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12:18 AM
See a pattern?
1:06 AM
the two at the bottom are missing the tag
(and now they have it)
How can I deal with someone who I consider to be blatantly misusing the site, but who seems to fairly consistently get upvoted for doing so?
1:41 AM
I just almost got stuck in mobile mode on chat
3:01 AM
none, the site doesn't laod
@KarlKnechtel make a meta post then be further irritated when people just shrug it away
4 hours later…
6:53 AM
Today I found that we have a tag named just ...
Presumably for the HTTP GET. But 1. I don't know if it's consistently used for that, and not just any sort of getting of something 2. I am, however, pretty sure even when used for the HTTP GET it's often not needed. Because users usually just try to make an HTTP call, it doesn't matter that it's a GET. They just can't make the call. And add the tag.
Same with anything around HTTP, really. Including and themselves.
Someone even used it mistakenly instead of the git tag :P
And no its not used consistently for HTTP GET
7:15 AM
> When I was a top user of the "price" tag, nobody told me about an ongoing burnination process
Hmm, maybe we need some sort of communication to inform various top users of a tag as part of the featuring phase? It would be easy to miss the featured post
7:40 AM
that's...not a bad idea.
Especially given that the featured section has contained the same post for a year now...people are probably overlooking it
8:00 AM
@RyanM I am wondering what might be a good way to do that. Maybe the moderator featuring the post invites top N users to a chat room?
Could also use mod messages
Chatroom isn't a bad idea though, I kinda like that.
8:39 AM
Q: Why is the tag burnination process doesn't try include the tag top users?

LoicTheAztecThe minimal behavior when a tag starts a burnination process, should be to inform/message the 5/10 top user of the tag, which is never done, unfortunately. This seems to be a lack of communication and should be revised.

8:50 AM
@NewPosts Well, they didn't state this in the way I would have liked it to be stated. Would probably go better if they followed a more soft approach
@AbdulAzizBarkat Probably feel free to improve:
@RyanM I'm really not a Meta guy as you can see, so I am not really good at writing/asking on Meta… I posted the question here: Why is the tag burnination process doesn't try include the tag top users?. If you can help on improve my question, you are welcome. — LoicTheAztec 16 mins ago
2 hours later…
10:39 AM
Q: Question about the a top programming language closed because “not about software development.”

Theodore R. SmithMany people have been surprised to find out that a top-tier programming language, PHP (#2-7 depending on metric), suddenly has an extra year of support, since sometime after March 2024. When I asked the question, it was immediately closed on the grounds that it’s “not about programming”. The heck...

This Meta SE Q almost sounded like another rant at first.
@NewPosts What a mess.
11:09 AM
Q: Arm Streamline error:Error from target: Message part too big (18397752)

xxxLDWhen using Arm Streamline as the openCL profiler to capture trace data,the error appears:Error from target: Message part too big (18397752),and the capture stops, the gatord commnad I used is adb shell odm/bin/gatord --system-wide=no -a,the error log is No driver has claimed ARM_Mali-Valhall_frag...

11:24 AM
@rene Most of questions tagged "price" in Stack Overflow are related to WooCommerce — LoicTheAztec 1 hour ago
Wait, but isn't that because that user was the one who added the tag to the woocommerce questions?
I don't know, but you might be mistaking it with the fact that they retagged those questions with a new tag.
in Burnination HQ, May 8 at 14:05, by NotTheDr01ds
Kind of surprised at the consistency in tagging - More than a third of the questions also share THREE other tags in common - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/php+price+wordpress+woocommerce
I see they did add that tag to quite a few questions. I sometimes wonder why do people favour composite but ambiguous tags like: + when something like + would be much more unambiguous?
Not to say that I have an opinion on whether should exist or not, I don't know enough about that library / plugin to give an opinion on that.
11:59 AM
Wait, he created a whole new tag for product-price?
Still reading. sigh
2 hours later…
1:49 PM
@NewPosts It's a bit less of a mess now.
2:32 PM
feeds is a bit slow
2 hours later…
4:33 PM
Q: Why has profile rank (%) been removed?

Dominic CerisanoJust noticed that profile rank (%) has been removed from SO profile page. Has it been moved somewhere else? Is anyone else seeing this and know anything about it?

