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3:25 AM
Q: I am getting java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException: savedata.txt. The file is in my project folder in both the bin and src. I dont know whats going on

Natalie Ajmeri I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: My code wont run because of something I had written in my code. what should I do to solve this?

3 hours later…
6:53 AM
is the flagging UX slower for anyone else recently? for me in the past few days, it's been taking 2 seconds to load the flagging dialog and 1.5 for submitting the flag to go return a response. it used to be much faster.
@super-starball-ultra Yes, it has. By "recently", though - it has happened the last week or two. On and off, so not each open/flag is slow but it does happen.
7:22 AM
flagging dialog is super snappy on MSE though...
Q: Flagging UX is slow recently

super-starball-ultraLately, when I click the flag button on a post, it takes roughly 2 seconds for the flag dialog to get a server response and for the flagging dialog to show up. Then when I submit my flag reason, it quite consistently takes roughly 1.5 seconds for the server to respond and for the flagging dialog ...

3 hours later…
10:40 AM
@super-starball-ultra I've noticed similar slowness with the close vote modal.
5 hours later…
3:55 PM
Q: Isn't it double standard that SO bans use of generative AI but then itself uses users content for Open AI purposes without their explicit concent

AlexI came to know about the partnership with OpenAI. But then I remembered that the use of generative AI is banned by/on SO. So it seems to double standard to me that the company has banned the use of generative AI but then itself uses(bt partnering with OpenAI) the users content for generative AI p...

1 hour later…
5:25 PM
Q: Why Stackoverflow is not showing top percentile in profile stats for a few days?

Mahi Al JawadI see that for a dew days Stackoverflow site is not showing the “top x%” stat in my profile. The checked some other people’s profile, it is also missing on them. Can somebody explain what happened? Please don’t downvote the post, I will remove the post after getting the answer.

Is it bad that I kind of want to downvote that just because it said not to?
5:55 PM
Q: Rename [argo] to [swift-argo]

Cornelius RoemerAlmost all questions tagged with argo are actually about argocd in violation of argo's tag wiki stating: Apply to questions regarding thoughtbot's Swift JSON parser, Argo. For questions about the Kubernetes workflow tool, use [argocd]. It appears that it's not clear to many that they should onl...

> I have downvoted the post because it asked me not to downvote it. That's precisely the kind of text that merits a downvote
From a comment on that question
2 hours later…
8:03 PM
meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/430292/… huh. or one could edit out that text...
8:13 PM
in unrelated news, youtube has been stupidly slow for me too recently. pretty much any button I click and it takes 2 seconds to respond. I'm starting to think it's some sort of artificially inserted slowness as a ploy to push me to get YT premium or something.
@Lamper46 not my place to tell you, but I personally don't do that unless it's on meta and the post owner is angry about it and having a pretty bad attitude. and then my downvote is just about their attitude on meta.
8:26 PM
@super-starball-ultra Why would you want to pay for a service that's slow? I always assume that if something like that is slow, has problems, or is missing features/functionality I want, that those issues will still exist upon payment, unless they explicitly say those issues are resolved by paying. As such, those issues are reasons not to pay for their service, rather than reasons to pay.
8:37 PM
@Makyen again, I'm suspecting it's artificially inserted. youtube is doing stuff to push people to pay for premium, such as fighting ad blockers. and it's so much slow down that I have a very hard time imagining it being for "real" reasons. anyhow, I'm not going to buy YT premium- at least- not any time soon.
@super-starball-ultra As I said: That's a reason not to pay them. Unless they explicitly say that the problems you're having are resolved by paying them, you should assume that the problems/issues are going to exist even if you pay them.
8:58 PM
@Makyen I think I understand your point. I appreciate the tip.

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