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3:27 AM
Q: Visual Studio 2019 Failed to Install Package

MikeI tried to install a package PyAudio from Visual Studio in python environment and gave me an error "Failed to install PyAudio.

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5:33 AM
Q: Delete [jason] tag

dspencerThe jason tag appears to be a misspelling of json. I therefore suggest that this tag be deleted. Questions currently tagged with this should be retagged with json.

5:45 AM
Q: I created this cool algorithm and I want to be able to know if it solves the P vs NP problem. Can I ask here?

Travis WellsIf I remember its off-topic on StackExchange computer science about P vs NP proofs. They seem to tend to get downvoted. People have told me in the past to simply submit things to journals. First, off I'm an amateur. I don't have any credibility for anyone to take my algorithms very seriously. ...

6:20 AM
Q: How can I use "const distinctFields" for delete column in table?

qwertyuioExpected result - User should get an alert informing that table column has data and it cannot be deleted Actual result - Table column is gone once user clicked on delete button and when user clicks on save button its shows that table is updated. Once user refreshed the page table shows with del...

Q: bug: OAuth (using SO's account) form, hidden button

Nick VeldWhen I tried to login on trac.nginx.org using my Stack Exchange account I got such the form after logining in Stack Overflow: It was strange thus I inspect the page with DevTools (in my case Chromium's DevTools) and found the following: I clicked on the highlighted space and the permission b...

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8:14 AM
Q: Is it ethical to put a green tick mark in your answer?

trojanfoeI noticed in this answer a green tick was added which seems to be used to encourage the answer to be accepted. Is this ethical? The person also commented that they would like their answer to be upvoted and accepted, which seems to reveal their motives.

8:26 AM
Q: What link should I give when people ask to write their software for them?

TamaMcGlinnIn handling first time posts, sometimes I encounted a 'write my software for me' non-question. Is there a link to SO official guidelines that I can give in such cases? Also, when I flag it, what is the correct category?

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10:56 AM
Q: Suggestion: Theme for wide screens

TomStack Overflow is great, thanks a lot. It probably helps much more to improve every new Technology and Skills than any other tool like e.g. Google. But one thing is annoying: StackOverflow limits the main content to about 730 pixel and truncates content :-( Modern Screens often have 2560 Pixel...

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1:44 PM
Q: Incorrect error message "Failed retrieving room name. Is it a valid room?" while browing questions with bad internet

icecubI was having some connectivity issues today because of my provider and noticed an error popping up that doesn't make much sense. I was just browsing some questions and this was the error shown: I assume this error message is supposed to be shown when being connected to SO chat. As this is wher...

2:26 PM
Q: Display bug with `Similar question` block

Eugen Konkov How to reproduce: Ask new question in FFv74 Press review question button Try to scroll in Similar question block until page is fully loaded NOTICE: This is not always reproducible

3:20 PM

AlwayslearningIm not some nerd or developer much less understand what yalls “language “ means but u were RUDE, HATEFUL AND OFFENSIVE when all i did was ask for help on Knowin how to read your “language “ (code) so id be able to see if and where im being broken into on my devices, accounts, etc! I’ll CERTAINLY ...

3:38 PM
Q: Tour page dark mode

Sunburst275I'm not sure whether it's only me, but the tour page looks quite awful in dark mode. Does this also apply to you? And if so, is it known and subject to change? Some of (probably outlined?) black text is still black and has white outline. Also, the examples and other side-scrolling elements are ...

Q: "Unanswered" filter on specific tags doesn't work in mobile web

DumUnanswered tag can't be selected.If I select Unanswered that changes to Votes.Same bug reported long time ago, but still not fixed. Bug in Tagged Questions filter / show in Unanswered Tag Unanswered questions filters don't work However, When I use the following link, it works.(found from the ...

4:08 PM
Q: Why one question is repated many times on stackoverflow and not duplicated?

Muhammad Faizan FareedSame question is repeated 5 times because 5 people answered. Why i'm getting this kind of behavior ? Link of question: This question is repeated 5 times This is link where i'm getting the same question

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5:26 PM
Q: Add ability to collapse Teams recently active questions panel

SpevacusOver on Meta Stack Exchange, there's an experiment question that makes a few changes to the left sidebar on all Stack Overflow pages. Two variants for this change are in effect, while a third variant incorporates a large panel that showcases recently active questions on other technical sites. ...

5:56 PM
Q: Could you allow the theme to be applied to other tabs?

αԋɱҽԃ αмєяιcαηUsually am using light theme during the day and then i switch to dark theme during night. Therefore i were on light theme while i were having some other tabs opened on posts with stackoverflow.com. I noticed that if i changed the theme so I've to reload each single Tab in order the theme to be e...

6:08 PM
Q: Missing Tab Header Name in Dark Mode theme of stackoverflow

user6835509 Steps to reproduce, 1) Login to Stackoverflow (Ensure you are in Dark Mode theme) 2) Navigate to https://stackoverflow.com/help/privileges?tab=all 3) The Tab Header Name called "all" is invisible. But its visible when mouse hover over it. This is tested in Mozilla Firefox browse...

7:08 PM
Q: Can I have more time to retract up- or downvotes?

Daniel W.Often I take time to reevaluate the input I have given into stackoverflow. The stackoverflow content improves iteratively. Regarding up and downvotes, I would like to have more time to retract them from questions or answers that have not been edited. You last voted on this question yesterday...

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9:01 PM
Q: Going back to a Stack Overflow page resets the answer acceptance status

Vaibhav JoshiNot really a question here, but a bug I found in the Stack Overflow website. Here's what happened: I accepted an answer to a question I posted. Went on to check a link mentioned in the answer and then came back to the same page to read the answer again. The page showed the status of the answer as...

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10:47 PM

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