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2:14 AM
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6:08 AM
Q: how to I can show notification text on icon place android studio

MD. SABBIR HOSHN HOWLADRI am trying to create an Android application. For that, I want to show a notification in a specific place. So, I use RemoteViews. But now, I also want to display that text on my home screen. How can I do that? Here is some breakdowns of my code: <RelativeLayout xmlns:android="http://schemas.andro...

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9:02 AM
Q: Will I ever beat Jon Skeet?

Decimus Junius Brutus AlbinusJon Skeet keeps getting better and better, he does not give me a chance to catch him. When I measure his weekly contributions measured in terms reputation gain then it means he is moving in the same direction as me but at a higher speed and that means I will never catch him. What do I need to do ...

Start posting answers that get 201 upvotes a day. — VLAZ 22 secs ago
Couldn't help myself.
9:20 AM
Q: Let people earn reputation by earning badges

Kastet6398I think it would be interesting if people earned reputation by earning badges. For example, +15 for a bronze badge, +30 for a silver one and +60 for a gold one.

@AbdulAzizBarkat, because he is better than everybody using this platform . He would even beat the CEO while allowing him to game system to his advantage. He got us for the rest of our programming lives. — Decimus Junius Brutus Albinus 7 mins ago
Yes, not even the CEO can get as much reputation as Jon...
The question just seems like trolling to me given the comments.
Either somewhat inept trolling or it's just for fun.
@tgdavies, no that will never happen and he can consider himself the best programmer in the world unless someone from Microsoft challenges him to some project — Decimus Junius Brutus Albinus 6 mins ago
oh wow, I hadn't seen that one.
Didn't Skeet work for Microsoft?
9:44 AM
Q: Poorly assessed quality of a question's title

Konrad VilterstenI posted the question Status code not retained in response on re-throw and it went as supposed to. However, for some (to me really weird) reason, the original title wasn't approved. I got an error message both at the initial point of posting and afterward, when I attempted to cheat around it and ...

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11:50 AM
Q: Ensuring Consistent Response Structure with Gemini API

Synonian_rajI'm building a project that leverages the Gemini API, but I'm facing an inconsistency issue. Every time I send the same prompt, the response structure changes, making backend processing difficult. The desired behavior is to receive responses with a consistent structure, regardless of content vari...

12:20 PM
Q: HCL language for code block

Clarence the BardIt is possible to ask for a new language to be available for code blocks? If yes, I feel that adding the hcl language identifier would be handy. There is a similar question somebody ask not too long ago and the solution they found is to have the lang-hlc identifier, which help, but it is actually...

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1:56 PM
Q: Warning about questions not well received

user2343618I use the Ask Ubuntu (5 gold and 2 silver medals) and German Language (9 silver medals) forums regularly. I have never had any issues or problems. I haven't used the Stack Overflow forum for ten years except a question I asked in December 2023, but yesterday I wanted to ask a MicroPython questio...

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6:19 PM
@NewPosts VonC will in a month or two.
Just keeps going.
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8:56 PM
Q: Jury feature for closed questions

montyI would like to propose something I would call the "Jury feature". What it does: A community member asks a question and its gets closed with a generic "does not meet the rules" and receives a couple of downvotes. Since this is all feedback the community member gets (and we ever got) understanding...


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