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2:13 AM
For the past 2 days, my pet chickens have been waking me up by jump on to the windowsill and knocking on the glass around 6-7ish in the morning. Apparently the chooks have worked out where my bedroom is located and how to get my attention.
lol, that's unfortunate
a couple nights ago I got woken up my a mockingbird pecking around my window
im tired
it wasnt a mockingbird
it was a magpie
Magpies are intelligent birds too. Although what was it going at night?
it was about 5am
we get them all over here
2:16 AM
Do you feed them?
No, I see them most around my work, I live in the middle of the city, but my work is closer to woodland
the only birds i see frequently at home are pigeons and seagulls
Both of them are very good at getting food from humans.
Seagulls are awful
Yes, Pigeons are more passive while as the seagulls are more ... aggressive.
They're protected here
can't touch em
Seagulls I mean, not pigeons, although they're not really a problem
2:39 AM
Well, touch 'em once, they will never come & bother you again :p
2 hours later…
4:45 AM
How do you deal with answers that just copy&pasted some random unrelated code? I did flag it as NAA, but this flag was declined.
5:05 AM
Downvote and move on
I mean unrelated as in answering "How do I bake a cake?" with "follow this steps: (steps to clean your toilet)"
Did you leave a comment on the post prior to NAA flagging? This says you may use a flag "if you include a comment below the answer explaining the specific problem". Importantly "If you can’t determine whether or not it’s an answer without looking at the question it supposedly answers, explain the problem in a comment below the answer."
5:21 AM
I did, was a bit confused at first and guessed he posted the wrong code/answered the wrong question, so I did wait with the flag a bit.
Yeah, happens, I tend to steer clear of answers like that, flags are often not effective, you could try a mod flag explaining the situation, but I wouldn't necessarily expect it to be marked helpful, hence DV and move on
Ohh, ok, don't care about the garbage.
Why do we close and delete questions again?
Feel free to take it to meta to try and come to a solution, but if an NAA flag is declined the only real choices are mod flag, meta or DV
DV was already casted when I saw the answer, before I did mod-flag it. So I should write a meta post instead, which will lead to additional downvotes and deletion votes for this answer, solving this problem, but not the problem in general.
No, I mean write a meta post about the problem in general, not the specific answer, I'm sure a meta post about the answer itself could get rid of it pretty swiftly
2 hours later…
7:15 AM
@NickA @JohannesKuhn, I did this just the other day, in fact. A comment requesting clarification from the Answer OP (new contributor) whether they mistakenly posted the answer here and why it seemed unconnected to the Q. That they should post some explanation as to why it would answer the question, or delete it, please. And then a NAA flag. Coincidentally it was delete by a mod and marked as helpful.
5 hours later…
12:27 PM
Q: Stack Overflow Inc., sinat chinam, and the goat for Azazel

Monica CellioOn Friday, half an hour before Shabbat and two days before Rosh Hashana, Stack Overflow Inc. suddenly revoked my moderator status on all sites where I had it. I found this out while handling flags, when I suddenly got notifications for Marshal and Deputy badges (which moderators are ineligible t...

