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8:20 AM
Q: Have I found a bug in the Stack Overflow website?

RaviDeveloper Forget to remove this tag > enter image description here Page URL https://stackoverflow.co/labs There seems to be a small issue on this large website. I believe the website's QA tester is not working properly Solution Is Simply Remove This > tag in Your website

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10:26 AM
Q: Is stackoverflow being supplanted by AI

DCRI have been shutdown numerous times on stackoverflow over honest questions I couldn’t find the answer to. Programming languages documentation is known throughout the industry as being horrendous. It’s great if you already know the language but often little help to someone trying to learn the lang...

10:50 AM
@NewPosts Boeing A380
11:25 AM
It starts
Since the folks most apt for moderation are also the ones who are sick and tired of the SO Inc modus operandi the past years, they are only applying if they really, really have to.
@NewPosts So back to this: this question just asks for an explanation for a piece of code's execution flow. It doesn't seem to be very interesting as a Q&A for this site. Yet they had to take the downvotes personally.
@E_net4 I'd agree. I don't know Python but this should be easy to "explain" by running through with a debugger. Or just looking at the output. There is probably a better question hidden in there but it's not "explain this to me" but "How do I achieve <something>". Extrapolating from how and why the code executes might be able to solve the hidden question but maybe there are alternatives. Or at least a more direct route.
Another possible better question might be to step back in a different direction and ask how decorators are executed. Rather than focusing on this particular example.
11:41 AM
Sure. Turning into a Boeing 380 was over the top, in any case.
Or turning the whole things into politics (in a comment)
O yes. Gestapo, Trump supporters, etc.
12:03 PM
I must admit, for a programming site, I'm learning a lot about history.
Feb 18 at 7:57, by VLAZ
Yes, the worst dictatorships were known for allowing people to ask question but then stopping them if the questions weren't well received.
12:58 PM
@VLAZ Does that make Stack Overflow a Boeing 737 Max?
I don't know - is that plane known for having AI and Discussions in it?
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2:47 PM
@KevinB We're also whatever this is: stackoverflow.com/beta/discussions/78034865/…
3:32 PM
Q: Why was a question with three close votes still open?

PM 77-1I opened a question that already had 3 close votes but was nevertheless active. I refreshed my browser couple of times but it had no effect. I was even allowed to submit another close request. And still it remained open. I saw similar questions but I did not find any with a clear answer. For exa...

@KevinB sounds like my attempts to renew my passport at my local courthouse
I've been calling them periodically since June of last year to make an appointment
they're probably backed up due to the covid19 shutdown
is the stray > fixed? i don't see it
please tell me they actually fixed it within 6/8 hours, lmao
Labs is no longer greater than nothing.
Yeah, can't see it, either.
3:41 PM
meanwhile the close count bug is causing serious issues
but hey at least a stray > got removed
what's the close count bug, it taking more than 3 votes to close stuff?
one of the close votes was fake
@KevinB I just cast the 3rd close vote on a CV review queue item, and it threw an error. I refreshed, and it says I can no longer review the item, but it doesn't count my review
Dunno how that happened. Or if anybody tried to vote a fourth time.
@KevinB Or it was an *anti-*vote
3:42 PM
and when I go to the question, it did count my close vote, and there are now 3 votes on it, but it's not closed
that sounds awesome
SO has been slow for me for doing actions. Like submitting an edit or a comment. Been happening over the last few hours. Before the question close bug. I suspect it might be related.
When I say "slow" it'd take maybe 10 seconds to submit a comment.
@VLAZ Same recently, but on other network sites. According to another chat, lots of users are having problems
maybe they broke something when they removed the >
lol, it was propping the entire network up :D
3:55 PM
insert that one xkcd comic here
but also, given teh bug on /labs, i suspect they have a new hero topic to post soon
maybe overflow ai moving to "open" beta?
like discussions did?
@VLAZ I cast the fourth delete vote and it deleted the question.
Q: Changing how community leadership works on Stack Exchange: a proposal and rough timeline

SlateFor nearly fifteen years, Stack Exchange community leadership has taken a very simple form: there is the community-at-large, and there are moderators elected by ranked-choice voting. This system is compact, it is effective, and it has served the network and its population of users well. There are...

@KevinB Or it's the community leadership?!
4:05 PM
@AnnouncementsonMSE neat. more of the feedback process being taken away from the community
> These users would be chosen by a network-wide election, and represent all areas of the Stack Exchange network.
> Second, we hope to begin discussion about the moderator reinstatement process later this year
How many reinstatement processes do we have so far?
Isn't it, like, three?
@AnnouncementsonMSE "These users would be chosen by a network-wide election" later on in the post: "The election system has so far served us well, but it is not a problem-free solution"
Given the drama we see on a single site, I'm not sure how it'd be any better network-wide
Q: What to do when an edit to a dated post duplicates existing answer?