Someone is upset about the employment of what is basically a meme of Meta.
4:45 PM
I saw
the-stack-overflow-podcast.simplecast.com/episodes/… isn't there supposed to be a transcript in the page that opens when I click the link saying I want to see the transcript?
@super-starball-ultra Only when they actually bother writing it
5:09 PM
> Would you board a plane safety-tested by GenAI?
How in the actual fuck would that work? "Here's a picture of a plane, does it look unsafe to you?"
I was just going to comment that I'd be quite curious to find how a gen AI safety tested the plane.
Actual screening AIs (notably cancer detection AIs, which have been proven to have a higher efficiency at cancer detection than humans) are specialised and special-trained AIs. They aren't just genAI with a prompt
All AI is just text appearing on the screen. It's true - the internet told me that.
@VLAZ I would immediately distrust the plane if I knew a genAI had screened it. AI and human screening, fine. GenAI? That's probably how Boeing screwed up bolts and needed to kill a few whistleblowers
And for legal and wanting to continue to live reasons, allegedly needed to
Yes, agreed. I'd still love to learn about the most-likely-clusterfuck that lead to somebody using a genAI to test the plane and all the decisions taken to get there. Also would be interested in the fallout. Hopefully, just metaphorical.
5:14 PM
If we're being realistic, it wouldn't be just metaphorical
So unfair
Even searched
Meanwhile, I've been demoted to a chatbot
Wow, I'm surprised. Definitely think it's padding my stats a bit there, but I'm flattered :-p
@Zoe Creepy
@Zoe A bit funny.
@Zoe it didn't even mention your assistance with referring users to specific music-video content.
5:32 PM
[ ZoeBot ] I know! I'm offended!
I mean, I've not posted that many questions. Like 5 or so?
Didn't even bother searching
Also, WB and RPG are probably my top non SO/MSE communities. But not Philosophy where, I believe, I have zero contributions (other than flags through Smokey).
Still creepy that it seems to be pulling all these stats.
I wonder if this information is coming through the OpenAI deal.
Seems to be recent and up to date.
@VLAZ No, it did a search
As in search engine search then summarise
The "Zoe" prompt is probably failing because it doesn't find a single profile, I'd imagine.
Have you tried having a more identifiable profile name :P
5:42 PM
@VLAZ But it doesn't try searching for me at all
Copilot found you quite easily
Probably because copilot is search-first, whereas CGPT is still a search-afterthought
@Zoe chatgpt.com/share/85037cec-1268-43e9-bbba-35e86fd169e3 It acts as if it doesn't know you at all. If I were you, I'd slap ChatGPT until it started recognising me.
6:01 PM
@VLAZ 404
Dunno why the link didn't work. I clicked the share button then the link it gave me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
OK, found the problem.
I've no idea why, though.
@RyanM weird
@VLAZ You were clearly rood
Is it just me or is that image refusing to load?
works for me in incognito
Borked everywhere for me
and borked in chromium too
What's it doing?
Guess I'll check later
@RyanM Loading forever
Oh, there it goes
6:19 PM
Okay, there are many fantastic things about this chat, but my absolute favorite is the link it gave for Zoe's profile: stackoverflow.com/users/4099593/zoe
Also apparently Zoe is "Active on Stack Overflow with significant contributions, particularly in C# and .NET related topics" (emphasis added)
technically correct; I think you've deleted a lot of plagiarism there.
@RyanM xD
aww, the links are blank
lol though
Yeah, in the share thing the links are...not linking to anything.
6:27 PM
<a target="_new" rel="noreferrer">Profile link</a>
The HTML on that page.
It wants you to stay safe and not click on suspicious links, and trust everything it says
@RyanM Swing and a miss
4 links and all 4 wrong
6:28 PM
Totally random users, except for one...
I wonder why
(well, the worldbuilding one is the #5 user there; that's probably not a coincidence either)
Interesting that two of those links are at least prominent users. I feel it's too much to be a coincidence of just randomly generated digits. But then the other two are people with rep that doesn't even sum to 50
But like... conceptually, Bhargav is not, like, toooo far from Zoe; both are prominent users who've served as moderators.
Interestingly, it did do searches when I asked for the links
Rao, Zoe - both are three letter names with <Consonant><vowel><vowel>
6:31 PM
and still came up with that.
Conclusion: AI is not taking our jobs yet :P
More seriously - JBH is very prominent WB.SE user. Very active in meta and in main. It might be that it generated the profile ID by using frequently showing up profile IDs. Not sure how it did Bhargav's ID, as I don't think simple frequency is an explanation. But maybe there were other factors, like trying to generate the ID of a mod and then somehow basing the generation on known mods or something.
The other two might be one or two digits off from a different prominent user on those sites. If it just generated the sequence but picked, say, a 3 instead of a 4 at some point. Or something to that effect.
They're also all users who've actually posted, which seems unlikely to be entirely random?
@RyanM Maybe SE blocks crawler access to blank profiles for anti-spam reasons?
I vaguely recall that they do something to that effect
but also none of those would be an existing URL due to the made-up slugs
@VLAZ lol, sums it up pretty well
@RyanM it could somehow smash them together, having noticed that stackoverflow.com/users/id/<username varies here>
@RyanM It simply generates <site base URL>/users/ which is known, then attaches a profile ID, which I believe might be generated based on some frequency metrics. Then the final part is simply the account name you asked for.
