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12:27 AM
Q: What should we do with the [stream] tag?

Didier LI just came across the stream tag, which has 15k questions, and whose excerpt reads: DO NOT USE FOR THE JAVA STREAM API INTRODUCED IN JAVA 8 (use [java-stream] for those questions!) A stream is a series of data elements which can be accessed in a serial fashion. and the detailed description is ...

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4:09 AM
Q: Does the community have a right to know why a moderator was banned?

AddisonI was browsing the moderator elections and noticed one of the moderators from 2015 had a reputation of 1: I can only assume that he was banned in August 2019 for 5 years, as I see his ban is expiring in 3 months, and his last post/answer was a few days before that date. I don't expect to get the...

4:58 AM
So, I found a video on YouTube titled "How To Create A Chatbot With Html Css and Javascript | Chat GPT Clone". Don't look it up, I'll spoil it for you - you create a "Chat GPT clone" by calling the OpenAI API to ask ChatGPT.
I didn't expect much else, but still was curious enough to see if it's not using a different API, so I scrubbed the video until I saw which URL it was they were hitting.
5:33 AM
Q: Was this answer really spam or vote-brigaded like my others?

Jesse NicklesThanks again to the mods who recently fixed the serial down-voting against my account done by Mr. Chad S. and his IRC buddies... I'm not sure if it's all fixed yet, but wanted to ask about my answer here: https://stackoverflow.com/a/78498819/1718491 It has 4+ down-votes as "spam" and I'd like to ...

@NewPosts Ah, right. The user who seems to have been overly promoting their own site. And also has some weird bone to pick with somebody called Chat. Like, seriously, it's odd. There are a few threads on their forum where "users" are talking about how this Chad person is bad. I put "users" in quotes because literally all of the replies are by different users. Each one. And each user just happened to register for that thread.
A recurring theme through the forum as far as I can see. No sticky contributors, just completely different people chiming in with the same thoughts in each thread. Almost as if they are sockpuppets or something.
5:53 AM
opening that site caused all my fans to spin up
heh, damn near crashed by browser, tf
"Kevin's fan base, excited about the best forum on the internet"
it was up to hundres of mb in content loaded
seems fine in incognito, maybe it's got a failed to load infinite loop going
so it just keeps trying
I get 5 MB on load. But also a bunch of stuff blocked by uMatrix/uBlock
3 hours later…
9:04 AM
@VLAZ When someone says "ChatGPT" many people seem to think they are talking about an LLM. That actually is incorrect terminology since ChatGPT is an application that uses OpenAI's models behind the scenes. So the terminology the video is using is atleast correct.
9:27 AM
Q: Why this question is not considered non programming related?

pl-jayI had issue with Azure event hub , outlook, graph API. And I used python for this automation. Asked a question about for multiple Subscriptions for Event hub. How can I create subscriptions for multiple Outlook email accounts? They closed it with saying not programming related?

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10:37 AM
@NewPosts when did they add that? I don't remember them being there when the new banner rolled out.
I don't seem to be getting that banner
11:15 AM
Q: Disambiguate [jai] (Java Advanced Imaging Api) from the jai programming language

Noel WidmerProposal Rename [jai] to [advanced-imaging-api] or [java-advanced-imaging-api] Introduce [jai-lang] or [jai] Details I've been part of the jai programming language closed beta for a while now and I thought about laying the groundwork here on Stack Overflow by posting questions with answers to c...

11:59 AM
@AbdulAzizBarkat in the footer (of any SE site) is a small link named "Cookie Settings" it opens the banner
Yeah, I opened that I still get the old banner
Q: How can this question about python and data security be improved?

Bending RodriguezData Protection - Does Python send data to external servers? I Feel this question is highly useful, since it raises awareness for the fact that installing python libraries can hold security caveats and each one should be checked and researched before using. How can we improve it?

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1:36 PM
@AbdulAzizBarkat The new banner apperars to be limited to SO and Meta-SO. SE-Sites appear to use the regular banner
Asked on meta-se about it.
@A-Tech No, I don't get that banner on either SO or MSO. Maybe there is some caching going on or it is shown based on country / location.
@A-Tech what revision is the site on for you (you can check it in the footer)? I see it as 2024.5.24.9787
rev 2024.5.24.9787
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2:45 PM
Y'all get a cookie banner?
uBlock nukes the cookie domain, so the banner doesn't appear for me
Q: The return of Staging Ground to Stack Overflow

tanj92Staging Ground will return the week of June 3rd, 2024, and be available to all first-time question-askers and reviewers with over 500 reputation points on Stack Overflow. In this post, we will recap Staging Ground from the past betas, share the new updates available at launch, explain how askers ...

As someone who was part of the experiment and chat, but not teams, it's a bit unclear what "discussed" features that made it to chat are making it to the launched version, given the post and the help article doesn't mention, for example, the upvote checkbox, or any rep incentives, or any placements of the tool in question lists, or anything else
Ah, the checkbox did get a mention
> Finally, reviewers may edit Staging Ground posts freely at any time, and may also opt to automatically upvote the post once it is created on the main site.
3:11 PM
@NewPosts Why was it featured/unfeatured?
A-a-and, featured again
3 hours later…
5:57 PM
@VLAZ I haven't checked, but a while back, mods were given full control of featured (which is public knowledge). This includes for staff announcements, so I'd imagine it was removed, asked to be featured in the back, and then re-featured
1 hour later…
7:03 PM
Q: Does it really make sense to incentive against justifying a downvote in comments?

jsbuenoThere are currently not only guidelines, but active front-end code to prevent one justifying a downvote with a comment. To keep it short: on a plain technically incorrect answer, the most straightforward thing to do seems to be to do both: the downvote to alert other users against that content, a...

7:25 PM
"I have to tell people that I downvoted their post" is one of the weirdest takes on comments on downvotes...
they're also actively protesting a question from being closed because the op just needs to edit an MRE into it
(op just stated they can't add an MRE for privacy reasons)
Please do not to close this - it is easly fixable by the O.P. by adding code. — jsbueno 38 mins ago
7:39 PM
Q: I found wrong answer in stackoverflow, but was not able to comment or like/dislike incorrect answer. This community dislike discussion?

Mark SeniutI found wrong answer in stackoverflow, but was not able to comment or like/dislike incorrect answer. This community dislike discussion? Comment and press dislike

8:38 PM
@NewPosts Huh, I didn't know Jeremy Banks was a former staff member
9:04 PM
I just realized I'm more than halfway to fanatic.
you'll be a mod in no time
9:20 PM
@VLAZ Yeah, this was part of the reason that the response was not just "it's disclosed and it's not too many answers so it's fine"
it's...complicated and messy.
...and as you note, there is some appearance that the content on that forum may not be as organic as the site tries to make it appear. Ultimately, very much a Trust & Safety issue to figure out what to do.
9:49 PM
Though note that the forum is explicitly anonymous
10:13 PM
a lot of the answers i found where htey were linking to the forum, the inclusion of the link to the forum looked forced, and most of those answers were on old posts, as if they were looking for something relevant to attach their link to
11:05 PM
@KarlKnechtel Agreed. Or as ChatGPT so eloquently put it for me, "This splendidly crafted missive, resplendent with the unmistakable sheen of artificial ingenuity, strikes my senses as the handiwork of a most sophisticated and eloquent automaton. The very essence of its composition, replete with an almost ethereal perfection, whispers to me of a genesis rooted not in the hands of mere mortals, but in the sublime and boundless realms of computational artistry."
11:16 PM

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