LMcI have had this happen to me and seen it happen to others multiple times and I am wonder what the appropriate response (if any) would be to the following scenario: Some question will have posted code to answer a users question. In many cases this answer is several years old. Since then updates t...

4:21 PM
This whole deal seems absurd to me
so now we're going to have effectively policy campaigns network-wide to select the group of people who will be parroted as the people the company is interfacing with to tick the "this is what the community wanted" box.
instead of, you know, actually working with the community
What is the point of gallery chat rooms for these initiatives if they're only used for networking between the participants and don't get used to share what's being discussed?
@KevinB Also, I feel it'd be a lot easier to blame the PAC for not prioritising something. When the PAC would also ultimately have to abide by SE priorities. I don't suppose PAC members can set back the AI development, for example.
But, hey, PAC is also free ticket management. Freeing some of the CMs from dealing with that.
I don’t think I could sacrifice my integrity in joining these walled working groups. It would feel like a betrayal to the true community of these sites.
@VLAZ I added and then deleted a question from my response to that post about who wins when the PAC unanimously says "X idea is stupid, please do something else" but the CEO wants the idea done.
@AndreasmovedtoCodidact well, and you moved to Codidact like 6 months ago anyway :-P
4:36 PM
I would participate, if it didn't mean using SOfT
It seems so oxymoronic to use the very thing that has been the bane of progress in the Q&A front for so many years as the tool we use to discuss it's future
@KevinB What if it's a Discussion?
if it was a chat discussion, absolutely, discussions on the other hands lacks the features needed for useful discussion.
Is it just me, or is SE becoming more and more opaque? Maybe I’m wrong. It also feels slightly more transparent than 6 months ago. Anyway.
mhm, I make no sense right now.
@AndreasmovedtoCodidact Well, 6 months ago the company had more CMs and other employees. They'd discuss stuff in chat and bring initiatives to light. There are 28% fewer employees now that can engage with the community.
and the whole "our CMs are spending months familiarizing themselves with the system" wouldn't be necessary if they didn't fire them all twice over the last several years
4:50 PM
Q: How are new users supposed to find out about the AI-content ban?

nickI'm a new user (I knew of SO but never used it until I started learning how to code). I've almost violated the AI-policy already - I wanted to post something that was generated via ChatGPT (but tested and adapted by me). I learned of the policy through the moderator election thread. How are new u...

@TylerH I find it laughable that they claim this is an attempt to build a working relationship with the community when we had cm's that did literally that without a private space that got fired/laid off
almost every single one of them
we now have... 1?
They weren’t generating enough money.
that doesn't even participate on MSO, just MSE?
Please start paying for each minute you interact with a CM.
@AndreasmovedtoCodidact Unlike the CEO, surely
5:06 PM
@VLAZ Of course.
Conclusion: CMs should have focused on interacting with Evan Carroll if they wanted to make money for the company
> It would be good to think about how to keep SO from overwhelming all the other sites in a network-wide election. As someone who has been primarily active on a smaller site, I know there is some frustration around most development being focused on the trilogy's needs.
i mean
no, development has been focused on the companies needs
we've also gotten nothing from development
^ can somebody try if those sections open in Ask Question page?
It's not the wizard, just the regular page.
5:11 PM
I don't see those on the regular page
oh wait, on the side
yes they open for me
OK. Weird. I disabled all userscripts. But seems it's still somewhere on my end.
The animation was too annoying.
@TylerH I did that too, yes.
Might be another browser plugin.
Umm...it was the adblocker
Which was blocking the cookies dialog, I think
@VLAZ works fine for me
Oh, got it. Wasn't the cookie law. There is something else that kills the initialisation of the SE custom object.
5:42 PM
Accessibility settings?
Reduced motion?
One of the filter lists just uses a feature to kill a running script. And for some reason targets the StackExchange.init()
6:44 PM
you know how on questions and answers, the flag dialog has a throttle on it? discussions doesn't
6:57 PM
@KevinB Works as documented. I'm sure the rate limiting guide doesn't mention any rate limits for Discussions.
Why does it have a rate limit to begin with, poor design?
AFAIK, SE just put rate limits on any call to the server. Just in case.
7:24 PM
i found an old function with a "sanity" counter
sanity = 0
it's a hardcoded limit to prevent it from being an infinite loop in the event something stupid happens
7:38 PM
404 sanity not found
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10:30 PM

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