@VLAZ what, how would generating frontend code by AI be replacing frontend tech...
If it has seen enough links, it's possible it just doesn't know what to do next, and links the name to context rather than to the user ID
6:39 PM
@RyanM Discussions are amazing...
@RyanM Still random enough to do that. You can see this with an RNN/LSTM as well, with say, a small dataset of names, then output will be 50-90% made up names, and a small amount of real ones that is outside of the dataset
@VLAZ From a deleted response there:
> In the coming years, AI is entirely replaced to front end technologies. No doubt, front end technologies still requires human creativity, problem solving abilities, and a keen understanding of user experience (UX) to make creative and interactive interfaces. On the other hand, AI plays positive role to automate front end development like generating code snippet, automating tasks and assisting with testing and freeing up developers to focus on more and more creativity and strategic development.
that's what everyone on Twitter and Reddit is thinking, it's pretty sad
see, this is why I don't ever use Discussions, not even with a ten foot pole
it's like yahoo answers on steroid
6:44 PM
I keep forgetting about Discussions. Probably a good thing
There's a lot of crap, but like...that's also true of Q&A
@RyanM It's like they both reply using an LLM
ehhh, I don't think anything in that screenshot looks like an LLM
@RyanM I mean, I would say it's worse than Q&A, but then again I don't have 10k rep to be able to truly see just how bad it is, except from some light spams here and there
6:48 PM
Finding a useful question to answer is a very low hit rate
probably the hit rate of "question meets the absolute minimum quality requirements not to be closed" is higher than "discussion meets the absolute minimum quality requirements not to be deleted", but if you're looking for interesting, useful ones...I'd guess the hit rate might be similar
there just aren't very many total discussions
@RyanM hmm, depends. On Python related tags, I can probably find at least question that do not look useful, but correlate heavily with the same problem OP had as I did a couple months ago and is now solved. If you don't have any attachments to the question though or what it correlate to then, yeah maybe
"at least question" appears to be missing a word
@RyanM I mean the way the two top comments talk is a bit weird at best. Maybe I saw too many gpt poster doing comments on SO...
@RyanM ah, my bad :) I guess "some" might work here to convey what I mean
I'm on my phone so, you know...
@RyanM what do you mean by "total" here?
@NordineLotfi posted but not deleted (594, over all time)
ooh, got you
6:55 PM
had that many non-closed non-deleted questions in the last 2-3 days
@NordineLotfi given the context that top comment seems about right...
ah, I guess I still got it :P
Hmm. Obviously I don't have a proper sample size for this conclusion, but it seems like bounties have started working better again in the last few weeks.
define "working"
7:08 PM
@aynber A very good thing. It's like the Q&A but basically worse in every way possible. There is a handful of discussions that aren't straight up bad. And fewer that are actually good. Very few.
The majority is "what should I learn" or "how to learn X". And no, it hasn't lead to valuable insights.
There are, like, three discussions for which programming language to learn as a beginner.
I'm exposed to Discussions because I keep checking them for spam. Of which there is surprisingly little, overall. I mean, I definitely don't see all of it but when I do see spam it's few hours old already. And I see spam almost every day. I would have expected more, TBH.
@VLAZ Huh, I might need to check out a few, then... looking for book recs for my kid for the summer
I didn't even think of checking there
except they don't exist for those languages. lol
Oh, and there are loads of discussions every day that are basically code dump which probably was meant as a question. Often there is no question, just code.
@aynber I think you'd be disappointed. I don't think there are many book recommendations in the "what language to learn" ones. Mostly it's people saying "I think Python is cool" or similar.
I think maybe there is one or two recommendation for a C++ book. But overall it's bottom tier engagement level. Mostly just the barest minimum to count as a reply.
@VLAZ True. I usually only look at the PHP one if I'm going to look at Discussions, and I skim right over the top 2 questions
Which has 1 book rec, and a few links for the "How to learn"
7:39 PM
Q: Why was this question about string manipulation in Go closed?

VectorHow to convert tradional American date string to ISO date string in Go (1.2.1)? The duplicates cited are irrelevant to this question because all deal with time conversions. The closed question deals with string conversions, using the time package. When posting the question, all hints regarding du...

7:56 PM
8:47 PM
CoPilot generated this for "Who is Zoe on Stack Overflow: "Zoe, also known as aynber, is a moderator on Stack Overflow. She has been a member for 8 years and is based in the Carolinas. Zoe’s reputation stands at 22,938, and she has answered 866 questions. She is active in the PHP community and has contributed significantly to Stack Overflow. Zoe is also passionate about graphic design and other technical topics."
This is why you shouldn't use AI for research
2 hours later…
10:51 PM
Q: Is it possible to improve or eliminate the 'Similar Questions' prompt?

VectorToday I posted a question about Go that was closed as a duplicate: How to convert tradional American date string to ISO date string in Go (1.2.1)? . When I posted the question, the 'similar questions' prompt showed me two Java questions that were obviously of no help for Go. When I had previously...


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