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12:39 AM
@VLAZ should have gone right back in to suspension IMO
12:56 AM
Q: Reduce delay between answering for users with <125 rep

D.W.This is a formal proposal and request that the rate-limiting be changed, so that users with less than 125 reputation do not need to wait 30 minutes between posting answers. For most of the lifetime of the site, users with less than 125 reputation were required to wait 3 minutes between posting an...

10 hours later…
10:40 AM
> Cheers for the upvote. Thanks me letter
What? Cheers!? What letter?
> Dear sir/madam
> I hope this upvote in a letter finds you well.
> Cheerfully yours:
> [insert name here]
11:07 AM
> Dear VLAZ
> I am intrigued by your gift. The request to hand off an upvote to me, makes me utmost happy.
> This gesture is most appreciated, and I thank you deeply for it. I will make sure to spend it well.
> Yours truly
> Andreas
11:54 AM
Would retracting a flag and adding more details in a new flag disrupt the moderators work in anyway? I've already retracted this once before and now have found more info I want to add.
2 hours later…
2:00 PM
@AbdulAzizBarkat Maybe a bit. However, I've been advised to retract and re-flag in the past when I've found more information. Granted, that's been for things near the flagging (I don't know - your flag might be a week old) but I feel mods would appreciate the extra information.
It's a shame that you can't just edit flags, though. It's rare that you'd need to but pretty useful when you do.
2:18 PM
I never bought into the argument by Shog that being able to edit flag reasons or close vote reasons would be a vector for abuse
@AbdulAzizBarkat if they haven't handled it yet there's probably no issue with re-casting. You could always cast a new, separate flag on a nearby post or comment and link to the existing post, referencing your flag
Thanks, will recast the flag.
Oh, it looks like the mods are in process of handling my previous flag now.
I guess if they miss out the new info I found, I'll raise another flag.
1 hour later…
3:38 PM
im betting, in april, that the return of SG is going to be announced with a few tweaks: All questions coming from users using the OverflowAI tool will be pushed into it as a top priority, meaning it will effectively become an AI content reviewing ground rather than its original intent
4:20 PM
Q: Should you edit someone else's unanswered question to include examples from your own experience

Sam DeanBasically a dupe of this Meta Question but it is a bit different. Also that meta question is 9 years old and opinions/best practices may have changed. The same as the other asker I found an old unanswered question asking about my issue, and put a bounty on it. Someone has asked for a clarificatio...

4:39 PM
> hi i want to build tshirt desinger in react
but i cant find source code help me
5:14 PM
Q: Resolving an ambiguous tag: [mri]

Jim QuirkThe [mri] tag is currently described as being related to a specific Ruby interpreter: Matz's Ruby Interpreter or Ruby MRI (also called CRuby) is the reference implementation of the Ruby programming language named after Ruby creator Yukihiro Matsumoto ("Matz"). Until the specification of the Ruby...

6:08 PM
Q: Fusion 360 Issue with double sided NC program

CNC Email I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Fusion 360 Issue with double sided program Looking for some help on this post. It was suggested to me to repost here. I have run this on 3/4" Hardwood and since it's think I normally use 2" Medex to help square it to my CNC pins and move it furth...

Edits to an answer flagged as NAA mark the flag as helpful. It also ends the LQA review... ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Thankfully in this case another user noticed the edit and cast the final delete vote.
6:56 PM
@KevinB did you see something that prompted that suspicion?
7:29 PM
the wired article, that doesn't directly quote anything to support this, but states "The Google deal will also test how users of the version of Gemini for Google Cloud integtration can create new data for Stack Overflow. People who don't get a satisfactory response from the chatbot will be able to submit their query to Stack Overflow, where once approved by moderators it will be available for the website's community of users to answer."
emphasis mine
typo mine too
that statement makes a lot of additional claims that no other article has, that aren't directly supported by a quote, but it seems odd to me that they'd take "users will be able to ask and get answers" and jump it to that full statement, it seems they've got more info than what was quoted
2 hours later…
9:26 PM
Q: Disambiguate [abc]

Karl KnechtelDisclaimer: while I personally don't think the tag in question should exist, this is not intended as a burnination request, but as an open discussion to choose a plan of action. Nearly 9 years ago there was some discussion of the abc tag on Meta. This tag has developed some ambiguity over time, a...

9:36 PM
@AbdulAzizBarkat including edits from the author?
9:54 PM
@E_net4 you you recomment is changed to or is also appropriate? I'll amend my proposal to get rid of it but I'm trying to pin down what it needs to be substituted with. Feel free to edit yourself if you wish.
10:45 PM

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