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3:51 AM
A: Do post-bans work the same way on all per-site metas?

animusonSome information based on current site settings: So my question is, what's the actual situation currently? The quality blocks (both question and answer blocks) are enabled on all sites, including all per-site Metas. The only exception is Meta Stack Overflow, where the question block is disabled...

2 hours later…
5:51 AM
ah yes, I do believe that's where I saw it, actually
relatedly, I don't think I've ever seen anyone with an MSO answer ban, but that doesn't mean it's impossible
(I also haven't really been looking)
1 hour later…
7:23 AM
@NewPosts The main question there was deleted. Which I understand but find a bit premature. I'd have just left it to roomba. At any rate, from comments on the Meta Q, I think it might have been a good opportunity to vastly expand my answer there. Since it'd be useless to edit any more, maybe a self-Q&A for something like "What is the role of compiler tools in JS" is warranted.
People insist that there are compilers in JS (which...yes - nothing that can be anywhere close to Clang) but also that the question for equivalency is nonsensical (which it sort of is, I admit). However, in retrospect, that should have probably been an opportunity to explain compilation/transpilation tooling in JS. Listing every possible one would be impossible (there were probably 3 new ones created while I wrote this message) but why and when is such tooling used should be answerable.
7:55 AM
@VLAZ yeah, that's unnecessary...undeleted the question
@VLAZ Why do you say no JS compiler can be anywhere close to Clang?
8:37 AM
(I'm not undeleting your answer since you can do that yourself, I think)
9:00 AM
Q: Where does GitOps question belong?

ravenwingRecently I had question about fluxcd (one of GitOps tools) and I simply didn't know where to put it. Should it be in StackOverflow, or DevOps stack exchange, or maybe SerferFault?. Then I asked myself - isn't gitops part of CI/CD collective already? (Asked this question there, got redirected here...

9:46 AM
@RyanM Correct me if I'm wrong but you need to compile -> run your code for C/C++. That's not the case with JS - you can just run your code. The exception is additional features that the runtime doesn't support. E.g., if you want to use Babel to use some proposal which is not implemented in all environments. However, that's still not really equivalent. It'd be more like trying to use a newer C++ feature. Or even consuming some newer yet not widely used API.
There is also the difference to consider between compilation and transpilation. But probably not worth focusing on - it's almost an academic one and one is a subset of the other. But the practical end result is that Babel takes JS and outputs JS. Not some different language.
The TS compiler could take a different language (TS) and output JS but that's not "the" JavaScript compiler. Also, as I mentioned, it can also do JS to JS.
Again, compilers are almost never "required" to run your code. And different ones can handle different transformations. You can pass the code through multiple for different reasons. You might want to load them through TS and then also through Babel but also through a minifier. Each doing different things.
@RyanM I think I can only vote for undeletion, I can't bidingly undelete it.
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10:54 AM
Q: An error occurs when I try to change my display name on Stack overflow

user20127427I'd like to change my display name but after filling in my profile, if I click on the "Save Profile" button, there's this error: Oops! There was a problem updating your profile: This email address is already registered. If it belongs to you, log in above or visit our account recovery page to get ...

@NewPosts How rude of this user to use an email for their account which is already registered!
Wait, the question is tagged SO Jobs. Are they trying to do something with the closed down functionality?
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12:12 PM
Q: Allow un-voting even if the post has not been edited

Honza ZidekThe following scenario just happened to me: I downvoted an answer + added a comment, as I always do when I downvote - this should be made mandatory, but this is another topic :) The user answered in the comment and gave sufficient arguments for their answer I wanted to un-downvote the answer, bu...

Q: Tag silently changed when posting a question

Cornelius RoemerI asked this question specifying the tag [pixi]: After I posted it, the tag was suddenly changed to pixijs. But that's not at all what I wanted. I wanted to create a new tag for a new tool. I checked whether such a tag existed already, it didn't, so I consciously created it. I was surprised to ...

12:42 PM
Q: "Ad [Astro]" is tagged [status-completed] but unclear which (if any) action was taken

Cornelius RoemerI came across this 2 year old meta post Ad [astro]⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ question that raises the question of what to do with the astro tag. The post is tagged with meta tag [status-completed], but there is no indication of what action was taken. None of the proposed actions seem to have been taken as the tag con...

12:54 PM
Q: Make [astro] a synonym of [astrojs] or vice versa

Cornelius RoemerTag astro was burninated 2 years ago in Ad [astro]⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀, at that time there were only 23 questions tagged with it. In the past 2 years, astrojs has become very popular, resulting in astro being recreated and used on more than 400 questions todate. I suggest astrojs be made a synonym of astro or v...

