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1:19 AM
What should I do about the fact that, when I point out a typo, sometimes OP responds by writing a self answer showing the typo-corrected code?
1 hour later…
2:38 AM
Always fun to see this at the start of an upvoted answer:
> This question has already been answered numerous times, e.g.: [link] So first, please seek out the answer before posting a new question here on StackOverflow. However, to provide my version of the answer:
3:18 AM
@KarlKnechtel Just get it closed due to being caused by a typo?
2 hours later…
5:12 AM
@KarlKnechtel I'd cv-pls in SOCVR to speed up the closure. Then I'd use the request generator userscript to set a reminder in 2 days and post a del-pls at that point. Well, assuming the question won't be deleted automatically.
If OP didn't accept their own answer, then the Roomba might still clean it up.
an exceptional example of being lost on the network: a (bad) SO question on Japanese.SE japanese.stackexchange.com/questions/101099
5:34 AM
@KarlKnechtel I do often find myself wondering just how did somebody end up on one of the other sites when asking a question. Especially MSE. Alas, that's not something we can really figure out.
5:55 AM
Looks Japanese to me.
6:20 AM
@AndreasismovingtoCodidact Javanese
6:58 AM
@KarlKnechtel blame HNQ...
7:20 AM
@NewPosts interesting how that user's profile turned into a Sam.
7:31 AM
@E_net4 You can be whoever you want to be when you grow up. Even a different person.
turned into?
Username "Michelle" (hover over the avatar in Feeds) with this avatar (also from feeds). Now it's a "Sam" with this avatar (both currently from the current user details)
possibly a feeds glitch?
the user's name appears to be "Brad Dalton" on most but not all other sites for the account
Nah, don't think it's a glitch. Feeds just reports the name and avatar as they were when it posted.
Also a "Brad Dalton" is still not really a "Sam"
7:50 AM
So Brad Dalton decided to denounce someone in public as Michelle, then got suspended as a Sam.
The first avatar is a screenshot from Batman 2: The Dark Knight.
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8:56 AM
Q: On closing and reopening and reclosing a question

AbraThe following question was closed (rightly, in my opinion) as requiring debugging details. Why does the validation on my compareTo method make the output wrong? The OP edited the question and added debugging details. Now the question is a duplicate of... Scanner is skipping nextLine() after using...

2 hours later…
10:32 AM
No, wait, pardon my misinformation. I think it’s from movie 3, The Dark Knight Rises.
10:53 AM
On History, "Brad" is Michelle (with the same avatar from Feeds), while on Money.SE it's "Brett Stack 1".
11:30 AM
I guess there are privacy reasons to do that sort of thing....
Fun. I can be «Andre», «Andrea» and «Andreas» on various sites. Yay.
12:21 PM
@VLAZ possibly socking and account merging, based on the network activity
And spam on the user profile.
Well, well. He has lots of reputation on WP SE, from many years ago.
1:03 PM
@KarlKnechtel I think this must happen on every site. Though when I see it, it's usually at least a question in English on English SE or a question about writing code on Writing
But one time.... Sir, this is not a Wendy's:
in English Language & Usage: Multi-Layered Discourse Room on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Aug 20 at 3:51, by alphabet
Q: When did the wendy's in levittown ny open for the first time?

JohnThis wendy's is located in the nassau mall, it used to be a Roy Rogers but i wonder when the restaurant became a wendy's

Q: wrong currency exchange rates used in 2021 Stackoverflow Developer Survey

tomazFound this issue while working on a hobby project of mine. Stackoverflow survey converts salaries reported in other currencies to USD. The survey from 2020 uses exchange rates from 2020-02-19: https://insights.stackoverflow.com/survey/2020 We converted salaries from user currencies to USD using ...

@NewPosts Main question closed again... this time as "typo".
@VLAZ I am tempted to edit that answer and remove the mention of what OP was trying before they found the "correct" answer.
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2:30 PM
2:45 PM
Is there a reason a user might edit the tags of all questions they answer? There's a user I've been noticing for quite some time (even flagged them once for constantly mistagging) that does this (This user answers quite a lot of questions).
there are badges related to editing questions you answer
and the blog routinely "features" answers that earn these badges
so there's multiple avenues encouraging answerers to in some way "improve" the question they're answering
Well, if they actually improved the question it would be nice... I see some of their edits they changed the tags but didn't remove things like "Thanks", "Edit", etc.
@AbdulAzizBarkat Reason is tag badges. In addition to the other badge Kevin mentioned (forgot the name).
Some users also seem to have some weird obsession with adding as many tags as possible. I really don't know why - often they'd add tags are barely relevant. And I mean editors not authors.
2:54 PM
@VLAZ Usually you'd add tags that you can actually answer more of, I just removed from one of the questions, the user I talk about had added that in.
@AbdulAzizBarkat Then I know the user. And we're speaking about one and the same...
I remember reviewing multiple of their suggestions in the queue (back when I was doing more reviewing. And they didn't have full editing privilege). I did reject a lot of them. I was thinking of flagging as well, not sure if I did. But eventually I stopped reviewing. And few weeks later I saw them making the same edits but with full editing privilege now.
Shouldn't you first have rollbacked, then added a tag afterwards?
3:09 PM
@AndreasismovingtoCodidact What's the point? They have full editing privileges and their edit was tag-only. From my experience with them they'd either not edit the tags of that post again or just add other tags that make sense to them. So rollback war won't happen there.
@AbdulAzizBarkat Doesn't it "revert" their edit? Well, maybe not.
No a rollback means an extra revision in the revision history. So that would mean two more edits instead of one.
That's just me thinking that "how it should be" is "how it is".
3:32 PM
Q: Calendar showing blank dialog on profile page

