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12:26 AM
Q: What is SO position on the use of exported data for LLM training?

DuckQueenSo I exported using open data console questions I want to use to train a model with a commercially permissive license. Can I use that data for training and then distribute my LLM for profit? New Code Of Conduct is silent on this issue...

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3:37 AM
@Andreasdetestscensorship Nice coincidence:
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4:56 AM
Q: How do I get the entire body text of my questions, answers, and comments from api requests?

ChristianOConnorI tried https://api.stackexchange.com/2.3/users/MY USER ID/timeline?sort=creation&page=1&pagesize=100&site=stackoverflow, then https://api.stackexchange.com/2.3/users/MY USER ID/timeline?sort=creation&page=2&pagesize=100&site=stackoverflow and continued to do the same requests incrementing page n...

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6:07 AM
@NewPosts OK, I see a few comments that indicate that the core question isn't suited for SO but...it totally is. There are definite pros and cons we can point out for either injection method. And the constructor injection is superior. With that said, the ChatGPT rewrite is meh. Mostly because the initial question seems trivial to re-write anyway. I don't think writing the initial question, then going to ChatGPT for a rewrite is really something that can't be done in just one step by yourself.
6:26 AM
Q: Closing reason type change

László TóthI have noticed that the Close Reason Type of the posts has changed in the portal. Formerly, our team built a machine learning-based model to assist the newcomers in assembling a proper question meeting the requirements of the Stack Overflow. However, the multiclass models are to be improved. We h...

@NewPosts The Non in English close reason?
6:43 AM
@NewPosts we get so many NAA flags for these and I'm often really tempted to decline them
I've waffled on my handling, but I've definitely declined some.
6:56 AM
Q: Moderation strike: Stack Overflow, Inc. cannot consistently ignore, mistreat, and malign its volunteers

Zoe stands with UkraineNote: as part of the strike organization, this post has also been posted on MSE Introduction As of today, June 5th, 2023, a large number of moderators, curators, contributors, and users from around Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network are initiating a general moderation strike. This stri...

1 hour later…
8:21 AM
> I'm sure the cretins this post is aimed at, will find a way to remove it.
8:42 AM
6 meta badges in two days
@E_net4isonstrike I'm tempted to reply ith the fact that "remove from hot meta posts" is a thing, but that might remind SE it's a thing
No need to feel that obligation. After all, we're on strike.
Curious that at Meta SE I am 1 rep point away from 2k.
Mods have handled the whole of 3 flags today
An employee has handled 15
Maybe just the very sirius stuff
8:51 AM
They're not a CM though, I can say that much
@ZoestandswithUkraine congrats, SO suddenly got additional mods!
Currently just 1, operating at a fraction of the capacity
> boy all you guys just do is complain, complain & complain. I get it, meta is for that but still just take a chill pill every now & then. You guys are worse than reddit.
Someone should go back to playing Doom
@E_net4isonstrike I won't stand for being compared to Reddit! That's why I'm currently sitting.
"Yeah like, I've seen these women workers from the match factory, and boy all you gals do is complain, complain & complain. I get it, striking is for that but still, take a chill pill."
9:01 AM
- Plato, 1538
(inspired by Abraham Lincoln)
Ugh, it's getting worse.
> This sounds like AI generated content, [...]. To think otherwise (and to write lengthy posts) seems just like inflated ego to me.
The temptation to handle it is real
9:25 AM
FR: downvoting on comments :D
FR: ability to slap people over the Internet for a comment they've left
*hands @VLAZ-onstrike- a trout*
Trout. For all your slapping needs.
WP:TROUT for y'all
Ah, the good ol' times of slapping around a bit with a large fish.
There was an addon allowing slapping YouTube commenters. Well, just adds a "slap" button and a counter for slaps. Didn't actually slap the user on the other side of the screen (duh). IIRC, the creator did list it as a limitation and there was a comment similar to "awaiting teleportation technology" to implement the feature.
9:45 AM
That slaps
@E_net4isonstrike this is so infuriating (maybe not the best word)
now instead of saying "intelligent!" some people are actually resorting to attribute any effort at communication to statistical learning algorithm
"over-glorifying" just do not do it justice. I need a new word/term. Any ideas are welcome
I was tempted into replying with "To think that this is AI generated only shows your ignorance on the matter. While I do not intend to flag your comment, deleting it yourself could rid you from further embarrassment."
10:05 AM
Someone basically did post that:
Perhaps instead of trolling people who have real issues, you could, you know, not do that. It's less effort on your part and won't paint you in such a poor light. — Clive 1 hour ago
10:20 AM
In a way, I managed to find a way to say the rough equivalent without calling them a troll.
Cool. It's been a while since there has been a meta uproar. I kind of wonder how, where, when and by whom this was all decided though. I'm kind of glad that it happens for another reason other than fighting the man: it's valuable data. Let's see what kind of impact this strike has on the comings and goings of the site and if it truly will have any kind of negative impact on end users. We might also learn that the old way of Stack Overflow is simply over and it is going to be a site for people who do not want quality, they just want to outsource. — Gimby 27 mins ago
"been a while*??!! Is that a joke?
> I kind of wonder how, where, when and by whom this was all decided though.
clearly hasn't been paying attention
@CodyGray-onstrike Well, more than a week. Give or take a few days.
@Nickistired That's weird, though. I mean, Gimby's an active Meta participant.
@CodyGray-onstrike (very slightly) more seriously - one just builds up a tolerance to Meta. So it takes more Meta than usual to be considered a Meta uproar.
10:28 AM
At this point I probably spent 90% of my time on meta
I don't even know if I count as a curator anymore
Meta is still a knowledge base
uproar base
The vote arrow change created an uproar. That was quite recent.
10:41 AM
At least they fixed the bad contrast. The buttons are still extra invasive, though.
I wish they'd fix the color mismatching with the site theme.
I don't know what you're talking about. I don't see any issues with voting arrows.
11:00 AM
@NewPosts the comment I did on the post disappeared? was it offensive or something
I guess it was probably offtopic so maybe a good thing
Q: Introducing: Training Mode: A Guided Approach for New Members in Asking Quality Questions

