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5:03 AM
@TylerH No problem. IMO that documentation isn't structured well, I clicked on more wrong sections than I would have liked before reaching that page. There's some structure but unless you're already familiar with that documentation people are probably going to struggle finding the correct page.
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12:27 PM
Q: A couple of questions regarding "Question closed as a duplicate"

eithedI've asked this question in 2019: Assert request hasn't happened and then provided the answer by myself, thus answering my question. Today I've found in my mailbox a couple of confusing emails about marking this question as a duplicate etc etc My questions regarding this are: why is my question ...

1:09 PM
@AbdulAzizBarkat Sounds like Microsoft docs to me :-)
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2:32 PM
whats your email? — Nilesh Daldra 8 hours ago
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4:51 PM
Q: Procmail in Recipient doesn't contain string

ff-webdesignerI'm pretty good in regex...but can't solve this procmail problem. :0 * ^Subject:.*Derila.* /dev/null filters out everything that contains Derila in subject line. working. But how do i filter out - or even better: mark as spam in header - when the recipient DOESN't contain a certain string like m...

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7:22 PM
great, I installed this PS module on a server yesterday and everything was working fine when I ran this PS script
today, I get an error. wtaf microsoft
Microsoft /thread
clearling turn it off and on again changed the scenario in which the code was in a working condition
I didn't even turn it off
it's a server VM so it's on 24/7
7:41 PM
Did you expect MS software to be stable?
My work computer seems to occasionally forget that Node is installed. Like, it's there I can see it. You can even see the PATH variable has the correct install, location, too. So, by all accounts using node should work. And it did work. But if you leave the computer running for a while it seems to just not work.
Restarting fixes it. But I shouldn't need to restart. At any rate, I'm not surprised something stops working even without a restart.
7:54 PM
@AndreasmovedtoCodidact yes
at least when we have our own wsus server
@VLAZ the fun bit is this is the database server that runs all our HR/demographics stuff. Restarting it is a fuss. And we just had our monthly maintenance window a week ago so it won't get restarted again (unless I wanna deal with the paperwork) for another month
In my case, restarting works but also reinstalling works. The first few times, I didn't realise it was a random MS issue. I thought it was a real installation issue of the thing missing (there are two work computers, so it's a bit hard to track if everything is installed correctly on both).
So maybe, you can also try reinstalling the module rather than restarting.
I just wrapped up trying that a couple times, never worked :-(
Still getting this error le sigh
I have read in one or two spots that .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher is needed on the server for this version of the PS module to work; I installed 4.8 but haven't restarted yet (because reasons above and also normally things that say they need a restart to take effect never actually need one)
That may be the issue
except it doesn't explain why it worked fine yesterday after I installed the module
8:56 PM
Q: Failed review audit for "low quality" answer that is mostly code

ÐаոI failed a "low quality answer" review audit. This seems wrong, as the answer is almost entirely code with little explanation; on top of that, it has a link to an off-site resource. If SO doesn't want to delete the answer, that's fine; but I shouldn't fail a review audit because of it.

> If SO doesn't want to delete the answer, that's fine; but I shouldn't fail a review audit because of it.
No, you should absolutely fail a review audit for recommending deletion of that answer.
By no reasonable standard should that be deleted.
Or this one, or this one (I think?)...
Sounds like someone should be review suspended
9:11 PM
@Zoe Yeah, I just posted a comment in lieu of doing that:
> Your review history suggests that you're recommending to delete quite a number of answers that should not be deleted. If I saw that in most contexts, I'd issue a review suspension, but since you've asked, I'm assuming you've now understood that such things shouldn't be deleted. Please review the linked duplicates, as well as this additional guidance on what should get a Recommend Deletion vote.
@super-starball-ultra well that's...odd.
9:28 PM
@RyanM Yeah, what even
10:02 PM
Q: Bubble image recognition

Sadaf MehdiI am trying to measure the size(area) of air bubbles jet and area of liquid (no of pixels occupied by bubble jet/total pixels) in the micro tube having air-water mixture. The liquid(water) is along the tube walls while bubbles are in the center. I have to process 1000-10000 images in which bubble...

10:20 PM
@RyanM that last one needs editing, if only for code formatting
@KarlKnechtel yeah, it was... a mess. Better now, I think.
10:50 PM
Q: Bubble size tracking

Sadaf MehdiI am trying to track bubble size in a tube having water and air bubbles. The liquid(water) is along the tube walls while bubbles are in the center. I have to process 1000-10000 images. I have tried entropy mask but it seems not accurate. Entropy mask result image I have also tried edge detection ...

11:34 PM
Seems like unusually many "should be in main space" questions today. Even discounting that the last two were from the same user about the same problem.
11:45 PM
Two (plus the dupe) today, two yesterday, by my count

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