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1:02 AM
Q: Aren't mods being too restrictive with their policing about questions?

phethererSincerely, with all respect to dedication and efforts the mods put into maintaining quality on the site - sometimes I believe they are being too restrictive. As a seasoned and experienced developer, working as a freelance, thus on my own and without colleagues, sometimes I miss the corridor chats...

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2:14 AM
Q: Simple questions should not be automatically considered off-topic and deletion-worthy

President James K. PolkI came across this question recently and was somewhat stunned by the level of negative reaction to it. It asks whether there is a way to determine version information programmatically for a particular logging library. The question was closed as needing details or clarity, has so far garnered 8 do...

2:56 AM
Q: Is it possible to get unbarred from asking Stack Overflow questions without editing past questions?

ChocolateCharaA long time ago, (about 1 year and 4-9 months ago) I was on Stack Overflow asking questions mainly about Scratch and some random chat room. At some point down the line (I don't remember exactly when) I got barred from asking any new questions, any time I pressed the "Ask Question" button a messag...

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6:19 AM
Q: Font in code blocks

RolandHas the font in code blocks changed recently? Is this intended? Being exclusively active in the r tag, I'm very irritated by the distracting misalignment of < and -, which together are the assignment operator in R. This is how it looks like (in Firefox 117.0.1 with default settings): If I change...

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8:01 AM
@NewPosts wow, that technique is really too clever by half...
I'm...really curious how many broken answers we now have because of that :-\
8:38 AM
I was going to try to write a query to check, but that's sort of nontrivial.
and/or I'm not especially familiar with T-SQL's particular flavor of "regex"
I tried a query but got a timeout.
9:43 AM
Q: How to handle [xmlmapper] tag that relates to a different subject in most questions?

Marinos AnThe tag xmlmapper (72 questions) is defined as: XMLMapper is a third-party library for mapping XML to objects written in Swift (most probably this framework) However it seems that more questions that include this tag relate to java XMLMapper class of the jackson-dataformat-xml extension componen...

10:29 AM
@RyanM Limited it to the pandas tag and was able to get the query to run. Seems like there aren't many cases of it (Just 5): data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/1787848/…
11:01 AM
Q: The alarming increase of unanswered questions - what is happening?

underfrankenwoodWent through some of the top tags on Stack Overflow and created a simple chart. The consequent increase of unanswered questions in alarming. What is happening? Is there anything that the Stack Overflow staff is working on to prevent the further downfall?

11:31 AM
Q: Erroneous "no longer accepting answers"... Or?

Halvor Holsten StrandRecently when I attempted adding an answer to my own question I got the "we are no longer accepting answers from your account..." error message when attempting to post. I'm fairly sure my answer quality is decent, yet all info on the topic indicates that this is not a temporary thing. I made anot...

12:13 PM
Q: The topic of C++ member initialization has problematic tagging

Jan SchultkeThe domain and terminology Just so we're all on the same page when it comes to the terminology, I'll summarize it. A constructor in C++ can have an optional ctor-initializer which is a grammatical rule that expands to: : mem-initializer-list This construct isn't formally given a name in the C++...

12:25 PM
Q: What should be done to questions OP solves themselves without posting an answer?

Rohan BariIn this particular question, the OP solves the problem on his own for which the question was asked. You can read the comments to see them mentioning: Thanks, I found the way to compile it correctly, all the problem was in ... I do not have many examples like this, but I'm sure many of you have ...

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4:31 PM
Q: What should I do when I encounter a user who re-asks an identical question when their question is closed?

UpAndAdamA user asked a question Weird behaviour from European Central Bank API and it was closed as not appropriate for the site ( missing debug details). That user then immediately asked the same question again European Central Bank API not working as expected. While I know from parsing the question ...

5:02 PM
Q: What should be next for community events?

SpencerGRecently, we announced the end of Winter/Summer Bash. I posted an answer there, sharing that I was tasked with looking into what could be next to bring the community together. To that end, we would love to hear about what kinds of network-wide events you would enjoy. We don’t have a concrete dire...

5:22 PM
Q: New Collective: Mobile Development – Scope, community, and questions

SashaToday, the Mobile Development Collective is launching on Stack Overflow. In case you’re new to Stack Overflow or want a refresher, collectives helps users find trusted answers faster, connect with subject matter experts from the community, and share knowledge around the technologies they use most...

Q: Update on Collectives and Discussions

BertholdWe’ve got some interesting and important updates for you today. Notably, a new collective is launching, focused on Mobile Development. There’s a separate post about that new collective where those interested in the topic can consider some specific questions and provide feedback on how the collect...

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6:42 PM
7:36 PM
Q: I somehow tore-off my notifications on my iPad…

DaiI don’t know what I did, but whenever I open the StackExchange notifications menu and tap on items on my iPad it does this and I can’t seem to dismiss it. I honestly don’t know if this is something new iPad OS - or a bug in some JS on SO.

7:48 PM
Q: I have written a basic first version of an SQL database Anonymiser application in Java

Nadeem NayeckI need help to make it mature: I have tested it only on a few databases optimise: the way it executes updates is slow and packaging: package into a jar and a maven-plugin would be great It is based on GDPR rules. Here is the github: https://github.com/mnnayeck/janonymiser help :)

huh... i'm not quite sure how i ended up on the labs page, but it was open in a tab and looks like this for me:
What’s wrong? It clearly highlights the most important things: «Collectives (TM)» and «Now».
it's fine after a reload, but wtf is that
The quality of SE these days.
none of the colors there even come close to matching what it actually looks like
7:53 PM
DarkReader firing?
i don't have any darkmode extensions outside of chat
unless edge has something
it looks like the blog's dark mode
maybe a rollout of a broken redesign that was quickly reverted
8:12 PM
Q: How to revisit the use of pros/cons to format discussion

WicketThe use of pros and cons has already been proposed more than once. One instance of something like this was proposed 11 years ago on Meta Stack Exchange, more recently here we had Asking for thoughts vs listing pros and cons. Is something like this be considered for the "Discussion Space" as is t...

neat, the blog is featuring closed questions.
(closed 9 days ago)
3 hours later…
11:12 PM
Q: Pycharm - JSX, How to surround style classes, id's in whole file with curly braces '{}'?

radek155I am using Pycharm and i am curious, how to surround style classes in a file with curly braces - {}. So, I am trying to learn some React, and yesterday i did it, but i do not remember how i did it, because i tried to just reformat code indentation and in the process i did something like this in t...

Q: Move [order-of-evaluation], [order-of-operations], and [evaluation-order] synonyms to [order-of-execution]

Jan SchultkeThe order-of-evaluation, order-of-operations, and evaluation-order synonyms are falsely linking to operator-precedence. They should instead be synonyms for order-of-execution. I believe the status quo started with this request: Merge tags [order-of-operations], [order-of-evaluation], and [operato...


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