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2:17 PM
@NewPosts OK, I don't get it. The tag was removed by Zoe. Apparently it was re-introduced later. However the tag page claims it was in December 2022 after Zoe burned it. That tracks. However, this question had the tag in September 2022.
Is the tag page just wrong? The tag wiki and excerpt were created on the 17th of December 2022. Which is the date given for the tag creation. The name of the user credited with creating the tag doesn't match who created the wiki/excerpt, though. Nor does it match the oldest question with that tag that I linked above.
@VLAZ Potentially some quirkiness with the taxonomist badge? Apparently the creator is displayed only if you earned a taxonomist badge from the tag: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/287783/…
I am assuming the user credited with creating the tag is the one who created the tag the first time (before Zoe burned it), later when there were enough questions they earned the badge for it hence being displayed as the creator.
2:33 PM
Maybe. If there were 23 questions before, there were just about 30 since its recreation to the 17th of December.
Related: what is and is it related to Astro?
I guess not related. But confusing since there is some sort of CLI for it. Apparently "Astronomer" is some sort of service for hosting(?) Apache Airflow. Which itself is a workflow management platform.
Apache Airflow is an open-source workflow management platform for data engineering pipelines. It started at Airbnb in October 2014 as a solution to manage the company's increasingly complex workflows. Creating Airflow allowed Airbnb to programmatically author and schedule their workflows and monitor them via the built-in Airflow user interface. From the beginning, the project was made open source, becoming an Apache Incubator project in March 2016 and a top-level Apache Software Foundation project in January 2019. Airflow is written in Python, and workflows are created via Python scripts. Airflow...
There is also an . I suggest is renamed to . It should be more distinguishable. There are 21 questions, so it should be easy to retag all.
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3:51 PM
feels like i'm abusing flags in discussions, but it literally is nearly every one of them should be a question.
At least half seem to be "I have problem, help me solve it". And of the other half a lot are barely qualifying as a discussion. Stuff like "what should I study" or "help me with a final year project". Or this:
Asks question <waits 5 minutes> starts discussion linking to it
So you've seen this then. Literally just posts a link to the question + the first line of it. 4 minutes after the question was posted.
4:18 PM
huh... so when something is posted that entirely consists of code, can that also be described as "not english"
I wouldn't describe it as "not English". Assuming the source code does contain mostly English. I have flagged stuff because it was a code dump and the variables/comments weren't in English, though.
I've also flagged code dumps with no actual question in them.
Or if you mean Discussions: I also flagged a code dump there, too. It didn't seem to have any actual discussion value.
4:37 PM
@KevinB have you ever been on an actual discussion forum for a programming-related topic? The overwhelming majority of new threads will be a beginner who has encountered a problem and wants help solving it
Of course, that's where i started
IOW, the exact bad questions we keep rejecting from Q&A. Of course if you have everyone saying "this is not a discussion forum" and then the company adds a "Discussions" feature, where would you expect them all to go?
I moderated the jquery forums
... ouch. :)
they're trying to reinvent the wheel, by which I mean the staging ground. Except they have absolutely no idea how to design it, because they refuse to listen to Meta.
cf. Ask Question Wizard (2022)
the incentive i was presented on the jquery forums was because i was among the most active answerers, why not be a moderator and get to approve what gets posted and thus get the first crack at answering it too
This is the incentive that the staging ground should bring, to attract the most active answerers toward improving questions before they are asked/answererd
discussions is just stupid on all fronts
it's the worst parts of a forum with none of the incentives
4:52 PM
@KarlKnechtel The irony hits hard when you consider there is a pretty mature product that offers discussions. It's called Discourse. Made by some guy called Jeff Atwood.
5:12 PM
indeed, that has not been lost on me at all, as I make comments pointing new users at the Python Discourse forum.
@KevinB My worry (not much evidence here, though) is that you are typical-minding too much. What if "the most active answers" usually want to do things the way they're already doing it?
5:24 PM
@VLAZ wtf?
@VLAZ But how tightly could that be integrated? The current system works in tandem with the main site (eg SpamRam, profile syncing, tags)
According to my mod tool magic, it was actually created in august
I know what's going on
@Zoeisonstrike Deleted questions?
For one, 2022-12-17 is not 1 year and 6 months ago
But 2022-08-17 is
So the "1 year, 6 months ago" is correctly sourced from the first question to use the tag in its current iteration, but the timestamp is for when the tag wiki was made. Occasionally, when making a tag, a blank tag wiki is created alongside the tag to provide the creation date. It's made by Community, but this didn't happen here. It's possible it was overwritten when kissu made the tag as well
@Laurel What I mean to say is that Jeff Atwood, creator of Stack Overflow, has went on to create a discussion platform next. And then Stack Overflow tried to create its own discussion platform. About a decade after Atwood did.
5:30 PM
But in either case, the text is sourced from the question, while the timestamp is sourced from the tag wiki
