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12:32 AM
@VLAZ well, there is a case to be made that those tagged with are generally of the Q&A form, but it still doesn't mean the action they took was correct... Especially that such posts are tagged and lacks a link to a discussion post (and a discussion post in the first place, of course).
10k on meta is a blessing and a curse
On the bright side, I am going to join the club much sooner than I thought :) Yay? I guess?
1 hour later…
1:54 AM
> While Stack Exchange generally values the input of its moderators and community members
well, that's a funny one (speaking of - is that one generated as an ironic statement?)
oh, nvm, it is.
I guess that's a start. I wish we didn't have to do it for SE.
:shrug: why would they make a post for discussion, if they don't intend to participate
edited my message for the starboard.
Chat feature request: inline oneboxed SE links to the post title for the starboard
hah, haha, chat feature requests.
2:09 AM
(yes, I know that'll never happen, that's why it's in here and not in a meta post)
@KevinB well, can't say I disagree, but if they want to argue formalities, I'd like them to follow the formalities themselves.
to be fair, they do make such posts and clearly don't intend to honestly participate all the time, so
Speaking of which, I'll just go over to the starboard and inline @Oleg's, too
@RyanM yup, sure, thanks!
@OlegValteriswithUkraine I'll take the rep, though ;-)
2:13 AM
@RyanM yeah, that's the "good" part of all this :)
Wasn't sure if the post would be downvoted because of the bad policy it's discussing, but so far it's doing very well. That's good, since it'll make people aware of it.
pity there's no HMP on MSE
@RyanM it's unlikely to be given that it's what should have happened to begin with. The way staff handled the policy announcement just created a lot of extra strife that could've been avoided.
i think there's a certain... value in botching the announcement, to focus the discussion on the botched announcement rather than it's content.
heh, that would be way too subtle of a tactic given how SE tends to handle things...
I don't think it's worked, if that was the goal
The only extent to which it's been focused on the announcement is the objections to "we have this data but we're not going to show it to you"
2:19 AM
Yup, if this was a distraction, it managed to distract everyone for, like, ... about 30 minutes tops?
On a tangential note, those (possibly generated?) joke responses are getting annoying.
We've gotten some indications internally of how the analysis was done; you will be unsurprised to learn that there are at least one or two very obvious flaws.
Absolutely not surprised.
Judging from what I've seen over the years on how SE approaches metrics and analysis in general, I can imagine how rigorous the analysis was this time.
@OlegValteriswithUkraine possibly generated?
i mean, these are clearly trolls
@RyanM oh, you know, we aren't supposed to make such claims without concrete evidence. /s
2:22 AM
ah right of course, my mistake
these are excellent high-quality answers, and that's evidence that the writers are great contributors. just look at how many words there are and how many answers they're writing to so many questions.
exactly - imagine they got flagged and deleted on account of baseless accusations?
I do find their effort somewhat amusing and ironic, though.
Oh, wow! I am absolutely blown away by the brilliance and originality of these AI-generated answers on Stack Exchange! It's truly amazing how they manage to provide such accurate and relevant information that is definitely not based on a random assortment of buzzwords and generic statements.

I mean, who needs human expertise and experience when we have these AI models spewing out responses that sound like they were written by the users themselves? It's so refreshing to see people taking credit for the impressive feats of artificial intelligence instead of acknowledging the actual source.
Signed, Definitely me and you can't prove otherwise.
Definitely not intend to - after all, I am not in any way biased against users from the US.
Joking aside, seems like two of those just got nuked?
@OlegValteriswithUkraine self-deleted
@RyanM oh, thanks.
~172 to go till I am able to determine that myself :)
2:31 AM
@OlegValteriswithUkraine just need 172 more rep...
ouch, I can't count
you made me go back and check my math and also caching
my apologies ^^"
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6:54 AM
@RyanM this is beautiful. I especially like "blind worship". This sounds more sophisticated than my "over-glorifying" that I used before.
7:20 AM
Q: Is it possible to change Stack Overflow overall text color to custom?

TonecopsI would like to have the (high contrast) text color instead of piercing white to be kind and soft greenish like in military jets and such are used. Is there some kind of overall setting to make it happen for example using Chrome extension which could load a CSS? I have an example image about the ...

8:14 AM
Q: How new policy affects ban on ChatGPT generated content

markalexThere was a post announcing new policy regarding AI Generated content: What is the network policy regarding AI Generated content? So far I haven't seen any announcements regarding changes in Temporary policy: ChatGPT is banned. My understanding is that new policy only applies to moderators bannin...

9:14 AM
Q: Fix Voting Button Design by Reverting

hakrePlease fix the new design of the up/down voting clickable area ("voting buttons") by reverting the change. Thanks. If this a test, please provide an option to opt-out of the test. If this is not a test, revert, then make it a feature by allowing the user to configure the new design as an option. ...

9:46 AM
surprised that's not a dupe, honestly
really considering closing as unclear
10:16 AM
...okay, they've had enough opportunities to clarify what the bug is. Closed.
11:04 AM
Q: When posting new policies / announcement please post them as QUESTIONS so that people can actually answer

SPArcheonRecently StackExchange posted a new question about a policy on AI generated content. What is the network policy regarding AI Generated content? The post was made as a fake question, with the actual policy posted as an answer. You can obviously see the result. While it is possible to "answer" to...

11:53 AM
@Andreasdetestscensorship Duh. It serves us more than it serves SO
12:44 PM
Q: Should we add an "entity-framework-core-7" tag?

