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2:48 AM
Q: Demise of a tag

dxiv Is it expected that one (or a minority of) determined user(s) be able to single-handedly purge/delete a tag, without discussion or dueness? If not, are there - or should there be - any safeguards in place to prevent that from happening? A decade old tag was terminated yesterday. It was a nic...

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5:12 AM
Q: Editing Old Questions with no activity

Bhavya GuptaEarlier, my questions did not receive well and did not even had comments. Now, if I have a new question, and no longer need answer to the old one, should I edit the old ones? (Acceptance - I did that once or twice when I was stopped from asking new questions.) Is this against the norms or is expe...

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6:18 AM
Q: How to use 'groupby' 'select' and 'where' in pandas?

Priya RamakrishnanI am new to writing SQL queries in python. I have an SQL query like this. select Category, Date, count() as Uniq, sum(FCnt) as Total, sum(FCnt)/count() as RepRatio, Mod,Act,Exp, Sel, Bias,Sel_B,Bias_B,Bias_P,Con_Num, Sel_Str,CG_D,CGM,TC,P_Value from FCntt_Table where Sel_B=Bias_B group by Mod,Act...

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8:06 AM
Q: What can be done to help people lessen mistagging unity questions as "UnityScript"

RemyUnity used to have its own scripting language called unityscript, for some time now this language has been discontinued and deprecated, making C# the only native out of the box supported language (outside of plugins/dll's which can use other languages). However a lot of questions (near daily) sti...

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9:39 AM
The comments on that rudeness question are going out of hand, I'd better stop.
ignore replies, ignore replies, ignore replies, ..
Which one?
^ The "rudeness is too damn high" one.
It seems to be impossible to argue with people who insist that downvotes are rude.
It doesn't seem like that, shesh
That's 100% accurate
I should have known better. Replying to comments like this is fruitless and frustrating.
@Zoe Which part of it is?
@E_net4flagsheat this
9:45 AM
if you wanna notice the irony though, look at how some people who complain about rudeness become rude themselves :')
Instead of "Someone closed my question; I don't feel welcomed", it's often "Some bastard closed my question, please ban them"
Rest assured, I am one of the most informed about that problem.
Ack, I'm stupid. But let's see if this works.
that's gonna get shut down fast
Well, can't be blamed for that.
When statements are placed in comments, we can't rate them. Put that in a question, and it will gather the necessary attention and mechanisms to debunk it.
10:02 AM
@Zoe I find more often it's "arrogant moderators are drunk with power" type comments. Even when no diamond has touched a post. Maybe not even a gold badge holder but 3 (or 5 in the past) ordinary users. Often that's accompanied by a judgement on their ability to understand questions and further how that mental ability is inadequate for them to use close votes.
Methinks complaints about downvotes are more frequent than the complaints about close votes, but they are more-less part of the same problem.
yeah, but there's quite a few variants of the same problem. The irony in it makes me super confused though. I kinda feel like you lose any rights to criticize rudeness if you do it with rudeness. But hey, hoomans are weird xd
Yes, I do think downvotes are a more common complaint. Because not all questions get closed, so downvotes are definitely more widely experienced.
@Zoe That's what usually happens, but the complaints keep coming anyway.
Can't silence them unless they're suspended, which isn't permantent and doesn't always happen.
and even if they're suspended, it's taken off-site
Then people hear that SO is super unwelcoming, which in turn makes some new users slightly more likely to lash out at people... :facepaw:
10:06 AM
Good thing I don't visit Reddit regularly.
Not just reddit though
Some people have blogs, other people use twitter...
Meh, the best move is to mind-flag as ignorance and move on.
not everyone does. That's part of why we have a circle of problems :')
> You're a newly appointed moderator and you find one of your actions as a moderator called out on meta. You earnestly answer the question and find the answer is heavily downvoted and met with a lot of critical comments, some which are borderline or outright rude.
> How do you handle this?
I would upvote their Meta questions back! Take that, curators! ;)
@E_net4flagsheat You mean downvote. Meet rudeness with rudeness!
10:13 AM
@VLAZ No! Senseless upvotes are rude!
@VLAZ No! Hire someone to be rude for you!
10:57 AM
@Zoe Ah, you mean that downvote squad or downvote brigade I've heard so much about? I've heard they roam around and downvote amazing posts that are in no way asked ad nauseam because this time there are different variable names. I always wondered why this downvote brigade does what it does but apparently the reason is simple - they were hired for the job.
@VLAZ Oh, nonono. There's gotta be some standards
Downvotes simply don't cut it
Downvoting and thanking, and commenting "no thanks" is even better! :P
I've also heard of this downvote brigage... 94% of my votes are downvotes, I wonder if I qualify for joining
You don't contact them, they contact you.
Sounds like my kind of deal. I need a display name to attract them.
didn't your display name used to be "E_net4 the downvoter"?
11:09 AM
91% of my votes are downvotes xd
Pathetic :p
@E_net4ofthedownvotebrigade :D
@Nick Hello, I think you're new here. :)
11:24 AM
Q: Does this question need more focus?

TamaMcGlinnWhen my flags are disputed, I always go back to find out why. In this case, I can't figure it out. I was under the impression that questions seeking debugging help are off-topic for stackoverflow. The only question in here is 'Here is the code, does anyone know where the issue is?' so I flagged i...

11:49 AM
Pff, it's only getting worse. Flag and move on.
12:12 PM
Q: Why the pre-emptive removal of *-vba tags?

