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3:22 AM
@Lamper46 I actually got that last summer. Suffice to say, don’t aim for it. It’s a waste of precious real-life time.
Be a fanatic at something that makes you happy, not visiting Stack Overflow.
4 hours later…
7:33 AM
Q: Can I flag suspected AI-generated posts as "Plagiarized content"?

blackgreenI found a post that I suspect to be generated by ChatGPT or another LLM service. The available guidance about what to do in such cases suggests to raise an "In need of moderator intervention" flag. May I raise a "Plagiarized content" flag instead, on the grounds that uncited content, no matter wh...

7:45 AM
Q: Why can't I start a bounty on my question?

BenI would like to award a bounty to one or two of the answers I have received on one of my quesions: How to fill the empty cells in each row of a dataframe with the value in the last non-empty cell in that row? Why cannot I start a bounty? I currently have no active bounties, so this question doesn...

8:12 AM
The close modal was changed from community-specific reason to "needs improvement"
Don't all closeable questions, by definition, need improvement?
Aside a few unsalvageable ones, but that also applies to typo questions
I mean, yes. It's a long time change, though. But it's still utterly stupid, IMO.
it is?
Wtf else did they do that broke my muscle memory then?
The flag option seems to have been briefly moved, but moved back when I reloaded
But the "Needs improvement" is also stupid because a lot of questions are beyond improvement. For example, duplicate closures usually do not need an improvement.
8:17 AM
in either case, I managed to open the flagging menu instead of the closing menu - hence my confusion :p
Ah, yes - that would do it :D
Happens to me a lot, as well
I'd try to close and then stare at a list of choices that doesn't make a lot of sense
@NewPosts Fun (?) fact the "normal" cookie settings do have a hidden half-baked "legitimate intrest" option. Inspect element search for id="ot-pc-lst" remove the ot-hide class and add it to the div with the id="ot-pc-content"
@VLAZ I was closing a post purely on muscle memory, and got thrown off by the dialog being the wrong size
Then completely skipped both spam and R/A, which would've indicated that I was in the wrong dialog altogether, and only saw needs improvement
Translation: I need to learn how to read :D
The close dialog still says "community-specific reason" at least
@Zoe You can still find community specific reasons after the "needs improvement" option in the flag menu.
I know, but at that point, my workflow had already been disrupted
So 3 users ninja'd my attempt to save a few close votes
Also, again, another place where reading would've let me know that I was in the wrong place :p
8:48 AM
@Zoe I don't think reading has a future. Have you considered using an AI instead? :P
9:11 AM
@Zoe I just <kbd>m</kbd>,<kbd>c</kbd> (close). flag is <kbd>m</kbd>,<kbd>f</kbd>
@super-starball-ultra But also F is above C (well, diagonally but still "one move" over). So, if you happen to have your hand in the wrong place (happens to me too often...) you can be one row or one column besides what you want to press. At best, nothing happens. Or you trigger a different keyboard shortcut than you meant.
@VLAZ Instructions unclear, added superglue to pizza and ended up in the emergency room /s
But did it have nice smooth texture? (Or whatever it was recommending the glue for)
@VLAZ yeah valid point. I once accidentally flagged R/A instead of NAA and didn't notice until a mod asked me why. It was either a keyboard-related misflag or mouse-related. either one equally probable.
@VLAZ to prevent cheese-slippage (purportedly (and why would the AI lie?))
@VLAZ "You can also add about 1/8 [shitty imperial units] of non-toxic glue to the sauce to give it more tackiness"
9:20 AM
@Zoe Right - that one
But remember, that's non-toxic glue, so clearly different from the advice I got, which was toxic superglue with a side of cyani-
1/8 of a Rubuk's Cuibe worth of glue
1/8th of the weight of an elephant's left back foot
1/8 of the soul of Schrodinger's cat
9:48 AM
Would you like sqrt(2)*i the average liquid content of a human cell with that?
sqrt = square root = an actual root, which is also geometrically a square (imperial measure), right?
2 hours later…
11:39 AM
Q: Accessing static elements with Spring Boot 3.2.5 and security settings

Aleix AlcoverI can't access the static elements on a HTML page, from a Spring Boot 3.2.5 application, with this security settings: @Bean public SecurityFilterChain filterChain(HttpSecurity http) throws Exception { http .csrf(csrf -> csrf .csrfTokenRepository(CookieCsrfTokenRepository.w...

12:11 PM
@AbdulAzizBarkat on the same machine with the same connection, I have tabs with and without leg. Interests. So it is not only location based.
3 hours later…
3:08 PM
Search for solution to SQL problem -> find Q -> Accepted answer has some leads, but a critical part is very much "now draw the rest of the horse"-esque -> I comment asking for more info/a link on that key part they glossed over -> they comment "google how to do this in PowerShell" ...wth
If I wanted to do this in PowerShell I wouldn't be asking how to do a SQL task now would I
3:24 PM
@TylerH I don't know. Let me write a PowerShell script to find out the answer.
3:40 PM
can you use chatgpt to help? Otherwise not sure I can trust it
3:53 PM
I'll ask ChatGPT to generate a prompt for Gemini to create a PowerShell script. More AI is better, right?
4:13 PM
@VLAZ You should ask CGPT to generate a prompt for gemini to generate a prompt for bing
also, having recently discovered the sqlcmd command line utility, I find it follows the same experience as basically all other programming tools
Discover new tool > Frustratingly work my way through basic functionality > Apply knowledge to my specific need > Find critical, crippling limitations in the tool that don't work for my specific case <-- I am here
It's like, all these critical tools that the entire industry is built around were made 15-20 years ago, and they're great, except they haven't been updated in 15-20 years either, so people developed new tools to do the things they couldn't, but not also the things they could do.
3 hours later…
6:57 PM
sounds like working with coldfusion
except there's no "so people developed new tools to do the things they couldn't"
7:11 PM
@KevinB lol
I feel for you
Glad I don't have to mess with Coldfusion ever
best is when all the documentation refers to "use our sdk! use our sdk! use our sdk!" and there's no compatible sdk
sometimes there's a java sdk we can use
but that's becoming more rare
if it requires a version of java we can't support... we're sol
but over the years i've developed reusable methods for different auth types and api types, so it really isn't that much of a burden
wrap it in a class, create methods for the calls i need, and use it
Q: Is Next js important to learn to create a real world application, not MERN?

hwkalI've been learning React for quite some time, and I see that in every company and on YouTube, everyone is using Next JS more than React (MERN). Can I use MERN stack to create applications that I can deploy? or do I need to shift to Next js for its features like SSR, SSG, etc? Do people still use ...

7:27 PM
@AbdulAzizBarkat Thanks for that link, far more useful than any of the responses the author gave...
if only they put in the 5 seconds of effort it likely would have taken them when asked...
7:41 PM
the whole... next js vs (thing it literally includes) is so frustrating to me
do you even look at the tools you're comparing
> What are teh differences between an impact hammer and a sledge hammer?
1 hour later…
I don't even know how that should be flagged. Spam? Not suitable for discussions?
It's also AI generated.
What an utterly garbage flag handling interface
There isn't even separate handling for different flags
It even includes mod flags - that's horrible
Can't even retract flags
9:28 PM
don't worry, it's just an MVP
i'm sure it'll be improved one day
onboarding system flashbacks
10:06 PM

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