DinuxWhen I click on the calendar on my profile page to see the number of days I’ve visited SO, I get a blank dialog. Screenshot of profile page: Why is this happening? Is it a known bug?

3 hours later…
6:52 PM
@VLAZ are they questions they've answered?
You could also flag with some particularly bad examples if you've got some and it's a pattern
which from your discussion with @AbdulAzizBarkat it does sound like
7:26 PM
@RyanM Don't think so. Certainly not all of them. I assume they've answered some.
@RyanM It has been literal years since I've seen them tagging. Not sure if they continue. I do frequently see their face on stuff with a modification date of 2020. Either they've toned down the tagging a lot or I just haven't crossed paths recently.
7:50 PM
Q: How could this question be updated to meet community guidelines?

gp-michael I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: How can the WSO2 open-source offering be used securely? I posted this question last week, and have since tried to iterate on it in hopes that it would be re-opened for answers. Unfortunately, it seems to be continuously rejected. Since I am new t...

8:26 PM
@AndreasismovingtoCodidact There's a little special handling for rollbacks, but I think it's mostly for the rollback war autoflag, and frankly that autoflag is a little dodgy anyway... generally it doesn't matter if you rollback vs just editing to the desired state.
the exception being the "edit approval overridden by post owner or moderator" (probably not the exact text) thing, which does remove rep for the edit approval, but can't be done by most people
8:38 PM
Q: Changing the Title of the Post Does Not Change the Title of the Tab

Jim G.STEPS TO REPRODUCE Create a question. Edit the question. Prepend a few characters to the question's title. Click 'Save'. EXPECTED RESULTS The web page's tab should list the revised title. ACTUAL RESULTS The web page's tab lists the question's original title. EXAMPLE Blazor: How can I use P...

2 hours later…
10:21 PM
once again wishing we had [status-whocares]
for when it's technically a bug but really not worth fixing
@RyanM I have no clue what you could possibly mean. :D
All bugs are important and someone cares about them very much.
Sort of on that theme, it would be arguably nice if technically-a-bug-but-not-worth-fixing meta questions wouldn't get deleted.
@Catija I ate a worm once as a kid. I cared for my meal. Does it count?
@Catija A more serious proposal would be something like [status-confirmed], when a mod or staff confirms that 1) it does do the thing it claims, 2) it probably shouldn't, but 3) we don't think it rises to the level of a [status-review] tag, which we try to be at least a little sparing with.
(and then that tag prevented roomba)
@AndreasismovingtoCodidact Does a worm fall into the category of "bug"?
10:33 PM
@Catija Of course. It was a tiny and natural bug.
Ehhh, we've already got [status-declined] for "we have affirmatively decided we won't fix this"
This is more "well, maybe if someone's already working on it it'd be nice to fix it if it's easy"
I guess I don't consider them "bugs"... which for me is more exoskeleton based creatures... though I'm not gonna get into a debate in general :P
I wouldn't mind redoing the status tags on meta somewhat, if only to update the descriptions. For example, I think that we've had a lot of stuff we ended up putting in deferred that should have been in a declined status... but when we started declining the backlog of status-review stuff, seeing a bunch of declines showing up on meta caused people to (understandably) bristle.
Deferred is all well and good with stuff we actually want to put on someone's bug list to fix but a lot of them are just too minor to prioritize, even if they are important.
@HenryEcker that would also work as a name. I don't think I have a strong preference between the two
10:43 PM
Click the link
oh yeah, wait, apparently that exists, huh
TIL about our 5-question tag
@RyanM Ah, yeah, the mod aspect is a thing, too - y'all may accept there's a bug but not think it's worth our attention... but we essentially never use the reproduced tag any more, even if we can repro it. That said, we don't use status-planned most of the time unless it's part of a current project and the bug has to be fixed. Most things go straight from review to complete.
@Catija would you want the reproduced tag used for this sort of thing, especially given its limited use currently?
(we'd need to edit the excerpt, but that's not hard)
@RyanM Dunno. That's more of a JNat question. The status-review process is in their realm and I mostly just wax on poetically about how I think it could be improved. They take my ideas and communicate with the devs and PM management to come up with the actual process.

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