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3:24 AM
Q: Flutter, how to change status bar color for multiscreen app

zazaza ahow do I change the color of the status bar (multi screen) when routed to the next screen, so here I have a case, where I want to make the color of the status bar different, for example screen 1 is red, screen 2 is green.

3:43 AM
7 hours later…
10:19 AM
(10k link) stackoverflow.com/a/75793672 an answer I awarded a bounty to last year was mod-deleted without comment. Was this detected as AI or something? I was very specifically soliciting an answer with this sort of content because I felt the Q&A was lacking that but I don't write answers here myself any more
10:36 AM
Q: Needed Suggestion Regrading use multiple table in Entity Frame Work

Shashank Singh I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: .ToList() taking too much time to convert kindly lease help me to know that How can I write this code in proper way.

1 hour later…
11:53 AM
@KarlKnechtel It was AI, yes
2 hours later…
1:25 PM
That's disappointing. I couldn't find anything technically wrong in it and it didn't trip my AI senses either. Nowadays I offer 250 point bounties for things that seem like they should be easy enough for a human to answer, and get nothing.
Unfortunately, bounties have been AI magnets for over a year at this point - and more or less started being AI magnets within a month of CGPT being released
You'd think they'd increase your chances of human answers, but it makes your question far more attractive to genAI users
Early on, bounties were an easy honeypot and a dead giveaway for some AI answerers
10 hours later…
11:00 PM
Q: Has anyone faced toxic behavior by any older user or moderator or is it just me?

Suril KhediaSo I have recently joined stackoverflow and wanted to contribute whenever I get some time. I answered one question about xhtml vs html a user was having and then were were just discussing casually about how fast tech gets outdated. Between our conversation a user named Rob jumped in and started b...

11:30 PM
Q: Why should I help close "bad" questions that I think are valid, instead of helping the OP with an answer?

Karl KnechtelThere seems to be a very high bar for contributing to Stack Overflow, especially when it comes to asking questions. These standards can result in serious self-doubt, and seem to be the driving force behind a huge volume of off-site criticism - which generally seems to be treated dismissively on M...


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