And now mods are stepping down all over the network
I set up a script to watch for more people leaving. Doesn't cover posts, but it should give a picture of ongoing problems. Nothing more has popped up in my [discussion] [moderator] filter at least
but yeah, it's looking really bad
What I said in the Tavern applies here as well:
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 16 hours ago, by Mithrandir
There's a lot of complicated and nuanced stuff happening, mostly in private at the moment. Public speculation and discussion is really not going to be helpful at the moment; please respect that.
yeah, but that doesn't prevent people from disagreeing, and therefore leaving
12:43 PM
Not sure I get what you mean there.
@Mithrandir just a friendly FYI
yeah, about half that message is missing
Made a lot more sense in my head
@AndrasDeak Oh sure. I'm not saying don't link it, I'm just letting people know about the private nature of most of this. If I'd not wanted it linked I'd've trashed it ;)
Stuff like that ^ happens without a reply. Currently, SE appears to be ignoring a lot of problems. There's already a lot of tension. Whether discussion helps or not, what isn't helpful is those problems going unaddressed. I'm fine with the speculation part, but there is going to be discussion, just not necessarily here. That's why the post exists. It's technically a discussion, and it's why some mods decide to leave now. There's no speculation here - it happened.
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 6 hours ago, by Mithrandir
It is extremely unfortunate that most of this is private and that most people only get to see some of the effects this is happening. There's nothing I can do about that, though. This is something unprecedented and on a massive scale. It's going to take a while for everything to settle down.
12:53 PM
really reassuring. Still doesn't help that only a few users actually know about it, but all kinds of consequences still act out in public.
It's not reassuring. Nothing about this is reassuring. The whole thing is a massive mess that I can't really talk about. That's not reassuring.
But... I'm trying to deal with it in whatever way I can that remains respectful to everyone impacted.
And honestly? No official answer to Monica's meta post is extremely destructive. Some sites have lost a high percentage of mods, and it will probably continue. If everything in that post is true (and I have no problem believing that atm), whatever is going on is not good for the future of the site
something something gotta catch'em all
My problem is that you are all operating without context, which can be harmful.
And I hate that I can't talk about the context.
I we don't need context to state facts
1:00 PM
...no, but drawing conclusions from incomplete data won't help things.
of course
and as always SO Inc. knows where they can help clarify things ;)
Unless it's the absolute worst mods stepping down everywhere. Because we can never know. (I "know" Dennis from among those 1+4 and he doesn't seem at all to be the absolute worst, but I can always be wrong of course)
At least on the last one
1 hour later…
2:26 PM
@Zoe ...I can't imagine that's going to actually constructively help anything.
me neither, but I'm not gonna let it fly under the radar.
Like... anything that can be public is already public. Dragging external eyes into something that is almost entirely contained in private rooms isn't going to help anybody.
just because something is public doesn't mean people see it
Not everybody needs to see everything. Not everything should be public.
Yet, it is.
2:34 PM
But things on meta sites are as public as it gets, right? We can't claim the authors wished not to discuss the matter: they did, that's exactly why they posted their metas, to the extent that they did
In any case it will be interesting to see whether the new CEO's hand on the rudder will steer a consistent course. The statements made in the post Zoe linked to do not dove-tail logically with that of the moderator resigning due to disagreements about a new CoC.
This is all directly centered around stuff that is not going to be made public, likely ever.
Let's call this a booster. Some of those child metas are tiny, and hardly receive any attention. Getting visibility is hard.
I agree that follow-up speculation from the peanut gallery is not helpful, but all we've been doing here is pointing to public resources
everyone is welcome to do their private speculation
Like... I can't stop you from Tweeting, but I can tell you from my vantage point of being a moderator on the site in question that it's not likely to be helpful or fruitful. Frankly, you should be glad you're not in the middle of all this, because it's exhausting.
2:37 PM
Frankly, if moderators all over the network are standing up and they are hurt by the Powers that Be, it's everyone's business
I understand how the lack of public information is detrimental to public discourse about it, but the problem still very much concerns the whole community (communities)
@CindyMeister Yes, I'm not saying it doesn't happen, but they're more easily missed than garbage answers
Hmmm, I appear to have missed some s***
I've made my position clear. What you do with that information is up to you.
@Mithrandir Oh, I am. Dodged a bullet when I lost the election judging by what some of these mods (well, ex mods now) have said. Besides, outside pressure has been really efficient in the past. Doubt it ends up being that big though, but it's better than nothing.
@Mithrandir Yes, "exhausting" seems to be the issue with a lot of the problems that have been going on. It affects all sides, reduces patience, stresses tempers... and things get out of hand. Would sure be nice to be able to hit a "Pause" button, but life isn't like that <sigh>
@CindyMeister Well, I'm actually about to be offline for the next 50 hours, for a religious holiday. So... this is out of my hands now :)
Errr... hours. Not years. Whoops.
2:48 PM
Yeah, I was wondering if I was seeing that correctly. Thanks for the fast change <g>!
@Mithrandir shana tova
I hope the break is able to give you some distance and different POV :-)
that is hardly a discussion. Smells like more fuel to the dumpster fire
2 hours later…
5:03 PM
guys I was looking to specify phone number on developer story to see it printed on PDF
Who decided to put it in a separate section of site? Like here: https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/337052/phone-number-in-developer-story
It is so terrible from usability point of view
I would have never found it!
Also why don't you allow to create custom sections? Like someone may have Publications, or Awards? You are forcing them to put this stuff in Milestones, which is titled "Other" in PDF (in some cases people might not want the title to be "Other" for some things). No way for a person to specify foreign languages?
This one might be even more relevant for us:
Q: Moderator Resignation Notice