Adamu_Dee_AzareWhat do you guys think about adding a feature to Stack Overflow where new members with one reputation may have fake accounts to ask fake questions? Stack Overflow would use AI to teach these new members that their questions should not be "opinion-based", "too broad", "unrelated to programming lan...

@NewPosts I get the idea but...there is no real need for "fake accounts". OP is just talking about an automated review. Or what can broadly be described as "review queue" that gets them to consider how rules apply.
Also, yeah Cerbrus is on-point with SG.
@NordineLotfi Seems a bunch of comments were removed. Probably just cleanup. Not sure what your comment was.
@VLAZ-onstrike- ah, got you. My comment was along the line of what I said here: chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/56410537#56410537
I (very briefly) looked at the Meta Archive. I think your comment was a response to somebody, so maybe the whole "comment chain" was removed with the comment you were replying to. At least my guess, though.
make sense
thanks for looking into it :)
11:16 AM
A mod who is not on strike cleaned up the comment you were replying to, and so naturally your comment did not make any sense to leave displayed
Oh yeah, VLAZ already said that
11:30 AM
> I'll delete this answer in an hour or two - but I certainly believe all comment here were made by human beings! Thanks.
We've come to this point.
What point is that? Human beings doing the moderation?
Well, I guess that's what happens when the AI bots machines moderators go on strike.
The point where people need to openly question whether the comments were made by humans.
11:59 AM
Delete this misinformation. — user438383 12 mins ago
Nice use of the new CoC as a blunt tool there
Randomly reminds me that I need to go and check in on boson
Still up last I checked.
> Main PID: 123000 (boson)
You should consider extra pay for the extra work
@ZoestandswithUkraine šŸŽ‰
@VLAZ-onstrike- I mean, I already gave it faster software :P
12:09 PM
But only a C grade, from what I heard
C++, actually, but that's basically an automatic AAAAAAAA-tier
C, or C+, or C++ is still a C.
Actually, on that note - at school we had a teacher that loved to give completely made up marks. Like C---- (with four minises). Or C 1/2 ++ (c and a half with two pluses). Which can't actually work. Technically + is 0.25 of a mark, and - is -0.25 of a mark. You can't really have two plusses as that's just "and a half". Three plusses would be "next grade minus". And realistically a mark like C--+ would just cancel out to a single minus. Yet it's what she kept giving to people.
One person got the record thirteen minuses on his mark. Arranged like sun rays around it.
Umm, hope that explanation makes sense. I'm "internationalising" the marks system slightly. We actually use numerics. Where it makes a lot more sense. So you have a range for one mark: 4- = 3.75; 4 = 4 (duh); 4+ = 4.25; 4 1/2 = 4.5; 5- = 4.75
1:02 PM
We're already at ~14% of network mods
1:25 PM
> After all, the ultimate goal of computer science is to create a self-aware, all-knowing system.
Good morning... what have I missed over the weekend?
Dumpster fires
Dumpster fires everywhere
Also, we're on strike now
at least we're warm?
And the smell almost drowns out the sound of screaming.
2 hours later…
4:04 PM
Q: Moderators do not (and never did) rely blindly on automatic GPT detector tools

