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2:45 AM
Q: Live-refresh breaks stack snippet buttons

DaedalusIf there is already a duplicate of this bug, I was unable to find it. I unfortunately do not have a gif of the bug in question, as I am uncertain how to create said gifs easily without buying expensive software(anyone is of course free to edit one in). Anyway, the bug report: If a post has a s...

3 hours later…
5:21 AM
Q: How to make different tabs dynamically according to requirements in android

Zafar IqbalIn Food Panda App when i clicked on different display restaurants. Then show different tabs according to there items. My question is, how to make different tabs according to restaurant different items. I know my English language is not good. But i also know this is not an English class. :P You ...

5 hours later…
10:13 AM
Q: Why do I not see the voting on question with negative votes?

jack.sparrowQuestions on stackoverflow that have been downvoted all appear with neutral voting (0). When I am not logged into my account I am able to see the voting on questions with negative votes. The voting on questions is important to estimate its relevance before reading it. I can not see anything out ...

3 hours later…
12:55 PM
Q: Can we have some consistency in moderation? Why was my custom comment flag declined?

Yvette ColombThere seems to be no reliability on how flags are going to be handled. I flagged this comment: No way dude! Shared Pref is too much it also cause frame skip when using it on UI thread. link. SQLite is really much a better replacement. – Mihae Kheel 8 hours ago I deliberately made a custo...

1:36 PM
Hi Yvette!
@ModusTollens meet me in the other room
1:55 PM
Q: Feature request: Could we have StackOverflow dedicated mobile application

M. TwarogI often find myself using StackOverflow while commuting. I also find Stack Exchange mobile app very useful. After some time of using it app feels quite primitive and is lacking good UI. Wouldn't dedicated StackOverflow application be better solution? I know that there already was such applicati...

@Feeds oh, the irony
2:56 PM
@user58 Nah, it's more like
Well, it's not irony anyway. Fite me
1 hour later…
4:07 PM
Q: "Gotchas" in review queue

Chuck AdamsI decided to dive into the review queue, figuring I'd actually participate some in making the community better. It felt like a mistake almost immediately when I clicked "No Action" and was berated by a lengthy message about how I failed this test. I passed most of the others when they came up, ...

4 hours later…
8:04 PM
@Feeds removed voluntarily by its author, so . . . "Gotchas" in meta
That was such a good line, I need to go award myself with dinner
You deserve it.
8:31 PM
nothing worth taking a look at, just a rant
8:54 PM
Q: Synonym proposal [meson] -> [meson-build]

pmodThe tag descriptions are essentially the same and so the tagged questions are about the same thing. meson-build tag is better described and used in significantly bigger number of questions (partly because of my re-tagging work). But new users (not familiar with meson-build) continue using meson s...

2 hours later…
11:23 PM
Q: How do i make this flowchart?

hanSo there is this problem.The user should insert the average of his "n" students and the 4th person in the clsss should be chosen.How should I right down this algorithm?

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