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2:08 AM
Q: Extraordinary burnination: turn of the [tdengine]

blackgreenThe tdengine has been plagued for at least since one year (possibly more) by what look like a massive seeding attempt via automatically created accounts, or plain ban evasion, at best, but again in massive numbers. Moderators and community managers have been deleting and destroying these accounts...

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6:01 AM
Q: Should I insert the "EDIT: ..." when I edit a question or an answer?

Kastet6398I saw some questions on SO where there are some "EDIT: ..." or "UPDATE: ...". Should I add those when I edit a question/answer?

6:49 AM
Q: There is an issue of depth in openGL, how can I fix this, I am a complete noob and start learning opengl recently

Kshitij TripathiI have a cube generated through vertices specified. I am binding textures in the fragment shader and drawing the cube. The cube is drawing perfectly but there is an issue with depth(I think, not sure, please help here). I am still not sure exactly what but it gives a look as attached in the scree...

Q: What makes this answer delete-worthy and how to avoid that in the future?

VLAZI posted this answer which has been deleted from a low quality answers review. Here is a screenshot: The question I was answering asked "What is the javascript equivalent of clang?" - to my knowledge, clang is a compiler for C and C++ (and probably other languages). My reasoning: No equivalent e...

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8:31 AM
Q: I can‘t close the Form when I try to add code to manipulate the DataGridView in a WinForms application,and there are no compiler error messages

Akio ZhaoI'm trying to develop a WinForms application using C#. I'm using the DataGridView component and I want to add a column when a button is pressed. Additionally, when the mouse focus leaves the current area, I want to check if there are any empty cells in the DataGridView. If there are, I want to au...

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10:02 AM
Is the q-ban algo network-wide, or is it specific to SO?
@KarlKnechtel It is site specific
Or do you mean the implementation of the algorithm / or its thresholds etc.? If so please ignore my reply above.
10:18 AM
yeah I meant the fact of it existing
It exists everywhere. Other sites often don't get the volume of questions from the same user(s) to trigger it.
basically I want to propose or discuss improvements in a place that staff can see, and want to know if that's appropriate for m.SE - looks like it is
MSE would be appropriate.
I think SO, MO, Maths, Physics - the science-y stacks get more Q-banned users than others like Movies, Sci-Fi, Worldbuilding, etc.
Although, I'd be curious to see some sort of statistics of which stacks get Q-banned users and how that relates to the overall user participation and similar.
@KarlKnechtel Do you think they will care?
if "the staff won't care" were a reason not to post about problems with the site, half the meta would be gone
10:24 AM
Correction: 99% would be gone.
10:50 AM
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12:42 PM
Q: How to get the list of empty and non-empty ADLS folders using adf pipelines

AnubhavI am taking the container names from getmetadata activity and on field list passing the child items. So that i got all container names. Then i again used getmetadata activity inside the foreach activity and on field list passing the child items. Then I used if condition @empty(activity('Get Metad...

1:36 PM
Q: Why is the Half Bounty awarded on Post Answer but not showing in Reputation Score?

jottinThis just seems like strange behavior on SO. Can someone explain? If an answer gets awarded the half bounty (automatically) when the OP neglects to award the bounty after the grace period ends, shouldn't the bounty awarded show up in the profile (reputation score) of the user who's answer got the...