That's the bug
I don't really know how easy or hard it would be to integrate Discourse into SO. But I am also sure it'd be more time and effort to make it from scratch.
Like, right now the best way to really describe Discussions is by what it's not. It attempts to be a forum but it's not. It tries to be Reddit (or even Discourse) with threading. But it's also not. It's not a Q&A because it's supposed to be a different thing. But also it's not a separate thing because lots of users just use it to post questions that need answers. Rather than discussions.
I'd write a bug report, but, y'know...
5:45 PM
@VLAZ Ah, but the concept itself predates Discourse by decades
@KarlKnechtel i'm fairly certain they would prefer to just keep answering without fixing things, but giving the incentive of getting a better chance at answering first for the price of interfacing with the staging ground is win win, IMO
when i became a mod on the forum it wasn't because i was interested in nuking spam, it just came with the territory
6:08 PM
To make that work, there has to actually be that incentive. which means questions start closed or otherwise inaccessible outside SG
which is something I wanted anyway, so.
@Laurel I know. I'm drawing the connection to Jeff here.
@KarlKnechtel that's how it worked in beta, fwiw
for posts that were sent to the SG. naturally there weren't enough people reviewing the SG during beta for all posts to go there, that'd also be the case if it was released to everyone, but at least they had the tools to be smart about what posts end up there built-in
@KevinB Wait, do most forums have incentives? I don't usually see metrics other than join date and number of posts, though some have "diamond member" or something for someone who's been around a lot, which I think is a vanity title
Forums usually work because people are there for the soft, intangible value they get from talking with other people
6:42 PM
Most forums I’ve been a part of proudly display how many posts you’ve made, how many topics you’ve started, they let you have a signature, and they’re often categorized into broad topics that follow more of a folder structure than a tag structure
Discussions… is just threaded comments
Let me give an example: there seems to be a lot of people using discussions that want to go over, iunno, career advice. I don’t see a problem with that existing, but the tag structure discussions uses is terrible for allowing people to filter that out if they don’t want to see it (or if they’re specifically looking for it)
It is inherently limited by the tag system needing to make sense for the Q&A product
If discussions were organized into categories more akin to a standard forum, the purpose of discussions would be more clear and it may lead to less lost souls
I think that tags can be great because even niche technologies have tags thanks to Q&A, but also limiting since I feel like I really want to have "meta" tags used, like "memes" or "fun"
@KevinB I don't think the system really does anything to prevent lost souls in Discussions. It's kinda hard since the scope hasn't really been nailed down yet
That’s what the overarching categories would be for, effectively
That missing meta
I don’t like the idea of just adding meta tags, I feel like for this to really differentiate itself from Q&A it needs to be different
Ironically, I'm picturing something similar to required tags on meta
Though it might be hard to have categories for everything
6:59 PM
Behind the scenes it could still be meta tags, I just think the presentation should be a little more deliberate than choose your tags
@KevinB I would have volunteered myself for the beta if I knew I had such an option
My biggest issue with SG was it seemed they were trying really hard to get people to cast upvotes on posts prior to publishing
That felt slimey to me
Huh, I thought the nomination phase was supposed to start 5 min ago
7:16 PM
@KevinB It says 45 minutes from now. Maybe you're mixed up with daylight savings time? (I don't remember what time they usually start)
I remember reading “in one hour” when I was getting ready to leave for lunch
SE tends to round weirdly, so it was probably something that would've rounded up to 2 hours
7:37 PM
DST doesn't start for a few more weeks, I think?
definitely hasn't happened yet
March 10th in the US
8:00 PM
holy hell reading support responses on wordpress.org is irritating. "We understand you want to x y and z..." tf value does restating the problem statement have
Q: 2024 Community Moderator Election

CommunityThe 2024 Community Moderator Election is now underway! Community moderator elections have three phases: Nomination phase Primary phase Election phase Most elections take between two and three weeks, but this depends on how many candidates there are. Please visit the official election page at ht...

now to wait till the last possible minute
8:32 PM
Why is it red?
Make it stand out?
Red - colour of the heart. Makes it more welcoming.
9:00 PM
Q: Value of a "moderator eligible" badge

chux - Reinstate MonicaRecent election announcement reports moderator criteria for Stack Overflow includes: For the Stack Overflow election, candidates must have all the following badges: Civic Duty, Strunk & White, Deputy, Convention ... among other non-badge requirements. To help quickly identify those eligible (...

9:15 PM
@KevinB events are red
but why
Why not some other color than the generic "An error has occurred" style?
@KevinB How else would you colour coordinate with OH SHI- A MOD MESSAG unread messages on Meta?
2 hours later…
11:30 PM
Q: What is up with having to have at least 15 points to comment or even upvote an answer

CaptainCookEvery user should have 15 points to start of with. Due to the restriction the website is essentially useless and a hostile environment to users due to inappropriate content moderation. There really needs to be a policy change.


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