Robert HarveyI'm resigning as a moderator from all Stack Exchange sites, effective today. I didn't make this decision lightly, frivolously or suddenly. A persistent pattern of corporate missteps, and a monumentally deplorable moderator dismissal, has compelled me to re-evaluate my relationship with Stack Ex...

Ooof, Robert, that's a shame
wish it was on a site I can upvote
You didn't join the site to upvote? :P
Not yet, but I probably should (and will).
"+96 rep", whoooah!...oh wait. Every single time.
5:16 PM
Apropos of nothing: there's a Hungarian movie from the eighties. There's a part of the movie where people try to put out a fire, only to realise that the fire extinguishers are filled with petrol.
5:41 PM
@giorgim You're asking this in the wrong place. You need to ask in Meta Q&A - this is just chat, a social room. meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/ask
yeah, we only do crushing despair here ;)
5:54 PM
Q: Moderator Resignation Notice

Robert HarveyI'm resigning as a moderator from all Stack Exchange sites, effective today. I didn't make this decision lightly, frivolously or suddenly. A persistent pattern of corporate missteps, and a monumentally deplorable moderator dismissal, has compelled me to re-evaluate my relationship with Stack Ex...

6:18 PM
there it is
6:48 PM
Carp is going down real fast now. Not sure whether to grab popcorn or a seat belt.
Tell you what, you buckle up, I always have the popcorn
grabs popcorn
@E_net4theMeta-RemoveR Escape pods! Get your escape pods here! Freshly stocked with popcorn totally 110% not at all stolen from Nick!
Zoe!, you can't commercialise MY popcorn!
Your popcorn?
My popcorn
6:58 PM
Ha! I just changed the license so I own all the popcorn with an exclusive commercial license :P
But I've had that license in place for years and nobody has complained yet!
7:11 PM
A: Firing mods and stealing content: is Stack Exchange still interested in cooperating with the community?

Awesome PoodlesI wish I could share some of what's been happening in the moderator chat, but suffice it to say that Stack Exchange has gone beyond the pale in the "1984" abuse of language and thought/speech crime department. Even so, it's not clear that Monica violated the new guidelines (yet) -- but I didn't ...

@NickA well, TOO BAD! :P
Well as long as its exclusive >.>
yes, but it all involves stealing from you.
Seat belts are useless here. Pick a human-rated quadrocopter.
Some people are holding on to hopes that the new CEO will make things right
7:15 PM
No, you see, what you need is wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff
@Zoe nonono, if I agree, it's not stealing :P
But who knows? Will, he even be active or will he have the time to do so?
My cynical worldview says things went wrong right after the new CEO arrived.
CEO hasn't arrived yet
7:16 PM
He officially takes the post 1st Oct IIRC
This does mention a director
A: I'm stepping down

Erik the OutgolferI fully support your decision to resign. I've been reflecting on whether I'll continue participating in Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow in general since yesterday, when Monica was stripped of her diamonds for, um, disagreeing civilly. Not to mention the possibly illegal recent "retroactive" li...

