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12:12 AM
Q: About Me is too long

Lauren YimI wanted to edit my Stack Overflow ‘About me’, but even making my bio shorter results in the following Oops! There was a problem updating your profile: About Me is too long I can’t even save any changes to my profile due to this error message, even if I don’t change my about me at all. What i...

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3:00 AM
Q: Editing a post and publishing simulatenously doesn't apply the edit to the published post

ppperyI edited https://stackoverflow.com/staging-ground/78620089, and then decided that after cleaning up some repetition is was decent enough to publish so selected "Approve and post on main site" with the edit window still open. The result was that my edit was applied to the staging ground copy of th...

I feel like the "please edit your title" template in SG is not very useful. IMX, questions with either bad titles either have something much worse wrong with them, or else the title could easily be fixed by someone else.
Q: It should be possible to require major changes based on someone else's comment

ppperyI.e at https://stackoverflow.com/staging-ground/78619629 there was a previous comment which elaborated major changes that are required. I should be able to mark it as such based on that comment rather than having to post my own dummy comment.

3 hours later…
5:45 AM
@KarlKnechtel I don't understand your off-topic review here. Is your logic that wcapi.post("products", data=data) should be wcapi.post("products", data)? If so that's actually a wrong assumption both should be fine. There error is actually at wcapi.post("media", files={"file": image_file}). Now there might be some other issues with the question but off-topic or not reproducible seems like a stretch to me.
6:00 AM
@KarlKnechtel I think the template is important. The title is a crucial piece of the question and people should know that. Yes, I agree that if the title is garbage, often the rest of the post also has problems. But that's why we can leave multiple comments for multiple issues.
Quite importantly, I think it also helps reviewers realise titles are needed. Because I see many published questions with titles like "Force https for nodejs server" (wat?) "set variable by textfield name as key" (word-salad-y, at the very least the order of words has to be rearranged because it's not about setting a variable but a key) "List Widgets Flutter" (what about a list widget?)
It seems not just askers don't know what a title is - neither do many reviewers.
Overall, the last two are basically a shining example of what I might call a "keyword salad". The asker wants something so they add keywords about it but the result isn't anything actionable or descriptive. Is the list widget the problem? Is it Flutter? How are the two connected. I've not actually read the question but I suspect it's neither, really. Just the asker had a list widget, in flutter, then had some error.
The variable/key/set thing I have read and a more descriptive title is "How do I set a key of an object using a variable" but the real title/problem is "Why setting a key on an array with an object doesn't modify the object inside the array".
6:21 AM
@AbdulAzizBarkat fair, I messed that up. it's still missing debugging details of course
6:32 AM
(ugh, internet has been flailing all night)
Just download some internet in advance
5 hours later…
11:23 AM
Is the feed not working? It has missed posting about 2 questions
Yeah, shouldn't be doing that, I reckon.
No idea why it's not picking stuff up, though.
The RSS feed itself is up to day. If I check it out all the questions are there. But the feed bot hasn't posted them here.
In the JS room, recently one of the feeds had an issue where it posted updates from several days at once link. I don't know if this is the same thing and the bot is "stuck" or whatever and would post later.
@VLAZ Let me fulfill my job as Feeds then. :P
Q: Some questions by new contributors don't go through the staging ground

cafce25The help center says: When you ask your first questions on Stack Overflow, you will be guided through the Ask Wizard. When you submit your question, it will be posted into Staging Ground. Once the question is in Staging Ground, experienced users will be able to engage in back-and-forth discussio...

Q: What to do with duplicate without answer in the Staging Ground?

dan1stWhen a Staging Ground question has been answered in another question already, it can be flagged as a duplicate. But what about questions that have been asked already without getting an answer? Normally, you'd just not do anything with it but with the Staging Ground, someone needs to decide on whe...

*pays 0.1 unicorn per post to @AbdulAzizBarkat for taking on the role*
Great! that's 7 more posts before I can have my very own unicorn!
11:39 AM
I just tried SG and... it's not that... bad, I guess.
@AbdulAzizBarkat 1. You'll get 0.9 unicorn 2. The payments are always discrete points of a unicorn. With 10 posts, you would get 10 unicorn parts. 3. It's not guaranteed that each 0.1 part comes from the same unicorn. 4. There is no guarantee the parts are different. You may end up with 10 legs.
Thank you for helping us get rid of grow the unicorn spare parts market!
Ah, that's too bad. Feed bot please take back this job!
The feed bot probably decided to retire with all the unicorn chunks it earned.
Or shut itself down from the horror.
12:03 PM
Q: Upvote on comments is disabled when you've already voted on the comments in Staging Ground

Thom AWhen you upvote a comment in the staging ground, the initial behaviour is the same as that on the main site; the icon goes from being a one colour to orange: If you do not refresh the page, you can, like normal, revoke your upvote on the comment by clicking it again: If, however, you refresh t...

12:41 PM
Hmm, I don't know if it's related to feeds but searching in chat seems to not bring up new results.
It brings back results but the most recent things it finds are 9-10 hours ago.
1:12 PM
meta.stackoverflow.com/a/430602/523612 I'm starting to wonder whether this guy actually communicates in English - or in a completely different language that is called English and parses like English and has all the same vocabulary and grammar as English, but somehow sentences written in it mean something completely different.
@VLAZ what exactly should the 10 equal parts of a unicorn be?
1:23 PM
> i spent $50 just go log in here without leaving traces and you fucking deleted my question
money well spent
1:35 PM
@KarlKnechtel It's divided by weight. So 10 equally heavy parts.
@E_net4 rofl "I'll pay for VPN, so they don't close my question"
@E_net4 you love to see it
3 hours later…
5:11 PM
94999, i casted 1 too many downvotes
2 hours later…
6:41 PM
Q: Reduce [Questions with no answers]

Mustafa MutasimAt this moment there are 3,205,054 questions with no answers I'm sure half or more of these questions have been answered in the comments What is the solution for that?

1 hour later…
7:53 PM
so chat is so janky
you can't rejoin all rooms from a room without leaving all but one room, the button doesn't appear until you reload, and when you rejoin all you don't get the latest message unless you reload

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