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1:56 AM
@NewPosts Sigh. I guess I'm going to come across overly harsh again.
I don't actually like the fact people who have been around for 15 years seem to not have any understanding at all of the site's purpose or intended workings, and have been getting steadily rewarded over time by a broken system. But apparently I don't mind explaining the fact. Or else I'm a masochist. Haven't ruled that out yet.
5 hours later…
7:18 AM
@KarlKnechtel What annoys me is the mentality that essentially all a post needs to do to warrant upvotes (or no downvotes) is to...be a post. Well, "clear and understandable" - you can describe it in other different ways. But seems the gist of it is that anything not-bad is somehow automatically useful.
2 hours later…
9:02 AM
Q: Some markdown doesn't work within a <sub> tag

idbriiOn Why would one replace default new and delete operators?, the Note section's links and italics aren't correctly rendered: That section is wrapped in <sub>. I've edited it to use html tags, but should markdown work within <sub>? I don't really see why not.

4 hours later…
1:02 PM
Error when clicking calendar view for daily visits - this works now. But it's still . I don't know when it was fixed.
1:26 PM
Q: I created a bounty to "reward an existing answer". I need to wait 24 hours to give it

kurastI created a bounty to "reward an existing answer". It is a very old question, with no recent comments or answers. One answer probably took many hours to make and I want to give a bounty on it. However, I need to wait 24 hours to give it. Why?

1:42 PM
New envolopes for messages? That's new, right?
This is on MSO.
1:59 PM
@VLAZ They used to be blue, and I think this change is on every site
They are blue on MSE and even SO (high contrast dark mode). But more contrasting blue now, I think.
Unfortuately, I can't really see the old style - they are building that view on the server, so even if I have a tab open from before the update, opening the notifications only shows this new version.
Hmmm, actually it's link color, so it varies considerably by site
I noticed it first on a site with red links
Meta sites tend to have a red envelope. At least I tried 4 different ones and that was the result. But I think you're right and it's link colour, since it's not the same red. See MSO above and here is WB.SE:
It's orange-ish. Seems to match the "Mark all as read" text.
TBH, I do like the change to make the envelope icons stand out. But I feel that red is too alarming. At first I thought I got a mod-message or something.
2:24 PM
@VLAZ Ha, I think for me it was a mod message reply that I first saw with this (as in, a response to a mod message I issued). But yeah a number of sites have red links/buttons which look too extreme except that you get used to it after a while
3 hours later…
5:10 PM
OK, so how is the PAC supposed to work? People come together and propose what has priority but... This bug Pagination on stackexchange.com search is broken was just declined. The pagination is broken. Something that really shouldn't take that much time and effort to fix. I suppose once you find the code that does it. So, what actual power/resources would the PAC have if this relatively simple yet important thing won't be fixed (or be "perma-deferred")?
Like, I'm working on a userscript to fix this ATM. It's probably a least triple if not more the work to do it that way. Rather than make the code that's already responsible for this 1. use the per page setting 2. keep using it without forgetting (goes back to 15 per page if you switch pages).
it's just another focus group
they'll make a labs post about it about how they've solved the community problem by letting the community be a part of the discussion, when in fact it's just a more or less self selected group of users who have no say in the matter
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8:02 PM
Q: Linking the the translated questions to each other

Arunabh BhattacharyaI have been bludgeoning this for more than a year now. I first try to link the translated questions to each other in the comments. Everything is fine with the first two questions I ask until I end up in a controversy with the next question when a moderator in Stack Overflow en espaƱol says that i...


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