ```typescript ``` But it doesn't work: const foo = 'bar'; type Type = { [key: string]: string | number | any[] };

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12:37 PM
Q: Should [dotty] and [scala-3] be synonyms?

Dmytro MitinCurrently dotty and scala-3 are two different tags. And for each of them "Suggest a synonym" produces "Failed to propose synonym: Version specific synonyms can only be created by moderators". A couple of quotes: http://dotty.epfl.ch/docs/index.html Dotty is the project name for technologies that...

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2:25 PM
Q: What's got happened with swift syntax highlight?

AsperiA couple of days ago swift syntax highlight has changed from something like to something like Why? Who decided that? How could I remove it back or configure? - I don't like new much :(((((

Current highlighted meta topic is about highlight.js
2:43 PM
Q: Low quality answer but deleted as spam/rude/abusive my moderator

Arun VinothOne of the answers was deleted by a moderator saying: This answer was marked as spam or rude or abusive and is therefore not shown - you can see the revision history for details. This revision history does not show any fact about it. Probably this can be a link-only answer and also technically bl...

I missed some really garbage-y meta questions, it seems.
I noticed one but missed many. Might encourage me to reach 10k on SO? :|
But imagine this: someone posts an answer to a low-quality, eventually closed question; gets two downvotes; what the user decides to do? Naturally, post a question on Meta with the title "Stronger penalties for downvoting without explanation - distinguishing between constructive and non-constructive criticism".
2:59 PM
clearly they were wronged and deserve compensation
oh, wait
they got their rep back
maybe more bronze badges
3:23 PM
And still had the nerve to complain about the downvotes in the comments.
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4:43 PM
Q: API access stopped working with "`key` is not valid for passed `access_token`, token not found."

Jad NaousI had a working app embedded in Google Sheets that read the stackexchange API for teams, using a noexpiry token. All of a sudden, one day, it stopped working with the following error returned: {"error_id":403,"error_message":"`key` is not valid for passed `access_token`, token not found.","error_...

5:01 PM
Q: After one year, came back to Stack Overflow - my thoughts

PatrickkxWhat are my thoughts? hundreds of zero-effort questions hundreds of unreadable, totally unclear questions by people who don't know what they want and how they want it to be done hundreds of questions be people who do not value time and effort of people who respond - marking an answer with a tick...


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