Rand al'ThorA recent statement from the SE company to the press suggests that company spokespeople (the CEO or whoever writes his statements) believe that moderators have been relying on ChatGPT detection tools to find and suspend people who post plagiarised AI-generated text: Stack Overflow ran an analysis...

@ZoestandswithUkraine Poof, 15.2%
Right on cue
OMG the deleted answer on Zoe's post! That one I might have broken the strike to handle... but it's already done. Thanks all.
@VLAZ-onstrike- I made a one-time exception, as it was in very bad taste. Next time it happens, I might just comment the post to shameful deletion.
4:46 PM
Great, another user commenting a spree of bad takes.
5:19 PM
@E_net4isonstrike How hot are they? And is it the one in the ban announcement or another one?
(it's getting hard to keep track of everything...)
5:32 PM
Does anyone know where it says which SO diamond moderators went on strike?
They're listed in the signatories at openletter.mousetail.nl.
@Nike You can check the signed letter openletter.mousetail.nl Although some mods haven't signed but said they still support the strike.
Why doesn't it say their names in the Meta posts?
The signatures are ongoing.
5:36 PM
There were ~200 signatures at the start of the strike this morning. There are now 500 signatures. Updating the post would very quickly get tedious.
@VLAZ-onstrike- I'm asking about diamond moderators.
They are listed first in the signatures of the letter.
@Nike Andy, Baum mit Augen, blackgreen, ChrisF, Cody Gray, Machavity, Makyen, Martijn Pieters, Rob, Ry-, Ryan M, Samuel Liew, sideshowbarker, Stephen Rauch, Undo, user229044, and Zoe stands with Ukraine are all on strike.
The reason we haven't explicitly listed the mods on strike is that we still have mods that aren't in the loop
Oh, wow, we're 17 on strike now?
5:41 PM
@ZoestandswithUkraine Thanks. How long ago did the loop first emerge?
Planning started on the 30th
The letter went live on friday?
I see.
There's diamond moderators that haven't been active for 5 days?
yeah, or that don't pay attention to chat. It's unpaid volunteer work
We all know it's unpaid
@Nike Some for probably longer? Not all diamonds are active all the time. But that's probably internal information. I doubt Zoe (or anybody) can give any concrete data on this but I guess she can confirm that's the case.
5:45 PM
It's difficult to confirm or deny
@VLAZ-onstrike- I wouldn't be surprised if one or two people were on vacation, or moving, or having a baby, or at a conference, etc.
Yes, sorry, I'm not asking whether currently anybody is inactive. But just in general, some might be.
Yeah, and like I said, it's difficult to confirm or deny
I didn't mean that as the generic "I can't", because I can, but it requires information I don't have
Does downvoting count as moderation?
@Nike Probably. Mods have real lives. Although Zoe would probably neither confirm or deny this (:P
5:47 PM
There were 2 mods that were inactive prior to this
There used to be 3, but the third mod came back
@VLAZ-onstrike- I do have a life :p
@Nike Technically - yes. But if you intend to join the strike, there is nothing anybody can do to force you. We've seen some people on strike also doing reviews, for example. Although, nobody would blame you if you do. Some participants have taken to not moderating main but do keep being (at least somewhat) active on Meta. Probably with good reason - some rather nasty comments started showing up.
@ZoestandswithUkraine Whose?
OK, it's going to take some time for me to turn a blind eye towards people accusing downvoters of trolling.
It looks like 100% of the diamond moderators that did not sign that open letter, have been "last seen" today or within the last 3 days at least, with the exception of one:
3 mins ago, by E_net4 is on strike
OK, it's going to take some time for me to turn a blind eye towards people accusing downvoters of trolling.
That sentence is surprisingly difficult for me to parse.
Are downvoters trolling?
accusing -> they may or may not be
5:57 PM
"turn a blind eye" -> ignoring whether or not the accusing is happening
"going to take some time" -> currently it's not
Here's another way to phrase it: I will need some time to ignore comments that equate downvoting to trolling.
And another way would be:
"I don't agree with people who equate downvoting to trolling"
Is that correct?
only trolls equate downvoting to trolling
@KevinB I don't think anyone equates downvoting to trolling
But @E_net4isonstrike why do you bring this up?
@Nike You must be new here. :)
Unreasonable folks doth complain too much about downvotes, and these folks are dime-a-dozen.
6:03 PM
