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3:39 AM
remember when we got more relevant related questions
all of those are about web stuff
very related
I wonder if they ever updated that system, it was ran once in February that year, which i assume at this point was 2 years ago
4:02 AM
Q: Any idea why clicking to comment crashes the tab on Chromium 124?

guest271314When I click to comment the tab crashes on Chromium 124 on Linux. Any idea why?

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7:32 AM
Q: Protection of new users from aggression

user23463397I have been on this site for a couple of days and brought with me a personal puzzle problem. I had people who totally understood this question and provided some answers. On the other hand specific 2 people have made comments of clarity but were not able to 'EMPHATICALLY' say why or what. As a new...

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9:26 AM
Q: discord.py: a common setup issue with Intents

The Amateur CoderIn discord.py, you have to set up a Discord Bot account and enable necessary intents. But for most questions regarding discord.py, enabling intents solves half or most of the problem. Many questions don't mention if the intents are set up appropriately, and it's so common. And it's not like setup...

10:02 AM
@NewPosts That’s a rant claiming assault on them, obviously closable for «appears not to seek input or discussion».
@AndreasmovedtoCodidact I don't see anything in the help centre that forbids rants.
@VLAZ With that attitude, you should make a new account and post some puzzles.
Or, I can get a dog and then sign it up for professional basketball.
In other news, I honestly can't tell if this discussion about DHL is meant to be spam(seed?) or genuine.
Oh, seems I was actually 3 minutes late pointing out the question should be closed. mhm, hadn’t noticed that.
10:25 AM
@VLAZ That makes me realize, we don't have anything in the guidelines that the discussion should be related to programming...
It seems we can now discuss cooking on Stack Overflow :P
OK, once my dog comes back from basketball practice, I'll let it post about its favourite recipes for bones.
10:43 AM
> This ended up more sincere than I intended. I hope you'll find it in your heart to let me keep my lunch money today.
Who's getting lunch money from participating on Stack Overflow?
Evidently, it's the users who "bully" others.
11:07 AM
The bots?
11:19 AM
@AndreasmovedtoCodidact Sorry, the context there was that one user complained of being "bullied". Same user then also posted that lunch money comment.
The complainer had something like 10k rep.
11:32 AM
@VLAZ Don't tell me that's who I think it is...
Dunno - I didn't recognise the username. I can't even remember what it is now.
Wha? There's no mention of "lunch" in the comment archive.
Was it on SO, not MSO?
It was on Main. I came across it via Queen.
Time to visit SOBotics for the first time in a few months, then.
@AndreasmovedtoCodidact it's not in hydrant - must have been part of the same comment thread, then.
11:37 AM
@VLAZ Sad. Explains why I can't find it.
2 hours later…
1:47 PM
meta.stackexchange.com/users/1456313/spammer That's a bold strategy, Cotton....
Some mods will rename a spammer's profile. Probably what happened there.
oh. well that's not nearly as interesting.
(but why not just destroy the account?)
Lol, I was just going to say: It makes repeat spam from the same account easy to identify. But I don't know why they don't just nuke the account.
2:31 PM
Sanity check: if a question is of the form "Why isn't X possible?" and I cannot fathom a reason why any reasonable person could possibly expect X to be possible, then that is "needs details or clarity", yes?
Probably. Some users have really weird expectations and base their question on those but then the question ends up nonsensical.
"Why doesn't water boil when I throw a shoe across the room?"
And the expectation there is that a shoe would produce heat and ground it in the water.
Although, honourable mention to opinion-based for questions on language design. E.g., "Why does 2+3 produce 5 and it doesn't instead cause demons to fly out of my nose?" is answerable as "well, because that's the way addition was designed".
Some design decisions in a language/framework/tech are well-documented. Others might be down to "Well, Fred coded this on a Friday afternoon". But most of the time it's just not useful to know why something works (or doesn't work) in a particular fashion. The better question is to figure out what should be done to achieve the result you want.
2:57 PM
@AbdulAzizBarkat, wait, what? Sorry, I had not noticed that (wasn't notified either). But this continues to be a problem. Something like the checkbox I suggested or something better is needed to avoid unnecessary interactions/questions flooding discord.py. — The Amateur Coder 5 hours ago
Why were they surprised this is still a problem?
> add it to the tag's wiki/usage guidance (yes, not everyone checks that)
3:15 PM
@VLAZ Because you didn't light enough candles and danced to the boiling god beforehand.
Instructions unclear: I am now covered in boils. I think I reached the wrong god.
3:46 PM
@VLAZ Ironically they didn't check the very tag wiki they thought editing would help solve the issue. xD
> The app says X is disabled and thus I can't do Y. How do i remedy this?
> You should follow these steps to enable X
the pinnacle of useful content
Q: Can my Boostrap 4.6.0 to Boostrap 4.6.2 please be reopened?

