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6:04 PM
You need to <C-w> more
I leave it open when I got work and come back with heaps of notifications....
half of them from you...
yeah yeah :P
6:47 PM
Just found out the building I live in was built in 1900
Ah, yes, 1900. You were young back then, weren't you? :P
Very :P
its old enough to have gas fittings in the stairwell for lights
3 hours later…
9:49 PM
What happens if my flag about sock-puppetry was marked as helpful? What does it mean. The answer score remained the same.
That means it was looked at
and likely elevated to a CM/employee
Does it mean I was correct or not?
not necessarily
Do mods have a way of investigating sock-puppets?
They can't see who casted a particular vote
I think they have some tool that helps determine if it's a likely case, but when it comes to seeing actual votes that's likely still an employee handled thing
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