SNBSThere's a new (November 2022) release of EF Core — version 7, which has some major differences from previous versions (e.g. it doesn't support lazy loading, as for now). Should there be a specific tag for it? I suggest [entity-framework-core-7]? I'm not yet allowed to create new tags.

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2:01 PM
@ZoestandswithUkraine One never knows what might be travelling around inside Zoe's head.
2:21 PM
@Andreasdetestscensorship I can take a guess and I'll probably be right more often than not: Rick Astley and trains.
Also: How to take over the world.
2:32 PM
Q: find questions I haven't already voted to close

Ben BolkerI'd like to find a way to get a list of questions that have a particular tag and that have zero answers aren't closed and I haven't already voted to close It's easy to use the advanced search help to satisfy all but the last criterion ([tag1] answers:0 closed:no). Is it possible to filter on th...

@VLAZ brb need to deploy some totally not evil drones to take over the world
Train-shaped drones which play "Never Gonna Give You Up"
2:51 PM
Q: Is it really beneficial to be able to accept an answer?

AlbertDo we really gain something by the possibility of accepting an answer? I can find reasons against this and I struggle thinking of the advantages. A false answer can be chosen as accepted---it doesn't happen often, but by design it can---, and sometimes I've seen the most accurate or complete answ...

huh, were it asked on our meta, it would've gotten quite a different reception
You mean, people would crawl out of the woodwork to explain how crucial "resolving", I mean, "accepting" is?
sigh... probably, I suppose
3:34 PM
@VLAZ Linus too.
Q: Can't search on my Onyx Boox Nova 3 Color

iRonI am using StackOverflow quiet a lot and I recently bought an Onyx Boox Nova 3 Color with has a 7.8″ E Ink color screen with a resolution of 468x624 (in portrait mode). In this resolution I am not able use the search box as it is too small to put any text in and is too wide to start the mobile re...

You beat me to it. Got the link in my clipboard. Was gonna paste it here.
"Part of this evolution led us to [...] reduce our headcount by 10% last month. [...] I remain grateful for our community, which is the basis of everything we do, and for the many Stackers who demonstrate great resilience and live our mission and values each day." Heck yeah, who needs employees when we have deadbeat volunteers doing the heavy work for free.
Yea, community trust,
4:35 PM
Ocarp it's happening. The new CoC has been applied.
Q: How can a user show "code" on a visual tool?

leanneIn this question, the OP is using an automated tool - one that records actions and then can be adjusted. There is no "code" to be provided. Yet, it has been closed, requesting a minimal, reproducible code example. The OP has provided images of the error message they're receiving and a screen havi...

5:09 PM
> 💯👍
Q: Why I can't ask for recommendations for software libraries?

zs2020 We don’t allow questions seeking recommendations for books, tools, software libraries, and more. Edit the question so it can be answered with facts and citations. You can edit the question or post a new one. Why is that? Isn’t that the only valuable thing that StafkOvetFlow can provide at this ...

5:50 PM
Q: What changes were made to the Code of Conduct on May 31, 2023?

CaseyThere is no clear delineation of what is new/changed and what is the same among the "updated" code of conduct announced on May 31, 2023. What was changed/added?

6:02 PM
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7:38 PM
Q: What is the time limit for reporting CoC violations? Can past violations be reported?

6502A few years back I got attacked by someone with privileges that first vandalized (i.e. changed content to something quite different) one reply I wrote and then apparently with the help of a few friends downvoted it to oblivion (hard to read transparency, not sure if this kind of presentation is s...

8:16 PM
@ZoestandswithUkraine How come you don’t like the company’s investments into AI? I thought you like trains.
8:36 PM
@NewPosts ?
@NewPosts zoe was loosely involved in that one
Q: disambiguation of [loki] in favor of [grafana-loki]

markalexThere is a tag loki. From tags description: Loki is a C++ library of designs, containing flexible implementations of common design patterns and idioms. Loki was written by Andrei Alexandrescu. It provides many features used in so-called modern C++, such as metaprogramming facilities, smart poin...

hey, i was involved too
i think my comment is more true today than it might have been 3 years ago
9:26 PM
Q: Query Transformation is not updating the date column in SAP Data Services

veer kumar rathoreI am reading the data file and loading into table. In data file some columns are of DATE type. some record are having date in this format "00/00/0000". when i run the SAP BODI job, it gives me warning as **Invalid value year: 0000 for date, context: column creation_date ** I want to load the date...

9:45 PM
The entire premise of your question here is reporting coc violations, not getting your answer reopened. And now you're trying to get into an argument with me over... who knows what. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ — Kevin B 3 mins ago
@KevinB Getting your answer what now? ;)
> You last voted on this answer 16 mins ago. Your vote is now locked in unless this answer is edited.
then indicate that through the UI
I really wish we could edit the edit summary within a minute or two after posting it. I noticed 3 seconds after submitting an edit on my last MSE answer, that there's a typo there. So embarrassing.
@CodyGray that assumes every developer cares enough to actually do that. You sort of have a chicken-and-egg problem that's solved by the majority of apps (disclaimer: speculation; I don't have the numbers) already being compatible with all architectures.
@Andreasdetestscensorship you can, just use the grace period and edit something else (add a space), then undo that
10:01 PM
@RyanM Eh, I clicked edit on the revision history, and changed the summary, and submitted, within 1 minute of the original edit. That didn't work, and what you're describing seems cumbersome.
yeah, you have to change the content or it won't work
it's annoying; it would be better if it just let you change the summary during the grace period

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