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12:39 AM
@AbdulAzizBarkat No issue, not disruptive at all
12:57 AM
if you did it, like, 20 times for no reason, that might be annoying in some cases since it would clutter the timeline if we needed to look at that. But feel free to retract and recast any number of times if you feel you can improve the flag.
2 hours later…
3:24 AM
@KarlKnechtel I am not aware, but from reading on Meta it does look like so. In the case I found this a user from LQA edited a post that was just an error traceback, they thought the error message at the end was a paragraph written by the author to answer the question.
@RyanM great to hear that. In this case it seems like I worried about nothing :) the moderator handling my flag seems to have found what I was talking about.
Q: What would be recommended/acceptable way to clean up duplicate answers in a single question?

rayI work in mongodb for most of my time on StackOverflow. From time to time, I see new answers being added to old, famous questions, which usually duplicate existing (accepted/upvoted) answers. Most of the time, these new answers bring no extra value on top of those existing answers and are often o...

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8:51 AM
@VLAZ That ought to depend on context. While DICOM is the most universal means of communicating digital medical imaging, MRI does not imply DICOM.
Also, I just had a look at and frankly it looks rather messy. I wouldn't touch that.
8 hours later…
4:42 PM
>I mostly wanted to see if people agreed with my proposed changes, or had any better ideas, first. Seems like the idea is pretty well received.
within 2 minutes of making this comment on my own meta post, it got the first downvote after 22 upvotes.
Similarly, my recent MSE post is at +72/-1; the downvote was a while ago, but clearly well after the one comment I got with slightly negative feedback.
I'm starting to think I have a "fan".
@KarlKnechtel It seems to be back at 22 upvotes only now. Looks like someone decided to joke with you xD
Q: Suspended? And for Half a YEAR?

curiousOk, I'm confused and pretty shocked. Admittedly I'm still relatively new to SO; I’ve been a member for only two months. During that time I think I've posted about 10 questions and have gotten more than 800 'Views'. I've even earned a few Up-Votes. With that in mind... Three of those 10 questio...

5:01 PM
5:25 PM
@NewPosts No, half a century.
6:14 PM
Q: Does this question lack clarity?

InSyncThis question asks for something quite trivial: A way to negate the regex ^[A-Z]{4}$ in the context of a specific tool that only supports POSIX regexes. It was originally closed as a duplicate of the generic Regex: match everything but a specific pattern. I voted to reopen it since there is at le...

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7:52 PM
@KarlKnechtel OK, maybe. But also, I've noticed that a lot of questions on Meta "start" at -1. With a negative vote applied almost immediately. Even when there is no apparent reason for it. And enough times I've seen that such a question gets to a high positive score with very few if any other downvotes. I suspect Meta might have "a fan" in general.
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8:52 PM
9:32 PM
Q: How to cast vote in the community moderator election?

machine_1Today, I received a message in my inbox notifying me to cast my vote in the 2024 community moderator election: I clicked on it and the election page was opened. I scrolled down and found the candidates and their posts but could not find a vote or upvote button. Here's a screenshot: How does...

10:30 PM
0 discussions in 8 hours
Everybody too busy voting, obviously
much value
@KevinB "This feature is very valuable to the community, which is why we'll now be investing huge amounts of resources in it"
"What's that? Onboarding? Sorry, never heard of her. DISCUSSIONS, WOOO!"
cant wait till they announce the moderators curating incoming AI questions feature
- my summary of the company's alleged upcoming announcements (obligatory "this is a joke", mods don't get to see the announcements; they'll be spitting in our faces at the same time as everyone else)
10:38 PM
what's gonna be fun is all the hatred when questions asked from gcloud or vscode go unanswered/closed/downvoted
> How dare the volunteer community not support what we paid for!
That's honestly something I feel bad about - not for the company, but for the users of the products who get misled
They're not going to do onboarding features in those new fancy products, so when the questions get closed, the askers get left with even more confusion. "If this wasn't fine, why would VSCode/gcloud let me post it?"/"Why would [the extension or whatever] be recommending that I post a question here when it just gets closed?"
i wonder if it's gonna cite user's current name or the name at which gcloud ingested it
or if it's gonna show current reputation, including 1 when someone gets suspended
I hope it also automatically posts a comment complaining about downvoters, the community, and Stack Overflow admins. With the decreased traffic overall, we really don't get as many as we did before. Now is the time for AI to make SO feel like before again.
would a mod be able to remain a mod if they requested to be disassociated from all their questions and answers
thus reducing their rep to 101
Well, a mod has access to all the privileges. So, I don't see why not on a technical level.
But it'd be an odd thing for a mod to do, I suppose which might lead to de-modding if for whatever reason it's deemed they didn't act correctly.
11:02 PM
Q: Answer edit while not logged in?

CDspaceI came across this answer edit, which might be a bug, where the edit reason says "i'm not loged in and can edit this". The user is https://stackoverflow.com/users/217228/ricardo-rod The edit is: https://stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/35742699


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