i don't think it's unreasonable to continue participating on meta, and even casting votes on meta, while still refraining from curating/moderating on main sites. After all, meta is the place this topic gets discussed and shared with the community
@E_net4isonstrike am I?
@Nike Because it's the first day of strike and bam, stumbled upon a comment which I would have flagged in the blink of an eye.
@E_net4isonstrike which comment would you have flagged?
if you don't think people equate downvoting to trolling often, you must not read meta much. It's nearly a daily occurance
@KevinB do you have an example?
6:05 PM
@Nike Sorry if that was your interpretation. No way I'm calling you a troll. :) Your inquiries are mostly intriguing, but (hopefully) not a form of trolling, if you are asking them in good faith.
@Nike I shared some "gems" from time to time in this very chatroom. Here's one.
@KevinB maybe because you "don't read meta much"?
@E_net4isonstrike nice, but no one there equated downvoting to trolling.
@Nike Fine. Here.
@Nike nah, i just can't be bothered to do your research for you
if you don't want to be convinced, don't be
@KevinB I want to be convinced, and that's why I asked you for an example.
6:08 PM
The bad sentiment is frequent. Either downvoters "don't know about the subject", or "they are mean", or "they are bullies", or "have a bone to pick", etcetc.
I believe you have the burden of proof the other way around.
if you're interested in the information, go get it
i'm not your search engine
The information doesn't exist, so there's nothing to get.
@E_net4isonstrike that's a better example, but it suggests that someone was trolling in one specific circumstance, not that downvoting=trolling
@Nike The specific circumstance of which is having downvoted.
People often want to come up with an underlying excuse for it that does not involve the quality of their own question.
Why did you bring this up though?
Why did you say that it will take you a long time to ignore people who equate downvoting to trolling?
6:11 PM
because this is the meta room, where we routinely vent about moderation tasks
I was asking @E_net4isonstrike
KevinB is right. Because we like to vent every once in a while about the unreasonable behaviors found in the main site, especially in this room.
Does that disturb you in particular?
So you just randomly come here and talk about how you don't like people that equate downvoting to trolling, once in a while?
that is among the things that get discussed here, yes
And waffles.
I mean, pancakes.
6:13 PM
I'm not asking what "gets discussed here".
right, you're trolling
How am I trolling?
@Nike Like on a daily basis...
@VLAZ-onstrike- when was the last time?
6:15 PM
@Nike I mean, if I understood correctly, you have just arrived at a chatroom that you do not visit often, and started questioning the things we talk about here.
Doesn't that sound a bit out of line to you?
@Nike this isn't the search box
it's at the top right
@Nike Today. Before that yesterday. What is your end goal here?
snark isn't helping folks
Literally just check E_net4's posting history. He's posting about this nearly daily if not actually daily.
Weekly would be more precise. But I might hold off on that while the strike lasts.
6:17 PM
@E_net4isonstrike Pretty sure it's not that rare. I do count you re-posting the comments.
Heh, I don't see the need to keep track. :)
@Nike that's, I mean I'm not a regular in this room (or the Meta room) but I think that's somewhat obvious. Just because a room is about XYZ, doesn't prevent it from having idle chat
¯\_(惄)_/¯ me neither. But suddenly it's somehow "important". I still don't understand why the questioning around this.
So there's someone who complains about the same thing in this chatroom on a daily (or weekly, depending on whose speaking) basis, and the same person accused me of being "out of line" for my behavior starting here.
and this room is also literally called "The Meta room". If that's not a good clue, I don't know what is
6:19 PM
I mean, to be fair, you're asking about things that are easily findable
why should we go find it for you?
@Nike That didn't happen.
You've linked to your own comment.
@E_net4isonstrike honestly I don't mind it myself. I actually find this entertaining but maybe that's just me
@NordineLotfi who said it prevents it from having idle chat?
I mean, "randomly come here and talk about how you don't like people that equate downvoting to trolling" -> idle chat
@Nike Who said you said that?
I can also ask questions.
Shall I?
6:21 PM
@VLAZ-onstrike- Which part of it "didn't happen"?
This room was placed in timeout for 2 minutes; stop
Q: Statement from SO: Moderator Action today

