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12:25 AM
Q: What should I do with legitimate questions that can't be answered?

Charlie ArmstrongI'll just start off with what prompted me to post this. I got a review suspension for this triage review, which I marked as "Looks OK". I know there are quite a lot of meta posts on "Why did I get a review suspension?" and I guess this post is no different, but I would like to focus more on how...

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2:01 AM
Q: I get downvoted continuous

Anh Devit2 days ago I was downvoted with several voting and -10 reputation and -2. Yesterday my reputation down -90 and up 10. Anyone can explain to me

1 hour later…
3:25 AM
Q: How to Edit my question in better way to remove the limt for my profile?

Mani RI am facing this issue more than 10 days, please help me to resolve this

2 hours later…
5:06 AM
Q: Adding a new title in the list of dis-allowed titles (if there is such a list that is...)

d4rk4ng31I am proposing to add a feature to add a new entry in the list of dis-allowed titles... democratically. I know that the list is not-shared, but I don't think it would be a problem to allow democratic addition of new titles like this (In fact I am surprised to know such titles were allowed in the ...

Q: How to disable Alt+tab in web application?

Dhirajkumar KakadeI am developing online Quiz application(Using C# and Asp.Net), in which questions are displaying in full screen mode as popup window. I wanted to restrict the users of my application to run between the opening windows. I wanted to allow user to see only my application until he finishes the quiz. ...

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6:36 AM
Q: Canonical Q/A for people that have problems with NoSuchMethod/called on null in [flutter]

nvoigtI'm relatively new to flutter. There seems to be huge amounts of people who are starting to work with flutter and who have not heard of the concept of a null reference exception in flutter or in other languages (you can call it a NullReferenceexception or a NullPointerException or you can just cr...

7:00 AM
Q: Why is it legal to say "beautiful young people" in job offers?

leif_linderWhy is it legal to say "beautiful young people" in job offers. https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/427712/senior-full-stack-developer-php-js-saleschamp I am an older - and not very handsome man. So, they are saying I should not apply? I work hard and support a family. Why is ageism acceptable still in...

7:12 AM
Q: Only allow "negative votes" two days after the last change!

minus oneI think asking the right question on the right place is often an iterative process. All of us learn step by step and the right support is essential. I feel it is kind of unrealistic to tell people to read the entire SO Guide on Asking before they ask any question. IMO: 80% of the question is beca...

7:30 AM
Q: Should I make an edit to change only indents and semicolons?

sirzentoBackground informations: I asked here 'Edit on answer got rolled back. Did I do something wrong?' if my edit to the answer was a correct/good one that got rolled back. The edit I did was to add indents and semicolons to the javascript code. The semicolons dont do much in a js code and are more or...

7:46 AM
Find your inner beauty!
I have the inner beast instead for downvoting most of the things...
@AndrewT. That is the inner beauty. ;)
8:13 AM
The recent edit to that other question about downvotes is ridiculous.
Sure, only let someone say the question is bad after someone said it's good.
8:24 AM
Q: Do I need to ask a new question to create a tag on stackoverflow?

JesperI'd like to create the agda-stdlib tag to add to another question, but the only way I can see is by asking a new question. Hence this one.

9:02 AM
Well, if people can get "hard (sic) attack" from getting downvoted...
Taking downvotes so damn personally.
1 hour later…
10:31 AM
And there's Martin droppin' da bomb
1 hour later…
11:42 AM
Q: Where to find my draft questions?

ϻisռad ϘasiϻI just published a question on Stack Overflow. Just after that, I came across another problem. So I wrote another question. But I could not publish it because of the 90-min limit. So I waited for 90 min but then I lost what I have written. Where can I find that question draft?

4 hours later…
3:42 PM
Q: Is there any generic response for questions made about YouTube quota?

Mauricio Arias OlaveAfter checking this question and several others related with the YouTube quota, I don't find a generic, aceptable answer for these kind of questions - besides this answer, but isn't answering the question. My impression is that, users who ask about quota aren't really informed about the process f...

3:54 PM
Q: Why are the most frequent questions on the Scheme tag so lowly rated?

J. MiniIf we look at the Scheme tag and order the questions by frequency, we see many in the top 30 with a number of up votes in the single digits, despite many of its highest voted questions having triple-digit ratings. Why is this? In my experience, the rating of the top rated questions on any Stack O...

1 hour later…
5:12 PM
Q: why did my question got deleted, was my question not clear or is something wrong with it plz let me know

Dev I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: I'm trying to create a cloud app like google drive using flutter with self hosting for my college project.i'm a newbie and in need of guidance

I don't have enough energy to write a comment anymore...
6:04 PM
2 hours later…
8:24 PM
Q: Developer Story - if non-public, can employers still see it?

justinwI am a bit confused how the developer story option Show the developer story tab tickbox functions. I have not much experience with SO jobs so please pardon the ignorance. The option says: Even if you hide the tab, you will be visible to employers if you have expressed interest in being contacted....


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