Erik AWe have discussed the *-vba tags on meta, often. Most relevant was this discussion: Merging the [excel-vba] into [vba] - speak now, or forever hold your peace, where as an end-result, the following plan was made: add the excel tag to all existing excel-vba where it is currently missing merge ex...

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1:18 PM
Q: How to set script only run one times? Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey

Mrjai I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: How to set script only run one times? Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey For example. new tab and include website is the same url // ==UserScript== // @name _YOUR_SCRIPT_NAME // @include https://stackoverflow.com/ // @grant GM_openInTab // ==/User...

1:48 PM
Q: Please re-open my question that was marked as duplicate

NephA month ago I asked a programming question about a problem I was experiencing with a certain Java library. At first I thought that the problem was only affecting image files but a week later I found out that text files were also affected. That's why I opened another question that was more detaile...

2:24 PM
Q: FAQ not F enough for new accounts:(

Martin JamesCould we please, please have more visibility of the language-specific FAQ lists for new accounts and/or low-rep users? Justification: https://stackoverflow.com/q/62698217/758133 (yes,it's i++ + ++i)

3:18 PM
Q: The "thanks" feature is having a paradoxical effect

einpoklumAmong the replies to: Feature test: Thank you reaction I remember some people were warning that a "Thanks" feature would take focus away from actually accepting answers. Well, I have just been "bitten" by exactly that. This newbie question: What does this Code validation formula mean? is about un...

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5:00 PM
Q: Write multiple files from textareas using nodejs and express

Fernando FasI'm building my own code editor with 3 textareas: html, css and javascript. This code editor will save the data of the textareas to single files separately. Using express and nodejs, I manage to save just the data from the html textarea. function htmlFile(file, data, response) { var name = "files/"...

5:48 PM
Q: Ist there a due process for making an old list-style answer where the OP is not easily available community wiki?

Oleg ValterI recently flagged an answer with a custom flag requesting it to be converted into a community wiki0 post that was subsequently declined. I have no issues with the decline of the flag nor with the reason that this is not actionable, but that lead me to a question I am not sure we have an answer f...

6:42 PM
Q: Priority Clean the [pc]!

AdriaanI know this has been asked before, but as that post is 6 years old and doesn't offer arguments, I decided to repost, rather than edit. Apparently there is pc, with the wonderfully descriptive wiki excerpt: Anything about personal computers. and an equally enlightening wiki itself: PC is an abb...

6:54 PM
Q: How to improve this question as a beginner?

sc cc I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Beginner in iot- any step by step tutorials I am a total beginner, do not have code to show. Searched google but cannot understand where to begin. I asked this question on stackoverflow , but was downvoted and closed. Let me know how to improve ...

1 hour later…
8:06 PM
Q: When calling api from front end table values are undefined

Adil Ali$(function(){ //$.get("http://localhost:3000/rec", function(data) { $.ajax({ method: "GET", url: "http://localhost:3000/rec", dataType: "json", success: function (response) { //$("#recipe").empty(); $.each(response, function(i,recipe...

Q: Is Stack Overflow Contribution Activity Pareto Distributed?

TrunkI ask this question as SO contribution is largely a free decision: you can still keep using SO without making any contributions in return. I'd expect Pareto statistics to apply in this case - it may even be heavily skewed, e.g. 95% of user contributions coming from 5% or less of contributing memb...

8:24 PM
Well, I for one empathize with the downvoting, but I'm against it currently. If the site and culture were better, I think downvoting works. In 2020, I think there's a real culture problem, and I think it's caused by the zealous adherence to downvote culture. I wish I could say otherwise, because I've loved SO the tool for more than a decade.
I see this all over the internet. Someone above mentioned Reddit, and yes, it's definitely all over Reddit. But, random blogs and Youtube videos meme about the bad culture. Here's a post that dropped on the top of my Reddit homepage today: old.reddit.com/r/ProgrammerHumor/comments/hk02ha/…. I imagine most of the people who are very pro-downvote have not read many differing opinions and experiences with using SO.
Now, I know we are overwhelmed with stuff like this too: old.reddit.com/r/ProgrammerHumor/comments/hk02ha/…. But I see distinct problems. (1) Toxic culture, especially for new users. (2) Over-entitled people looking to abuse helpful SO users.
It's funny, because comments allow upvotes but no downvotes, but in my opinion, downvotes are much better for comments than for questions. I think, given the current state of cultural clashing with regard to SO, that upvotes and close votes are key for questions, and downvotes are not.
8:48 PM
Q: Allow bountied questions to be closed by regular users

Temani AfifI know there is a lot of questions asking the same and I know the proper way to close such question is to follow this: How can I close a question that has an active bounty? You flag it for moderator attention with the in need of moderator intervention flag. Something along the lines of: But co...

@NewPosts I keep thinking this is Filnor from the avatar in the onebox
9:12 PM
Q: Long-form rants tied to questions

cambracaIt would be nice to have the option to write long rants on questions that are neither comments on the question (too short) nor answers. Case in point: How do I force npm to reinstall a single package, even if the version number is the same?. Reading that question and its answers, I would so like ...

1 hour later…
10:30 PM
Q: "var" and "const" tags seems to be duplicating "variables" and "constants"

john c. j.1 https://stackoverflow.com/tags/variables/info https://stackoverflow.com/tags/var/info 2 https://stackoverflow.com/tags/constants/info https://stackoverflow.com/tags/const/info


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