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Why do women judge? Mutually underappreciated argument. Extra tricky with numb tricks systematically stitching.
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6:38 AM
Q: Creation time vs modification time

n. m. could be an AILately I see hundreds upon hundreds (literally) of old questions (often a decade old) edited for formatting or grammar. While I appreciate the effort that goes into such edits, I cannot help but notice that genuinely new content is drowned in this stream of cosmetic edits. Can we sort questions b...

7:10 AM
with SEDE, how can I prepare data for a graph with multiple lines? like, say I group by two values; I want to use one to determine which line the data corresponds to, and the other to determine the x-coordinate
7:26 AM
posted on September 23, 2023 by Ajinkya

I have the following terraform module: locals { vm_ips = { "abc" = 1 "def" = 2 } } variable "vm_ips" { type = map(list(string)) default = local.vm_ips } module "ansible_provisioner" { source = "git::https://github.com/....git" for_each = var.vm_ips my_values = each.value envs = ["host=$

7:56 AM
Q: Incorrect gold badge notification in inbox

Tim BiegeleisenI apparently just earned the gold database tag today, as indicated by my profile here: However, the notification I received in my inbox erroneosly mentions the gold t-sql badge: Notes: The gold t-sql badge was the next most recent gold badge I had earned, prior to the database badge. I have ne...

8:32 AM
Q: What is the best method to use two switch statement for different output?

Ipaye Olumide Davidin my project, I have two scripts, one is to show all the students position in a class, while the second script will show the results for each student. In the second script which is available to the student and admin, I want add position row, but I don't know how to add the scripts for positionin...

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@KarlKnechtel No word game today. :(
11:50 AM
Q: Unable to edit any tag wikis shortly after unlocking trusted user privilege

Jan SchultkeI've just unlocked the Trusted User privilege which presumably lets me edit tag wikis without approval. I wanted to try this out by making a minor improvement to the c++ tag. However, the Edit Tag Info button on the info page has no effect. It immediately redirects me back to the same page. The e...

12:02 PM
Q: question restriction too harsh and needs adjusting

theonerishihello stackoverflow does not allow questions to be posted in succession immediately the question restriction is too harsh and prevents the volume of problem solving and collaboration can it please be adjusted

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@KarlKnechtel data.stackexchange.com/help#graphing has a pretty good explanation of how the graphing works
rene also has an SEDE chat room somewhere
1:14 PM
Q: Can I edit my question to include an answer that produces an error

Adamu Dee AzareI have this question seeking to know why it says 'Account Not Found' when the user types the receiver's account number. The reason I'm asking is that the answer is generating another error in my CMD, and the author of that answer didn't respond: Forbidden (CSRF Token from the 'X-Csrftoken' HTTP ...

1:38 PM
Q: can you allow push notifications natively

theonerishiaware of an app on stackapps that can send push notifications on chrome and firefox however I am using edge will push notifications be allowed natively

2:08 PM
Q: Why does this no-op answer have 115 upvotes?

flaviutI came across https://stackoverflow.com/a/22523287, which is just: All the while I was doing .style("fill", "darkOrange") Then I found out the correct answer is .style('fill', 'darkOrange') D3 is a JS library, and in JS, the kind of quote you use doesn't make it past the interpreter's parser. ...

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3:19 PM
@NewPosts the referenced main question has two CVs for lack of debugging details. What debugging details? It's a very clear "how to".
@RyanM ok, so I need to build separate columns of values. at that point it becomes a sql question for me
@VLAZ it seems like some people incorrectly choose that to express "please more precisely specify the desired behaviour" - at a guess, anyway
but we can't audit voters for their reasoning, so
the self-answer that was given implies that OP was running into a typo, but the question didn't discuss the attempt
I agree that it reads awfully overall but without a way to figure out what OP was doing 9 years ago....
it's also frankly bizarre to me that people needed this as a reference question
@KarlKnechtel It's not a typo, as it's not in the question itself. It's asking how to do something. Yes, the answer seems to imply a typo while OP was trying to find the answer but also shows how to do it. It's not a "Q: I tried this A: this actually works".
3:47 PM
I agree; hence "but the question didn't discuss the attempt"
There doesn't have to be an attempt if adding such only clutters the question, and is noise.
Kind of a reason why we require people to show their attempts for debugging questions (which this is not), is to make sure people don't abuse us for a debugging service.
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4:57 PM
right; I'm not defending the "needs debugging details" reasoning.
I infer that OP had a typo that led to asking the question; but the question is legitimate as it stands. Because of this, OP wrote a self-answer that is confusing. It should just directly give the answer, but something something author intent
5:15 PM
heh, looks like dhar cast the third vote and then reopened, to clear the votes
and now we know who to blame~~
5:26 PM
Q: Was the traffic lost due to conversational LLMs (eg. ChatGPT) beneficial for the community?

AnmSO's insights show ~5% traffic has been lost recently, probably due to ChatGPT and other generative models. I interpret the reasoning to be that the more trivial questions are now being handled by ChatGPT instead of contaminating SO. Do you believe this to the case, or was SO's community negative...

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6:27 PM
@NewPosts genAI predicted that this would be a blog article?

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