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12:25 AM
Q: Can you edit only the tags in someone else's question

Neo GanI tried to edit someone's post by changing their tags from c++ constants dictionary to constants c++ map. However, when I pressed the save button, SO told me that "Nothing appears to have changed". Do you have to change the title or body to get a suggestion sent to the queue? Also, is it even wor...

8 hours later…
8:49 AM
Q: Someone downvotes and votes to close my questions

Pavel_KAll my last questions on SO with tag java were downvoted and voted to close as Needs details or clarity. Always similar behavior: downvote + close Needs details or clarity. I have been using SO for 9 years and I know how to ask questions. I've never seen something like this. I think that it is do...

9:06 AM
huh. community bulletin only has meta.stackexchange.com/q/400648/997587 in it for me right now
9:22 AM
@NewPosts This one is a drama seed. Grab your popcorn.
> Ohhh! You spent your time to find one question that I was deleted for another reasons. But why don't you want to find a man who makes problems for me?
I think women would rather find a bear.
Ey look, it's a Boeing A380.
9:45 AM
<insert principal Skinner meme with a punch line of "No, someone must be targetting me">
Also, I'm looking at the main question mentioned and it's really scarce on details. It has repro code, sure. But the explanation is "It's scrolling down when it's zero. Why?" I'd expect a question that says a bit more. Like what other expectation is there. Or, judging by the comment, what even is OP trying to do and is maybe the approach wrong.
So, some information for what the end goal is. "I want to achieve X" is missing.
I've not checked previous questions, though.
> According to all comments it is me who is wrong in this situation. It's funny and sad. That's why I deleted my account
@E_net4 I'd pick the bear if the bear was a cub. Could feed it and train it to do my bidding :p But I feel like this would be the start of an evil arc
I will ask no follow-up questions.
@E_net4 good. The bears are watching you
10:22 AM
I'm not an SME but searching for some of the classes they've used it looks like an answerable question. Basically other than the value they are also setting a extent attribute, value is the start of their scrollbar value + extent is the end of their scrollbar.
@E_net4 I wonder if it offers seats in the luxury section for a cheap price.
@AndreasmovedtoCodidact The cheap ones are probably next to the emergency exit.
@E_net4 As long as there’s also a parachute nearby…
@Zoe Because you turn evil when the bear eventually tries to eat you, and realize your friend was a threat trying to destroy you all along, so you conclude by directing the anger at the rest of the world? Typical super-villain.
1 hour later…
11:33 AM
@AndreasmovedtoCodidact have some faith, sheesh :p
11:47 AM
@Zoe Yes, that’s what a villainy foxgirl needs. :P
12:10 PM
@AndreasmovedtoCodidact Blast! Foiled again by broken OpenGL :p
12:21 PM
@Zoe Try Vulkan, it’ll fix your problems.
Q: Just FYI being logged-out on www constantly

Fattie I use SO daily (indeed hourly during business hours) I visit a few other SE sites occasionally (eg aviation, space etc) Since about, say, 3-4 weeks ago, I am logged out often as much as a few times a day and if not, then after say about 36 hrs (ie when a clear 24 hr period has passed) Occasio...

1:04 PM
@E_net4 nom nom nom!
@VLAZ I came to this conclusion independently, and wrote an answer on that basis
1:15 PM
Hot and spicy takes...
all the better to nom.
1:41 PM
> Via my post I show humanity, I don't want others to waste their time
What a wonderful way to show their humanity...
Q: Was the minimum character limit for questions increased to 300 recently?

mkrieger1I was trying to edit this question into shape. Due to removing some junk text the body became shorter and I got this error message when trying to save: Body must be at least 300 characters; you entered 289. This seems odd, I do not remember getting this error for similar edits I have made. Acco...

@NewPosts if that guy is getting logged out constantly I would think that's actually an improvement to the network
OK, now I wonder what A9FB987FEC983024D87B987ABE8FF8 is supposed to be.
2:44 PM
@E_net4 "Have you no shame?! Your humanity is showing!"
@NewPosts Just tried it on an answer of mine and I could update it with 204 characters. So, it's probably just questions.
3:13 PM
@E_net4 it's the unsalted hash of their SO password
1 hour later…
4:19 PM
Q: illegal edit reason "use mathjax instead of images"? 404 after posting question on sub-site meta

planetmakerWhen editing this question by replacing the supplied images of the formula with identical mathjax formulas I tried to supply a reason as shown in the image with "use mathjax instead of images". However that edit reason was declined by the system with a message of Comment reserved for system use....

Q: illegal edit reason and 404 after posting question on sub-site meta

planetmakerWhen editing this question by replacing the supplied images of the formula with identical mathjax formulas I tried to supply a reason as shown in the image with "use mathjax instead of images". However that edit reason was declined by the system with a message of Comment reserved for system use....

4:31 PM
Q: Just today, every edit comment I try to make is "reserved for server use"

Frasher GrayI'm trying to submit a basic edit, but no matter what I type, the website says "Comment reserved for system use. Please use an appropiate comment." I've never had problems with edit messages like "fixed punctuation, typo" before until now. What is going on?