Giacomo1968First, I have no idea how one person is able to close a question (?!?): But as of this morning (March 1, 2024) I believe my question on updating Boostrap 4.6.0 to Boostrap 4.6.2 should be reopened: Bootstrap 4.6.0 update to 4.6.2 results in larger small fonts and removes coloring from tabs. Wha...

"in the below image". Sigh. How many times do I need to read "below image" on this site?
4:03 PM
@AndreasmovedtoCodidact find the answer in the below image
Man found dead. Cause of death: broken grammar. Responsible person: VLAZ
4:50 PM
Q: Are SO policies in line with programmer needs today?

SandyRegarding the following question: Do you have examples of vulnerable C# code for SAST tool evaluation? My employer gave me a programming task that I needed help with from other programmers. SO seemed like a logical place to turn to. My question got rejected because it was not quantitative. I then...

@NewPosts "Should we change the very reason SO became is as prominent as it is because I find it inconvenient? Sidenote: content control and rating are the literal devil. Even though it's is why SO is successful in the first place and have helped me by not having to deal with all the irrelevant, offensive, inappropriate, and just plain bad content."
Also, looking at the main question in a comment the user says "I can't argue with your policy even if it does not match real world challenges programmers face today" but "give me pictures of spiderman snippets of code" is not some sort of unique new challenge.
@NewPosts What does it take to teach people what a «moderator» is???
Controlling the world's education systems
inventing a time machine, going back in time, and assassinating the people who invented the iPhone
probably a few other ways
but those two would be the most direct/effective
5:21 PM
$('tr td:first-of-type').each(function(){
    $(this).attr('onClick', 'window.location = \'' + $(this).next('td').find('a').attr('href')+'\'');
5:50 PM
@KevinB The HTML is lava
1 hour later…
7:07 PM
@TylerH Well...
@TylerH Good idea. Let's do that.
1 hour later…
8:27 PM
@AndreasmovedtoCodidact people aren't accustomed to environments where non-moderators can... well, do basically anything besides run their mouths and vote
Also, the community is doing moderation. But also the community recognises that gets confusing when there are also moderators. So all users are moderators, some more than others. Hence the need to differentiate.
Yet, that differentiation is not something new users think about that much. Even if they are aware that regular users and moderators are different groups.
So we have unter-moderators and über-moderators.
Honestly, the title "moderator" should have been swapped for something different.
@AndreasmovedtoCodidact über-janitor
8:42 PM
@KarlKnechtel But this person has had an account here for 12 years. There's no excuse at that point.
Account for 2 years, only activity in the last 2. Still should know better
This is why titles and ranks in forums were kind of a good idea
@TylerH Janitor Master Tyler! Have you spoken to Janitor Grand Master Ryan today?
Titles won't even make a difference in many cases. In this case, like in many before it, the user doesn't even know how closing works, nor how to check who closed it.
9:10 PM
@KevinB implying the community is more opinionated than a statistical model is really something else
@KevinB Where's that from, btw?
9:27 PM
It’s from the TechCrunch article
9:37 PM
> interacting with Gemini, not an opinionated group of fellow programmers
Yeah, opinion-based questions are explicitly banned here.
Heh, somebody already pointed it out in a comment:
> Opinions aren't allowed on Stack Overflow. The CEO would know that if he spent even 5 seconds using the product that makes up 99% of his company's value and brand recognition.
Sounds like somebody from around here.
2 hours later…
11:27 PM

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