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1:48 AM
Q: Should accept your own answer give you points?

J.F.I know there should be a gold rule where actions to ourselves doesn't mean earn points. BUT, if you post an answer that solve a question and is useful for the community from now on, should at least the two points bonus be rewarded? If answer or question are not good enough will be downvoted and t...

4 hours later…
6:05 AM
@NewPosts This was posted as Discussion yesterday. I flagged it because it didn't belong there. I see it's now on Meta.
4 hours later…
9:55 AM
@NewPosts That was some drama, huh
I don't agree with the close reason, "needs details" would probably be a better fit because the circumstances of the interactions were not clear.
But yeah, it's probably hard for folks to bear the idea of being wrong in multiple levels, which makes them take an unnecessarily defensive stance.
5 hours later…
3:27 PM
to me it was more like "does not appear to seek discussion"
"DAE mods are le bad" is not constructive at the best of times. It should have been phrased along the lines of "why did this guy..." except Rob obviously didn't do anything wrong
speaking of which: I'm getting the sense that users get way more upset about questions being closed as duplicates than for other reasons, on average. Is that, like, real?
3:48 PM
Q: Appeal a declined NAA flag

rayI would like to ask for an appeal to one of my recently declined NAA flags. At the moment that I raised this flag, I was looking at version 2 of the answer. This looks like asking another question that is requesting others to help OP complete some code instead of an actual answer to me. I unders...

4:13 PM
@KarlKnechtel Well, Rob had the audacity to say that HTML 6 won't exist by argumenting correctly that for more than a decade now "HTML 5" isn't a thing. It's just the HTML living standard that gets updated multiple times a year, so it's not the same thing as what actually began as HTML 5.
@KarlKnechtel As for dupes - not sure, to be honest. I know casual SO users seem quite pissed in general. I don't really know if it's more or less pissed than with other closures. But the memetic SO experience is that you ask a question and is closed as a duplicate. Presumably to something unrelated. Although I've actually asked people (off-site where these experiences were relayed) and gotten an answer that it's different because it has different variable names. I'm not even exaggerating.
Or it's different because they are making a different function call or something. But the their question (and thus the dupe) is about, say, syntax, so the precise function call is irrelevant.
I've also had few people (on-site this time) tell me that duplicate closure is wrong because as question authors, they are supposed to be the final authority of what answer gets accepted.
So, you know, closing as a duplicate they can't influence the accepted answer on the dupe target.
5:01 PM
@VLAZ wouldn't that mean they think it's wrong in principle? as in, nothing should ever be closed that way?
@KarlKnechtel It would follow, yes. But that also seems to imply they think it's something like a support ticket system, so only the one who created it can say whether it's "resolved". So, completely not what the site is about
1 hour later…
6:22 PM
@KarlKnechtel that may have to do with it being obvious that you are casting a close vote / flagging due to the auto comment. The author can then easily associate the closure to a user compared to the other closure reasons.
4 hours later…
10:00 PM
ah, true

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