"Another successful release." -- SE, probably
4:48 PM
KPI: as many systems as possible breaking unintentionally
5:09 PM
Well, if they are being paid by resolved bug...
... then you could, paradoxically, make a lot of money on SO without having to make new ones
If it helps, comments still work on Codidact.
yea but noone is there to read them
So it helps, great!
Q: Can I post AI-generated content on Stack Overflow after verifying its accuracy?

goalTosinI have been using AI tools to generate content for answers on Stack Overflow. After the AI generates the content, I thoroughly test and verify its accuracy to ensure it is correct and reliable. Once I confirm the accuracy, can I post this AI-generated content as my answer on Stack Overflow? Thank...

5:32 PM
aren't there like three different places that clearly indicate the answer to that is no
> To implement a dynamic dropdown in React using the react-select library, follow these steps:
<code with no steps>
Q: My foreach loop is not getting to interior code even though there is data in the List

noobInTrainingWhile debugging my app I found this "bug" with the foreach loop. I've been checking for hours and it seems to be true. Here is the dataset right before the foreach loop: this is the same dataset in the loop: but when it gets to foreach (LineItem item in frontsAndParts) the program just loops l...

5:49 PM
Q: Suddenly can't edit my own answer

SyndRainI suddenly can't edit my own answer post getting this error message saying "Comment Reserved for system use. Please use an appropriate comment." I tried some more specific messages and also tried to re-login or use incognito, but still no luck. Is this a bug?

6:30 PM
So, apparently also editing a dupe list is borked. You click Edit, then Add, the dialog shows up for a split second, then the page reloads.
It's reported on MSE.
6:45 PM
kinda surprised the prosus news hasn't been brought up by someone on mse yet
Are the bugs just distraction from the Prosus news?
Also, what is the news?
@VLAZ BTW, on that - apparently somebody at SE messed up and wrote ('#add-original-form').trigger("submit", function (ev) { to trigger a submit event, instead of ('#add-original-form').on("submit", function (ev) { to set up an event listener for the event.
So any time you open the duplicate dialog, it immediately submits. So the whole page reloads.
they reduced the value of it's stake in SO by 39%
Didn't they own all of it? Or did they just get some large percentage but not 100%?
:shrug: the wording on the article may be inaccurate
my understanding is they own it
which would mean they've simply devalued it from what they bought it for to 39% lower from that
it's among several leading assets that are driving down their overall profits
7:02 PM
@VLAZ They’re still testing in production?
@AndreasmovedtoCodidact Where else?
@VLAZ In the crowd of anti-duction protestors.
Did they just make tags bold today as well on Meta
@VLAZ No, all the people who were employees who had equity had that equity converted into public shares. That's why the blog post at the time of sale to Prosus mentioned something like "we just made 61 new millionaires!"
Prosus probably owned 50% to 70% I am guessing.
before the acquisition there were lots of people who had already put equity (investments) into SO (that's how they got almost all of their money over the years)
Nice, SO lost $57 million last year prosus.com/news-insights/group-updates/2024/…
I guess that's pretty good considering Prosus admitted at the 2023 FY annual report a valuation decrease of $560 million on their Stack Overflow purchase.
Now that it's worth only $350 million to Prosus they should sell it to Microsoft
7:43 PM
that would be fun
copilot icon would be added within a few weeks
8:13 PM
then they'd add "suggested topics" intertwined within question results that are actually sponsored ads
8:24 PM
Ads sponsored by the community?
Stack Overflow Orange when? /s
Don't stack oranges.
9:31 PM
Q: Guidance please - what is wrong with this question?

David ThielenI am trying to figure out why in recent times I'm suddenly facing down & close votes on a lot of my questions. If you look at my score and history, I've gotten points more for questions than answers so this is a big change. Can someone give me guidance as to why this question has received both down

@E_net4 in what I'm sure is completely unrelated, I just saw "+34 Serial voting was reversed". I think that's a personal record.
@KarlKnechtel seems you annoyed someone...handling.
...oh, they got me too, lol
and I thought the guy was just ragequitting....
meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/361396 I see it's been 6 to 8 (years) and now it's moved from status-planned to status-review...
9:56 PM
CMs have been doing a massive cleanup of [status-*] tags to try to make them reflect reality. I think it's safe to say that anything that's been [status-planned] for more than a couple years got silently un-planned in the interim, and having it moved back to status-review means that it's now actually back on the list of stuff to review, rather than incorrectly sitting in [status-planned] where it's assumed to have already been reviewed.
...or in other words, this is, paradoxically, moving it closer to someone actually doing it
10:13 PM
> As to a MCVE, that would likely require days of effort so I figured ask first in case someone knows
This is why we need ✨ onboarding ✨
11:00 PM
I think there's a place for questions along the lines of "I have this class of problem; how would I go about troubleshooting it?"
(which is not how that question is asked, but aside from the focus issues, I'd expect it could be edited into it easily)
That way you're not getting a shotgun of total guesses in the answers with no idea how to validate, but rather a description of how to find the problem...and ideally, over time, maybe the voting helps sort which things to try first based on how commonly they work
Mostly unrelated: one very vexing thing is when I have an error that is commonly caused by a beginner error that I have not made, and I can't find anything that's not the beginner error. I could probably figure it out in the process of creating an MRE, but often it's a complex interplay of things, and a developer who's seen it before would quickly guess the answer...with instructions on how to confirm if that's what's happening.
One common example from my subject matter area is problems in Android apps introduced by merging of library manifests into the main manifest. If you don't know that happens, you're probably going to struggle quite a bit to even create that MRE.
and if you do, you'll look at the main manifest (which hopefully is in the question), see the problem isn't there, and immediately know that it must be a manifest merging issue.

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