It's possible he has already started at some capacity
The new CEO has until November 1st to bring justice back, otherwise probably bye bye for good.
Don't expect this from a CEO
well I hope you're all ready for the site to be full of crap in the coming months ;p
7:18 PM
@weegee A CEO has a lot of power, no?
He is there to take care of the business needs
I've always thought of a CEO as more of a face, the board has the power
@Zoe not exactly what you are thinking...
A CEO has to be here in the chats, in the threads in the urban comments to experience what exactly he is working for
So pretty much only symbolic power
AKA "We're screwed"
Best case, an official announcement comes in as promised, and fixes all wrongs. Worst case, it draws new blood after people had already sorta forgotten about the issue. I'm hoping for the best case, if only because I can't imagine what kind of message would fix this (and if they really want to fix this, they should probably act faster than that).
7:21 PM
This part is where I feel a little alone here.
It feels like this room is getting lighter
of people
And stackoverflow too
I guess the real question is - where to go next?
@JohnDvorak if you mean any other alternative than SO then I'd say just don't search for something like this
Now only a really really good CEO can save us (not in terms of business mind)
@JohnDvorak Discord
Lots of programming servers around there. Not nearly the same as SO, but there's a community
I do suppose if there's a Ruby community, it'll be busier than our own.
I'll guess all you'll see tomorrow is a meta featured post of his arrival. Nothing else.
7:27 PM
(No idea if it's active, just grabbed an invite off Disboard)
I'm not convinced discord's a good idea, Zoe, you're distracting enough on here :P
@NickA snort one might even say we already have Discord
@JohnDvorak I'd like to say something, my opinion but it won't matter at the end of the day
We expect stackoverflow and other sites to become less toxic and friendly but why? I think this is because we are getting a little dependent on them and while that is that, once that happens, you want that thing to be how you want it to be. Mods are a exception
What my belief was initially
To just get your question answered and get on with it
But no this is a nice community and we are all trying very hard to keep it alive
But we are failing. People are leaving, the people I expected to make a change are now no longer on this site
And what will that make me feel? Hopeless.
The community is what keeps it alive. If SE wants to kill it off, they'll kill off their own site. It's not our fault. If we had functioning communication and the same problems, that would be different. Not the point. We've tried, but it not working out isn't our fault when the part in power doesn't seem to care.
7:39 PM
@weegee That's not the right approach. Formulate an escape route, buy a large bag of sausages, and if you spot a water bucket, grab it.
And don't forget the marshmallows
@JohnDvorak but what will you do when you get no feedback even after desperately trying to help?
Hey, has anyone said anything from the "other side" yet? Staff, a mod, anyone?
@Druckles kinda sorta
Staff? No.
AFAIK no response
7:41 PM
Other than "don't jump to conclusions"
Mods can't talk about it
@Druckles Promise of more information in a few weeks
No one here is jumping to conclusions. Just speculating the recent instances
@Zoe Which forces people to make assumptions
Which will be the end.
7:43 PM
@JohnDvorak Great damage control.
rummages around popcorn bag, but only finds crumbs :( The end?
@Zoe don't start cutting up the main hull to build lifeboats is what I'm saying
@NickA that was just sad ;-;
7:44 PM
@Zoe Yeah :-(
@NickA UK keyboard? ;-)
Obviously? :P
You forget I am British :P
I almost forgot what the site breaking apart means: no more stealing popcorn from Nick :')
@NickA <§
@Zoe I am always active on discord if there is a community to be part of :P
You're on Discord? O.o
7:46 PM
Should we all don black veils and umbrellas?
Is anyone not? I'm in a call with 5 people atm playing WoW classic >.>
Can I add you?
@JohnDvorak A community of software engineers breaks down and no-one thinks about building a new one...?
Is there a Discord server we should all gather?
7:47 PM
I don't know if it's because I spent an entire morning polishing my car, but can someone help me understand what the heck just happened in the last 72 hours
@JohnDvorak we could make oen
@Druckles That would be great, if you can find the sponsors.
Or the volunteers.
ugh, I relaly can't spell today xd
@Makoto f___ knows honestly
7:48 PM
We've lost two mods in as many weeks and morale is a rounding error
in SO Close Vote Reviewers, 13 mins ago, by John Dvorak
Something that happened friday evening in Teachers' Lounge, lead to Monica's forcible resignation, and multiple voluntary resignations from other mods, all referencing the first one as the cause.
oh dammit .-.
@NickA What's your (snort) nick?
@NickA yeah I'll take that answer lol
@Makoto two mods, you say? Prepare to be depressed.
7:49 PM
I'mma finish shopping and get to a proper computer and just read all of this
What are we at now? 6-8 mods?
@Makoto check the starred messages
@JohnDvorak Not sure if anything can surprise me now tbh
7:49 PM
@weegee Will do, when I'm off mobile
@NickA ^
You and your bloody samurais >.>
oop, 2s
Network-wide, yeah; that's the first WTF
try now
@weegee 23* if you count known inactive ones and resignees who haven't lost their diamonds
7:50 PM
Won't be the last, not by a long shot
is that a word? Resignees? Sounds weird
Sent now, Nick
@Zoe Resignators sounds cooler.
7:51 PM
What if there's a new early moderation election
And now the samurai are guarding me again
@Druckles we'll have to see if that resonates with the resignators
@Zoe It sounds like we all have to resign ourselves to waiting.
may it be a long reign
Worst case scenario, SO has to change its name and do some resigning.
7:55 PM
@Makoto at least your car is all shiny now ...
@rene yeah, but all the nearby flowers are dead :/
Or maybe it can change its ways and sign the old moderators on again /re-signing on
Really pushing this for 10 o'clock at night.
@Zoe hey, I can see my reflection ...
It's just me or
Or the moderator leave notice is removed from the featured section?
It's not there.
But still has the featured tag.
8:02 PM
Saw the same thing on a couple of the other posts around the network
Maybe a bug?
I put it down to caching at the time, cause the meta board is heavily cached iirc
Very coincidental bug.
8:03 PM
Okay wrap up, nothing happened.
@NickA It was there before?
Stack Overwatch
It suddenly went poof
Okay, um...
In before a meta posts asking why meta posts disappeared from the featured section makes it to the featured section.
8:05 PM
Even on judaism
could be caching
There's some really weird selection systems on there
Not on code golf
and not on workplace
Another moderator
A: Moderator Resignation Notice