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4:47 PM
> I would increase the downvote minimum reputation level a bit more than it is already to increase quality.
yes, because making it even harder to delete low quality content will increase quality
No, I fully agree - it should be higher. And the reputation required to upvote should match it.
Too many votes around here.
I'd prefer the UI for voting on questions to change, to be more akin to "I also have this problem/this question is unclear/low quality" buttons in a less prominent location on the page than where voting currently occurs for questions, changing the rep back to 5 or even down to 2, and then removing the rep requirement entirely, only requiring being logged in/confirmed. (no temp users)
specifically for voting on questions
then alter the question ban algorithm to be more based on whether or not your question attracted useful answers, rather than whether or not the question was useful
OK, I've been thinking about this for a while. About abolishing the rep-based privilege system. Yes, it's there to prevent abuse but you can still have that by requiring some activity by the user. Maybe few posts (choose a number that's OK) which aren't in the negative would be enough. Say, a user with 10 or even 20 answers, even if they are all at zero, likely isn't trying to commit fraud. It is still an achievement to not have anything downvoted.
This can vary, of course, maybe not strictly no downvotes but enough posts should qualify the user to use some of the basic privileges. Like flags and votes.
Also probably throw in an account age. So a user who creates an account and quickly posts 20 answers isn't eligible yet. They have to be X days old. Or something. Since clearly just account age isn't enough either.
i look at it from my own perspective, of trying to interact on a stack i have no rep on
Then higher activities can be unlocked based on these. Close votes from flagging and full edits from suggested ones are simple. The 10k tools really need to be more accessible, too. 10k is too high a price.
5:02 PM
arqade, for example. I go there, i see useful content and i can upvote it
as someone with 101 rep
but i can't downvote wrong or terrible answers
@KevinB Right, and related to that - if I know how one stack works, I don't necessarily know how all work. But I have a pretty good idea. The lack of downvotes from associated bonus is just bad, IMO. Either don't allow any votes or allow both.
does earning 24 more rep really ensure that i'm voting based on some measure of value as opposed to... idunno, not liking the user?
But also stuff like full edits and seeing the breakdown of votes - shouldn't be that high a bar.
If anything i think this gatekeeping on voting is keeping good quality content from being upvoted and low quality content from being downvoted.
Very much so. I bump into a lot of useless stuff on other stacks. But I can't vote them down.
5:06 PM
imagine a site where instead of most posts just staying at 0, if the norm was posts would be +10 or -10 after 6 months
I had 125 rep on one site at one point and had to really consider to which of the several answers in one Q&A I should place my only possible downvote.
I'd imagine a "Login to vote" prompt would also drive more engagement
rather than "Login but you still can't vote till you've earned 10 rep"
5:40 PM
@VLAZ If you go high enough, it will overflow.
6:00 PM
Q: The site es.traducir.win does not work

MarcosWhen entering es.translate.win and pressing "Log-in!" the following error message appears: An error was thrown during this request. The exception handler configured on ExceptionHandlerOptions produced a 404 status response. This InvalidOperationException containing the original exception was thr...

7:00 PM
Q: How to log in to Stackoverflow

joo tuubanenSuddently when using my mac laptop Stackflow just uses my google account name something. Telling that I never asked any question here. Just cant find a way to log out of stacktrace, and to log in again usin my over 7 years old account. I would like to use my old account with its history.

Logging in...
Asking how to log in.
Chat message editing overflows
7:49 PM
@KarlKnechtel not all sites have it enabled. As an example it's not possible to be q-banned on MSO, even though it is possible on other child meta sites.
@NewPosts This should not have been closed.
8:05 PM
@HenryEcker I thought it was enabled on all sites but child metas. On Meta SE, I think it's relaxed to allow some disagreement; definitely know some cases where people were q banned
1 hour later…
9:16 PM
@VLAZ eh, it's probably better on MSE
but yeah a lot of people are not going to recognize what traducir.win has to do with us
coincidentally, meta.stackexchange.com/questions/81379 just got an edit, maybe that belongs there too?
9:37 PM
@Laurel hmm. I thought it was possible to banned on some child meta sites? Is it marked as disabled on your sites?
10:00 PM
@HenryEcker No, "Account info" looks the same on meta for me as the main site, how about you? I don't think I've seen anyone abuse meta enough to deserve a q/a ban, not even by main site standards
We didn't ask for special treatment for our meta either. I'd assume we have the default for the network
Obviously a ban on the main site does not mean a ban on its meta, which I can attest to. You can even learn that from reading meta as a non-mod lol
@VLAZ Strictly speaking, it's off-topic on MSO because it doesn't affect stackoverflow.com...but I don't think that was the logic of the close voters
As you noted, though, there's a post on MSE about it, so that's really the proper location
I think that posts for the network are still on topic on MSO.
My rough understanding is that they are if they affect SO
which is almost every network issue, but not this particular one
10:52 PM
@Laurel Yeah. MSO has it specifically marked as "disabled" for all users.
I thought I recalled q-bans being a thing on other child metas. However, as is per usual I can't seem to track down the meta thread where I read that information.
@HenryEcker Well, TIL. It's always been "no" when I've checked profiles on all my sites, so I guess it must be possible
My understanding is that MSO is the only site with q-bans disabled entirely
which IIRC was partly because it was at the time also used for Teams support
I also don't recall where I heard that. It might have been a chat with a CM (probably Catija)
11:34 PM
@Laurel welp BRB to try to get q-banned on a child meta site

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