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12:19 AM
@VLAZ Eh, what? Is my memory messing with me, or has VonC just been re-rewarded the majority of the reputation removed from him after his AIGC content was deleted?
Yeah, no, ignore me. It's my memory playing tricks. I thought he lost 100-200 thousand reputation, but I see the dent on his reputation graph, which corresponds to the other half of my memory. And, well, I should've responded to the feed instead. But I guess VLAZ doesn't hurt from an extra ping...
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2:00 AM
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3:49 AM
@Feeds here is proof that you should believe in my guids
@Zoe ... til that there is both r/woosh and r/whoosh D:
4:16 AM
I think we need a SG template for "I acknowledge that you're writing in English, but I still have absolutely no idea what you're trying to say"
1 hour later…
5:45 AM
@starball One wh?ooshed over the other.
6:15 AM
@VLAZ I think there's a whoo+sh too
There's whooosh with 20k and whoooosh with 90k
6:46 AM
@Zoe it's wooshes all the way down.
7:01 AM
Q: Better render ins and del tag

falseCurrently, the <del> tag is rendered like <s> which makes it barely visible. The <ins> tag is entirely ignored, just like <u>. Suggestion: render both like the diffs in revisions.

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9:26 AM
I'm sorry if the name of that paper is perhaps NSFW, but: link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10676-024-09775-5 what? this is a real paper? from springer?
I feel like I'm in the twilight dimension. what is this
> We argue that these falsehoods, and the overall activity of large language models, is better understood as bullshit in the sense explored by Frankfurt (On Bullshit, Princeton, 2005): the models are in an important way indifferent to the truth of their outputs.
> We distinguish two ways in which the models can be said to be bullshitters, and argue that they clearly meet at least one of these definitions. We further argue that describing AI misrepresentations as bullshit is both a more useful and more accurate way of predicting and discussing the behaviour of these systems.
*googles "how to give score more than 11/10"*
LLM = Large Language Model bullshitters
10:34 AM
I'm just shocked not just by the title of the paper, but by the overall prose. This reads like a Reddit post
It's not something you would usually see (if ever?) on a springler's paper
how did it even pass the review process??
11:08 AM
Maybe it was reviewed by an LLM.
hmm, would make sense then
welp, back to arXiv it is
1 hour later…
12:30 PM
It's about AI, of course it was approved.
12:55 PM
So I happened upon this deleted answer after I reviewed this post. I understand the context in which the answer was deleted, but the answer adds new (and correct) info which I feel needs to be in that Q&A. I can try posting another answer along those lines but wondering if there's anything I should watch out for when doing so.
For anyone missing context about that answers deletion: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/430072/…
1:43 PM
Q: Staging Ground editor loses cursor (on mobile?)

tripleeeMultiple times in the recent past, I have tried to edit Staging Ground posts, but had to give up because the editor basically lost my text cursor. Sometimes, I am able to continue in the blind, and sometimes, e.g. double-clicking a word selects that word even though I can't see it; but most recen...

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3:49 PM
@AbdulAzizBarkat My rough thought would be "try to actually write an answer of your own supported by any necessary quotes" rather than what was done there - one needs to read all the quotes (and maybe scroll up to the question...) to understand what the actual answer is; there's no summary
@RyanM That's fair (and actually what I'll do if I do answer the question). Although my question was more about whether there would be any concerns about the answer having the same gist of the deleted one and given all the drama around the reason for that answers deletion.
Oh, fair. Eh, I don't think it's a problem. Part of the reason that this was such an issue was the fact that inevitably, some of the deleted answers were correct, and people probably avoided writing their own answers if they already saw the correct answer there. Thus, providing such answers is a valuable service.
@AbdulAzizBarkat Little Lying Maniac?
@RyanM Thanks, will post the answer if I get the time.
Q: Why does the developer's survey banner keep showing up?

RobHOver the last couple of days, I've been seeing the banner that invites me to take the developer's survey even though I already have taken it. What's up with that?

4:24 PM
@NewPosts sigh I really wish that SE had believed us when we said making an editor was hard. They've spent 4 years on that editor, and it still has major problems and lacks needed functionality compared to the normal editor.
By comparison, I've not tried to build an editor. Because I am perfectly aware it's hard.
I am sympathetic to their desire to have a WYSIWYG editor
I am less sympathetic to them having rolled it out while it was still so broken.
It is in a much better state now than when it was initially rolled out (to paying customers! with no way to turn it off!) on Teams, but still, as you note, woefully incomplete.
to be fair, it really doesn't sound like it ought to be that hard
1 hour later…
5:46 PM
@VLAZ *aesthetically pleasing bullshit
@AndrewT. and half the PRs are also bot commits
@KarlKnechtel Seems to be a widely shared misconception, considering a small but persistent chunk of JS questions posted on main are "I want to make an editor but I struggle with something completely basic" (like, if statements, loops, that sort of thing). I kind of hope this is part of some course, rather than multiple people individually coming up with the idea to create an editor. With that said, a course might be worse, since it means somebody is making these people try to make an editor.
6:33 PM
@VLAZ Yeah, an editor sounds easy if you're new to programming. It would be much worse if an educator were telling students to build one from ~scratch for a course.
IMHO, the issue with the Stacks Editor is that it is trying to have two sources of truth: the Markdown source and the in-memory representation of the WYSIWYG editor
Keeping multiple sources of truth in sync is a notoriously difficult problem.
@RyanM Nah, if it was, then caching would be an issue. But we all know that no problem ever has been due to caching.
7:11 PM
it's probably all DNS
2 hours later…
8:55 PM
Q: Merge [html5-filesystem] and [origin-private-file-system]?

JamesTheAwesomeDudeDespite what the cited one-off mailing list post said in 2014, it looks like the idea of an in-browser replica filesystem really did eventually take off, and is now adopted by all major browsers. Is there any reason not to merge these 2 tags?: [html5-filesystem] [origin-private-file-system] Wit...

9:13 PM
Q: Running Renovatebot to update maven dependencies

TheCuriousOneI have been reading extensively about renovate to automate dependency updates. but i somehow am not able to grasp the idea. My project is a maven project in gitlab .The renovate documentation says there are three ways to run renovate: 1. as npm package 2. docker image 3. as Mend Renovate app. inf...

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