GlenH7Robert - well stated, and thank you for your service. I'm joining you in resigning from my post as moderator.

Or here:
Q: Moderator resignation

GlenH7Effective today, I am resigning as moderator on Engineering and Software Engineering. I find that Robert Harvey's resignation expresses my thoughts more eloquently than what I would write, so I'll simply reference his post. It's been an honor, and I sincerely wish the communities well.

for what?
Wow well that was a non-answer.
I'm done for today. gn everyone.
8:33 PM
@weegee okay; you see, if you link at the actual answer it becomes clear what you're trying to say
A: Moderator Resignation Notice

Sara ChippsWe’re sorry to see you go. We understand there are some folks upset about the decision made this week. We aren’t going to share specifics out of respect for all individuals involved but this is a site reaching millions of people and we have to do what we believe fosters a spirit of inclusion an...

@Zoe I can happily report that zero flowers died in the process of me polishing my car. Mostly because I did half of it near my garage, and there isn't much green to be had here.
Also, catching up with the recent posts...
I can understand that it's immensely unpopular to be working for Stack Overflow right now
and post on Meta
and post about this specific issue
But y'all gonna have to understand that no answer there is going to satisfy. It's better to wait for an official response.
I thought Sara Chipps<diamond> was official
She is
And she's made her stance quite clear on what she thinks of Meta in the past
But I'm just saying
In case anyone is interested, here's a filter watching for [discussion] on meta sites: stackexchange.com/filters/368164/leave-watcher (catches some false positives, but it helped me find some posts)
@Makoto You really believe there will be one?
8:41 PM
Don't expect to be satisfied by a response done on a Sunday afternoon; wait for an official response to the situation.
@CindyMeister - I believe in miracles
@Makoto I don't think there is any other choice for a meta post of that kind
Refraining or not would not matter.
@Makoto yeah, I'm looking forward to one. 6-8
@AndrasDeak - it's a shame that light-years isn't an actual measure of time...
...but I do like that you omitted a unit
I haven't lost hope either.
8:42 PM
Previous experience involves immediate removal of a site from HNQ though.
At least this time I don't feel so bad by people taking out their frustration on staff. This time staff started it, no doubt about that.
@AndrasDeak Yeah, but no
"Take out your frustration on" is almost instantly a non-starter in situations like this
I don't condone it, just don't feel so bad
I'm advocating chill
@Makoto That's why I said that.
8:43 PM
@Makoto Well, of course it is! You just need to You just need to convert it from 9.5 trillion kilometers to 9.5 trillion seconds.
I'm maintaining the chill, however possible.
@Zoe WinRAR
@Zoe Divide by the speed of light and you're good to go, but I'm not sure what moves that fast
Especially in PR
I heard it takes about an eternity
@Makoto I'm quite far from chill myself, but I know how not to pour oil on fire (something that the company should learn, heh)
@AndrasDeak Good enough
If you have to be that bull in the "bull and china shop" scenario, at least be in front of the shop is all I'm asking
8:47 PM
Real bulls in china shops are actually quite gentle, and won't topple anything even if forced to gallop.
@JohnDvorak All I have are simulations and my wildest imagination to go off of; I apologize for my ignorance :)
Look up the Mythbusters episode on the subject
lmao, this:
