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1:08 AM
Q: Is it forbidden to suggest to create an GitHub issue/discussion for other problems?

nekketsuuuAn OSS maintainer sometimes posts an answer to a question of their OSS. And they sometimes prefers GitHub to Stack Overflow. In this situation, is it OK to suggest in the answer to create GitHub issues or discussions for new problems? For example, I found an answer https://stackoverflow.com/a/771...

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2:38 AM
Q: I think there's a bug with the vote to reopen

SayamanWhenever I click vote to reopen, and then click again accidentally and try to vote again, the vote doesn't go up and it says you've previously voted to vote to open it again. Am I crazy or is this a bug? It doesn't look like a feature to me, because it doesn't really make sense to not allow someo...

4:00 AM
@Feeds is this just opening waaaay too large for everyone?
Q: Website packages/plugins security maintain

8823I think there's a lot of Front-End Web Developer using tons of packages/plugins while working at the project, for example, like bootstrap, Datatable, chart.js... As the web security more and more important, my boss started asking to review these packages, to check if there are security problems o...

4:19 AM
@RyanM Its simply not oneboxing for me (shows up as just the link).
4:30 AM
@AbdulAzizBarkat IMO if the site and community were properly functional, this would not even be controversial
Agreed, I personally don't agree with the whole "preserve author intent" as long as the gist of the answer stays the same and the edit improves it. In this particular case OP's (perceived) failing attempt shouldn't even matter to the answer.
@AbdulAzizBarkat I meant on the actual xkcd.com site when you click the link
No, it seems appropriately sized to me on xkcd
5:33 AM
@RyanM repro'd on Chrome 117, Windows 10
how high res it is... 4422x6653 px
the 2x is much smaller: 590x887 px
2 hours later…
7:18 AM
@AndrewT. Hmm, it's just 295×443.5 px for me. Maybe some caching?
already disabled the cache from developer tools, nope.
dunno if there's server-side caching or not
Q: Unfollowing link on posts not working

snakecharmerbIf I click the "following" link under a question or answer that I have previously followed, the link text changes to "follow" as I expect. However if I refresh the page, the link text has reverted to "following" and I continue to receive inbox updates when the post changes. Unfollowing via the "F...

Oh, ok when I open the image separately and remove all the CSS and extra attributes the browser is putting on it then yes. I do see it being huge.
7:48 AM
explainxkcd said that it was initially published in 4422x6653 and most likely by error. I certainly did see it that size (hence why I checked explainxkcd). Now the comic seems to be normal sized - probably fixed but has to filter through caches for different regions and such.
And explainxkcd seems to be down. I get a cloudflare error page telling me the host itself isn't responding.
8:09 AM
@RyanM repro on linux mint 20.3, firefox 117
yeah, most likely server side caching thing
8:32 AM
Q: An [anonymous-namespace] is an [unnamed-namespace]

Jan SchultkePlease make anonymous-namespace a synonym for unnamed-namespace. "Anonymous namespace" is a colloquialism in the C++ community which has established itself for some reason. The term has always been unnamed namespace in the C++ standard and on reference websites such as cppreference. There are cur...

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12:08 PM
Q: Should a question manually list duplicates or related questions? If not, should I remove the list (in part)?

Jan SchultkeI have discovered the question What should main() return in C and C++?, which is simple in terms of what it's asking, but quite a long question because it lists 15 separate duplicates or related questions. Personally, I don't find this very useful because Stack Overflow has systems such as the "L...

12:38 PM
Q: Why matt's account suspended

rptwsthiWhy matt's account got suspended. Also why his reputation shows to be 1? I have been following Matt's since I became programmer and it's been a long connect. today I noticed this account suspended on stack overflow. Which kinda doesn't make much sense to me. Did he violate any platform condition?...

1:14 PM
Q: "This edit will be visible only to you until it is peer reviewed" dialog is shown even though there is nothing to be reviewed

Jan SchultkeI have recently suggested an edit to the non-type-template-parameter excerpt. The edit is now "no longer reviewable" as seen on that page. After suggesting the edit, I have unlocked the "Trusted User" privilege. I then edited the tag wiki using this new privilege which bypasses the review system,...

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2:38 PM
Q: Community-a-thon 2023 kicks off on October 13th

RosieTL;DR: Our fourth Community-a-thon will kick off on October 13, 2023. This is an annual event where staff at Stack Overflow are encouraged to participate on the Stack Exchange network. This year’s event will be a scaled-down version compared to previous years. What is Community-a-thon? This is ...

Meta posts overflow this and last week...
Oh, right - it's deleted so it doesn't onebox.


Apparently Feeds did pick it up
2:53 PM
i mean
love the enthusiasm
@NewPosts not 69, not nice :(
Q: Teams top bar popover display issue

ArulkumarWhen I click on the "i" (information) icon in the top bar of Stack Overflow for Teams, two popover windows appear, but the one below is partially obscured by the one above it. Can the user interface be enhanced or improved?

3:48 PM
4:04 PM
Is there a SEDE query for finding closed questions that I have upvoted? I assume not, since which questions I have upvoted, is not likely data available in SEDE?
Maybe my best option is to scrape the pages of posts I have upvoted, on my profile, and filter by closed questions.
@VLAZ Yay! :D Now vote to undelete.
@AndreasismovingtoCodidact Anyone trying to undelete a question deleted as spam/abusive will have blood on their hands.
get a list of questions you've upvoted from your profile and then query those from sede filtered by closure
@KevinB Should be easier to just do it all at the same time, then, and omit SEDE.
4:32 PM
Q: Broken table in "Ask like a human: Implementing semantic search on Stack Overflow" blog post

cocomacIn the blog post titled Ask like a human: Implementing semantic search on Stack Overflow, there is ... this: Not sure what that was intended to be, but that's not easy to read. Can that be cleaned up a bit? Specifically, I'd suggest Disclaimer gets moved to a new line The two headings and the...

1 hour later…
5:50 PM
Q: Reading markdown tables for minimal reproducible examples is broken

Trenton McKinneyAs of at least September 12, 2023, as show in this question and answer, it was possible to directly read markdown tables used to create minimal reproducible examples. However, as of this posting, it no longer seems possible to read reproducible data tables directly from Stack Overflow. The questi...

6:20 PM
Q: Not a useful [default] tag?

M. JustinI just stumbled upon the default tag, and it feels really iffy to me. You can't be an expert in default, it's not a useful thing to filter on, and it's super general. I'm thinking it should be removed. Does the community agree? Usage guidance Refers to an initial, most commonly used option, se...

1 hour later…
7:30 PM
@AndreasismovingtoCodidact Your assumption is correct
@RyanM As always. 🧑🏻‍🎓
1 hour later…
8:56 PM
Q: Rename the ambiguous RT tag to request-tracker

CausingUnderflowsEverywhereRT can mean many different things like Real-Time, Windows RT, Rail Train, re-tweet, random number generation from t-distribution and sometimes even whatever this question is about. @Houlmes https://stackoverflow.com/users/3841222/houmles made a nice suggestion to rename the RT tag to request-trac...


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