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12:02 AM
@KarlKnechtel Python O flag?
I can't tell if I'm only seeing your linked question as the second result (after the lowercase version) because I have the AI search or if that's actually the way to find it
ah, you avoided the trap I fell in. :)
-o means things that don't contain o, apparently
if I paid more attention, I would have realized that right off, I suppose
it's still pretty obnoxious how difficult it is for programmers to get access to search tools that care about programming syntax
Actually, the AI search lets me include the hyphen if I want, but the two relevant results will be only in the summary box, not below
@KarlKnechtel "Results for python flag and not containing o"
1:05 AM
Q: How do I check my past upvoted answers?

Inderjeet SinghI have a repeated issue and I have to find an answer which I marked as liked (upvoted). My upvote activity show no activity https://stackoverflow.com/users/current/?tab=votes&sort=upvote . Please help me how to find it again? My reputation is showing 11 and StackOverflow used to say that it note...

A migration (so feeds missed it)
2 hours later…
2:42 AM
oh nice, the guy complaining about not being able to complain is back to complain some more
3:12 AM
If I see a new garbage answer to a question that previously had a single, high-quality, accepted answer, I'm not doing anything wrong by choosing to "protect" the question, right?
3:24 AM
no, that's the purpose.
2 hours later…
4:57 AM
Since deleting the answer by 1-rep might also automatically protect the question, manually protecting it also serves the same purpose.
(though, I tend to unprotect them after 1 year when I revisit the same question by chance)
I think it's two such answers for the autoprotect
actually no, it's slightly more complicated than that
It's a mess of unintuitive behaviour there honestly. From MSE
> The number of deleted answers from users with <10 rep, plus the number of answers with one or more helpful spam flags, is at least 3. (Note that spam answers from new users are counted twice.)

Generally, this means that three deleted answers from new users will cause auto-protection, but if at least one of those answers is spam, only two answers will trigger it.
> Five answers from users with <10 rep were posted in the last 24 hours. Three answers on English Language Learners and Workplace, and 20 answers on Code Golf.
yeah, it's a mess :p
3 hours later…
8:33 AM
Is it just me, or are the regulars of the [c] and [c++] tags noticeably worse than average at understanding site policy, maintaining a canon of common duplicates, avoiding answering crap questions, avoiding getting annoyed by crap questions, etc. than the regulars of other high-volume tags?
8:59 AM
One of the upsides of SO's declining volume: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/1786007#graph
9:20 AM
Q: What should I do when the duplicate target depends on additional context?

nalkaI found this question and (as I said in my comment) it could be either a duplicate of this (if the Socket in the question is a reference type) or this (if the Socket in the question is a value type). After my comment, I'd flag the question but that's where my problem comes, what's the good course...

1 hour later…
10:39 AM
Have I completely lost it, or am I really seeing two HMP posts alongside four featured posts?
Two permanent HMP slots would definitely be nice
Can't tell if it's HMP and featured slots being separated, or if there are more featured slots
11:00 AM
(or obviously, if I'm hallucinating two HMP slots into existence :p)
11:21 AM
I am seeing the same thing so you're not hallucinating @Zoe
11:42 AM
@Zoe 6 featured posts* now, but yeah, it is indeed real (for the two HMP)
I recall this happened once couple months ago, but I'm not sure
3 hours later…
2:23 PM
inbox taking me to stackexchange when i click it too early is so annoying
adds insult to injury, page is loading slow, so we'll open another page for you to load too
3:08 PM
@KevinB I think it's legacy behaviour that's primarily meant to trigger when the inbox API call fails
1 hour later…
4:38 PM
Q: How to download a back up of my deleted StackOverflow teams?

TSRI went on travel and took a break from work for 2 months. Upon returning, I logged in to my work email and got two emails subjected Your team will be deleted in 30 days and 30 days later, Your Team has been deleted . The deleted teams contains valuable data to me, how can I get a Json/zip or what...

5:20 PM
Q: Stack Overflow deletes your teams after only 45 days of inactivity

TSRI went on a trip and took a break from work for 2 months. Upon returning, I logged into my work email and received two emails with the subject 'Your team will be deleted in 30 days.' and thirty days later 'Your Team has been deleted.' The deleted teams contained expensive and valuable data for me...

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9:32 PM
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10:32 PM
10:56 PM
Q: can I use chat gpt to improve answers?

Arash jahan bakhshanis it legal to use chat gpt to only improve an answer that was written by myself and post it as an answer in stackoverflow? By improvement I mean make the text to use better grammar and words. here is an example: Before react is a frontend library for javascript which is used for single page app...


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