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12:52 AM
Q: What can be done to improve/increase the amount of Close Votes reviews and to stop <3k user’s close flags ageing away?

DaniilAt the time of writing this I am below 3k rep, so I can’t vote to close but I flag to close. I have noticed this issue quite a lot: I review a post in the First Posts queue/Triage queue and flag for closure The flag stays being marked as pending The flag ages away without a Close Vote review and...

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1:52 AM
Q: I just failed an audit, but I don't understand why

Ann ZenSo, I just failed an audit (Whoops!). But I don't understand: In my eyes, the question looks okay after some editing, so I selected requires editing, but I should've chosen spam or offensive. Can someone explain? link: https://stackoverflow.com/review/triage/26646582

2:10 AM
Q: What is the right unsalvageable category for "Wall of Code" questions that need a Minimum, Reproducible, Complete example?

LightCCDuring Triage reviews, I'm having difficulty categorizing questions that are generally good, but they have posted their entire script, group of files, etc. These are questions where the user needs to be redirected to the help page on how to provide a good Minimum, Complete, Reproducible Example...

2 hours later…
4:10 AM
Q: Print option in Developer Story

Patel RomilI have created a public link for the developer story for which we have print option available. When I print the same, it saves the PDF in text format only instead of the original view. Is it the expected behavior? PDF View

4:40 AM
Q: Replace [android-mvvm] with [android] and [mvvm]

Ryan MThe android-mvvm tag is completely useless. Its description is: Questions regarding applying a Model-View-ViewModel in android application We don't need an android- prefixed tag for every single concept that can be applied on Android, and this one is no exception. The same logic in all the com...

5:28 AM
Q: Why specified badge are required to apply for moderator?

Prabesh GouliAs Stackoverflow says: Candidates must have all the following badges: Civic Duty Strunk & White. Deputy Convention There are a lot of people who do not have those badge but are eligible for Moderator. Does Stackoverflow have any other alternative option or requirements to apply for the mo...

5:58 AM
Q: Merge tag [execution-api] into [google-apps-script-api]

Oleg ValterProposal It is proposed to merge the execution-api with google-apps-script-api and make the former a synonym of the latter. If there is anyone who can vote, the synonym is already voted upon. Reasoning Both execution-api and google-apps-script-api represent the same service: Apps Script API Exec...

6:10 AM
Q: How we supposed to decide anyone's capability?

Prabesh GouliI ask the question regarding what I felt about the process of choosing a moderator on StackOverflow for StackOverflow. Question: Why specified badge is required to apply for moderator? But another question hit me. If we [StackOverflow] did not decide the moderator capabilities/eligibility by badg...

6:52 AM
Q: OP's attempt is in language A, but he says an answer in language B is also okay

oguz ismailI often see this in data manipulation questions. For example, OP asks How do I transpose a table removing duplicate rows?, describes the task in detail, includes input/output examples, and shows his failed attempt which is written in awk; but, he also notes that an answer that uses datamash, perl...

2 hours later…
9:04 AM
Q: Mega high rep user suddenly gets 1 rep

bravemasterI noticed this user has suddenly got his reputation dropped to only one. I remember him had 70k+ rep before. What is the reason behind this? NOTICE I've seen this post: User unexpectedly on 1 reputation The case is different because this user has mega high reputation, and he only asked (+1000 que...

3 hours later…
12:34 PM
Q: Post is marked as spam and hidden

Konstantin TrigerMy answer to this question was deleted by Bhargav Rao. The answer was once upvoted, is specific to the question and even contains a link to a fiddle that demonstrates a working solution. Even more than that, the fiddle is eventually the same example that supports the #2 answer, just using a diffe...

Q: How to handle the "questions quite similar, but not identical" situations?

Nick L.While wandering around, I fell onto this question, asking about "how to check that an array is empty or does not exist". This question has already a large impact, however, it is voted as duplicate for this question, which asks if "array exists, and create it otherwise". Although extremely similar...

12:52 PM
Q: Correct flag for an answer which has strikethrough text for the entire content

Arghya SadhuI saw an answer which has got content as shown in below screenshot. The whole content except the last line of the answer is strikethrough text.I believe this should be flagged/Deleted but I am not sure should be the flag NAA or VLQ ? I referred to this related question as well Shall we clean up s...

1:16 PM
Q: This is why I so strongly disagree with Stack Overflow's current implementation of "Killing Questions". Proposed solutions?

RouninHere is a question from eleven and a half years ago: JavaScript implementation of Gzip It was asked by an member who today has a rep of nearly 39k, so he's clearly not an unwelcome member of Stack Overflow. the question has 156k views the question was last active as recently as 8 months ago the ...

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2:16 PM
Q: Is it possible to make a search using a tag containing a dash?

PierreI wanted to make a search on Stack Overflow about buffer overflow. As a first step, I wrote buffer overflow in the search bar and I saw the second question in the list had a tag named buffer-overflow. I clicked on it to get all the questions with that tag and I got... no results. I also tried to ...

7 hours later…
9:28 PM
Q: My name is repeated everywhere in the flag summary page

Temani AfifA self explanatory image: I am pretty sure this is something new because I never noticed this before. In all the cases, I think it doesn't make sense to have such information since all the flags are for sure my flags.

9:58 PM
Q: How do you enter stackoverflow chat room

DCRI want to chat with a user. How do I do that? On google it says in the upper right hand corner of every page is a chat link and in the footer of every page there is a chat link. These don't seem to be anywhere on stackoverflow. Help


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