@Princess perhaps we could make moderatorship a punishment for failing too many review audits, sort of like how judges a hundred years ago would sentence unruly children into joining the Army to get some "discipline". — Robert Columbia 29 secs ago
@JohnDvorak Wow, I'd watch that
and this has been making the rounds on the internet
8:49 PM
I just have to wonder... Why do these things always seem to take place over weekends...
everyone pushes to prod on Friday, right?
@CindyMeister fewer people around, lets the active users process it before the rest of the downvotes?
I don't think there's this much conscious choice here. I bet they had no idea there would be such a backlash.
Right, time for some catching-up...
And even after everything you have endured @MonicaCellio you stay polite and offer an option to resolve things. You know that is pretty awesome, right? This puts you in the Hors Catégorie. — rene 6 mins ago
8:50 PM
in Discussion on answer by Sara Chipps: We’re removing “Hot Meta Posts” from Stack Overflow's sidebar for now; moderators now fully control [featured], Jul 25 at 14:59, by Andras Deak
@Zoe if you cut the head off a chicken it will happily keep running around without any particular aim. There may be "too much that's off" but it might merely be the lack of organization, and one part of the company not knowing what the other does
@Makoto Have fun.......
@NickA This isn't fun
This is me watching my game which I kinda knew didn't work on Linux just stop working
@AndrasDeak ah, nostalgia to more ignored times
and I have no way to really fix it except read
did @rene just call Monica a Horse?
8:51 PM
@AndrasDeak Holy crap I couldn't decipher that message because the link text is so long
@Makoto Don't. Run and don't look back
@AndrasDeak It's a Dutch joke, we won't get it.
@Zoe I would but I do a lot of Angular development these days
@AndrasDeak sssstttt ... nobody will notice
@Zoe Nah, we need Makoto. He knows what to say when everyone's busy being angry
8:52 PM
I'm not angry
/o/ Makoto \o\
But I don't know what to say either.
From what I've read, I get the sense that the update (change?, clarification?) to the policy is in some way related to the issue of 'both sides' but I'm really not sure who falls where on that issue.
@M.A.R. yes, that's why we don't need you
Perfectly balanced.
8:53 PM
As all things should be.
@AndrasDeak Thank you
@AndrasDeak LMAO talk about savage :o
@AlexanderO'Mara exactly. Once we see the updated CoC we all go: Oh, yes, that makes sense ... at least that seems the preferred scenario
@rene When it came to the updated CoC, when did those words ever cross your mind?
8:55 PM
@rene I hope that will go like "Oh hey guys, we accidentally updated the CoC, so there's that" ;)
@Makoto I'm not going to state in public how stupid I am, thank you. wait ....
@rene That username is already taken.
@rene lol :D I'm only half-kidding here. The first updates to the CoC read like common sense, y'know. To me it wouldn't seem like "this makes sense" would be warranted as opposed to, "Oh, isn't this what we always did?"
I didn't realize there were updates to the CoC
true that
8:58 PM
Well, wouldn't that kinda make it worse?
Q: We'd like your feedback on our new Code of Conduct!

Tim Post TL;DR: We've put together a code of conduct (CoC) that is a bit more comprehensive than our existing be nice policy because we feel that our current policy isn't meeting our needs. Some background, our reasons for doing this and a link to the draft (Google Docs | GitHub) can be found belo...

Aeons ago
Given that 1 eon ~ 1 year
Oh what, that one
ooooh, thanks
It's an eon to me
Me too
8:59 PM
I completely forgot there were iterations to it
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