PhilippeAs you may be aware a number of moderators (on Stack Overflow/across the network) have decided to stop engaging in several activities that they had taken on, including moderating content - in fact, almost all moderation tasks. The primary reason for this action is dissatisfaction with our positio...

6:53 PM
I went full meta
You never go full meta!
These are the best times to go full meta
curious, how many times you have gone full meta :p
A: Statement from SO: Moderator Action today

E_net4 is on strike We ran an analysis Alas. This is the moment where I miss the times where y'all used to publish Data Science times! (see e.g. November 2018 and December 2018) which not only showed some professional and responsible analysis of the data that you had, but did so in a way which was transparent to t...

7:56 PM
Q: Is it hidden advertisement?

muradmHere is the question, straight forward and precise. Here is the answer, similar. Everybody happy. Then after sometime update is coming: Alternative solutions like AKHQ, CMAK RedPanda Console, Confluent Control Center, etc already have Docker containers for web applications that you can access fr...

8:26 PM
Q: Feature Request: More Forgiving Syntax Rule for MarkDown Tables

Samuel MuldoonAt the time of my writing, if and end-user does not format their tables very carefully, then the end result will not render properly. COLUMN ONE COLUMN TWO āŽµāŽµāŽµ0. Biodegradable Bowl\n\r 0. Biodegradable Bowl | COL ONE | COL TWO | |---------...

9:08 PM
Feeds also on strike?
you saw nothing
I saw Feeds striking in other rooms, too.
I have just been advised by the chinchilla in my room who holds a gun that I did not, in fact, see anything.
10:08 PM
Q: React native ios build issue for the release mode.It Actually works fine with debug mode in xcode but in release mode it stucks like the below image

bhanu priyaIn the debug mode in xcode the app builds successfully but when i change product->schema->edit schema-> changing the run build configuration to release and clean the project and delete the dervied data and freshly built the app and the app build gets stuck like building app running 2 of 5 custom ...

@NewPosts I... I... can... vote... to... close... this... butterfly... can... I?
Why would you close it? It actually works fine.
it's weird feeling compelled to take action and refusing to because... reasons... even though doing so would align with your goals... and at the same time not..
It's a super weird situation, yea :/
Q: Form fill pleaseeeee

JonesIā€™m a uni student and need help with my research paper. Would you mind filling up this form? Would help a lot and won't take more than 30 secs. THANK YOUUU https://forms.gle/u7jLgZesxyqqU1yM9

For your viewing pleasure.
Or torture.
@VLAZ-onstrike- it feels suuuper weird, I admit
@VLAZ-onstrike- torture. Definitely torture.
I gave in
10:18 PM
I was unable to conclusively guess whether you would feel pleasure or torture, so I elected not to make a definite statement.
@OlegValteriswithUkraine don't :)
@Vickel but... but... it's Meta... if I vote only just this once... just onceeee...
@OlegValteriswithUkraine ok ... well... yes... I think... then you are forgiven... if it stays just once :)
@Vickel preccciousss little butterfliessss...
10:51 PM
honestly I would not, uh, mind a policy exempting meta sites from the strike...
11:01 PM
at least per-site metas
11:44 PM
Q: Is writing a guide instead a question allowed?

MendelGI came across this post: Guide: How to store objects in a Hive database in Flutter This post doesn't pose a question but rather instead, provides a guide on how to accomplish a specific task. From what I understand, StackOverflow is a Q&A site, and not intended for the above-styled posts. On the...


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