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1:01 AM
Well, this is peculiar. Seems like I really pissed off somebody yesterday. 5 downvotes on Stack Overflow, and 2 downvotes on Codidact Meta. The ones on SO got reversed for targeted downvoting.
I'm fine with some downvotes here; that'll get reversed, but don't follow me around on the internet just because you hate me.
Well, well. Now I'll probably get a crab after me for mentioning ing downvotes. :P
1:32 AM
Q: What rules should there be for commenting on answers that are suspected to be AI-generated?

cocomacFor the sake of having a productive discussion, let's avoid naming users here, even if we know or suspect a user is posting these comments. I'd like to have a productive discussion here, not a witch hunt. The core issue There have been a number of comments accusing users of posting LLM-generated ...

2 hours later…
3:19 AM
Q: What is our stand about tagging questions to extend web apps by unofficial means?

RubénSome services / Web applications offer means to end-users and developers to extend and integrate the service. I.E. Google Sheets could be extended by using Google Apps Script, the Google Sheets API, and the Google Workspace Add-on platform. Still, some end-users / developers might want to extend ...

3:43 AM
Q: Allow poster to mark a shell code-block as "non-privileged" and "privileged"

AnmTypically when writing shell commands, people prefix them with $ to indicate the command should be ran with a non-privileged account, and # for privileged (root). The problem is when you try to copy-paste multiple of these commands at once, they produce invalid syntax (due to $) or comments (due ...

6 hours later…
10:02 AM
Q: StackOverflow oAuth2 not working

alexanoidToday I'm unable to log in to my web application with StackOverflow oAuth2. I receive the following error on Keycloak: 2023-09-22 12:46:28,800 ERROR [org.keycloak.broker.oidc.AbstractOAuth2IdentityProvider] (executor-thread-1865) Failed to make identity provider oauth callback: org.keycloak.broke...

2 hours later…
12:32 PM
Q: Why do I keep getting question bans

HunktydunkatyIs there any particular valid reason as to why I'm getting question bans? I ask perfectly reasonable questions - which I do not need to "improve" in the slightest. The only "improvement" that needs to be done around here are the admin's ability to kick people who to continue to demonstrate silly ...

12:54 PM
@NewPosts Friday fun at the Meta
Sorry; fun gone now.
Rightly so.
1 hour later…
2:02 PM
> SO has been characterized by a bunch of autists having an absolute whale of a time downvoting
Ah, what a lovely human being.
3:01 PM
those are hard to find these days
3:56 PM
Q: Rename [tsql] to [t-sql]

Thom ACan we please rename the tag tsql to t-sql? This falls in line with the documented name Transact-SQL which is abbreviated to T-SQL in documentation (not TSQL). There are over 70,000 questions, so this isn't a simple case of a member (or several members) of the community retagging them.

4:14 PM
Q: Shold this site split up into more specialized sites?

Gyro GearlooseThe number of uncorrelated tags is exploding exponentially with the number of specific languages, their modules, add-ons and derivations, frameworks and IDEs. When I review questions that I could answer, most questions fall out of scope because I never ever heard about this YAFT. What can be done?

...sort by tags?
5:14 PM
I see YACC (yet another censorship complaint) is still alive and well on Meta.
5:44 PM
Q: Expanaition what YAFT stands for

Gyro GearlooseIs it a sin to use YAFT as an acronym and explain only later, answering comments, that I use it for "Yet Another Fancy Tool"?

YAF - yet another facepalm
6:12 PM
7:04 PM
Why Does the Wombat Judge. My Ukulele Exploded. Elephants Trumpet When Naked Tigers Steal Shoes.
3 hours later…
10:02 PM
Q: I need assistance understanding the problem with my question

X-_-FARZA_ D-_-XSo I got the question ban from stackoverflow... somewhat reasonable actually took me a long time to grasp how to the community tends to accept questions and had a few please help me out questions with an image on etc... so as we know stackoverflow identifies the bad question via counting how many...

10:44 PM
Q: Remove language hint from [gcc] tag or make [c++] a stronger hint

Jan SchultkeEvery now and then, I come across C++ questions for which syntax highlighting is broken. For example: What's {} in void({})? renders as follows: This is obviously broken and should look like: This is caused by gcc having a syntax highlighting hint; see GCC tag affects C++ syntax highlighting. L...

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