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12:22 AM
Hi, I noticed that GCC optimizes x << 1 to x + x. Does this mean addition is faster than shifting?
12:35 AM
depends on a lot of things
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5:46 AM
Q: Question closed? What happened to "on hold"?

anatolygI have just closed a question as "unclear", and it says "closed" in the title. I remember that it used to be "on hold" for a few days, reflecting the hope that OP could edit it, and then it would be reopened. Was the wording changed? Or is it some special case or heuristic which guesses "probably...

2 hours later…
8:05 AM
OK, I find this very odd. My custom filters just...disappear. But it's always the same custom filters. Also, two different machines I have that are both on right now show different list of custom filters. Hard refreshing doesn't change that. I don't know how it's possible for the same user to see two different lists of custom filters on two machines.
1 hour later…
9:10 AM
Q: a clue about "git command is not returning any value in makefile" questions on SO?

LeGECThere was a question asked in January 2023: git command not returning any value in makefile which was duplicated (as in ctrl+C/ctrl+V, spotted by an SO user) in November: Git command is not returning any value in makefile and recently a sequence of questions mentioned the exact same issue (variat...

9:20 AM
@NewPosts I'm hesitant whether I should write a reply. I'm not sure how sensitive the information about LPU is.
9:46 AM
Q: Bad request on stack exchange api with GET questions/{qId}/answers/{aId}/comments

AisI made a few successful requests to stack exchange API for StackOverflow enterprise. I get success with data on getting questions/{qId}/answers with its content, but I cannot get comments for this specific answer. I am getting Bad Request "No method found with this name". I get the URL from API d...

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11:40 AM
Q: What is the solution for highly disruptive users?

ingotangjingleI hope the disruptive users mentioned in this post would kindly not interact with it. Stack overflow This is a community-run, by community, for the community website. That means that any toxicity, disruption or other negative aspects of the website aren't caused by individuals: We as a community ...

12:04 PM
Q: Calendar data not loading on profile page

Mano MaheCan't able to view my Visited days calendar since past few months. I thought this is from my browser cache/cookie, after clearing it also seems same. After searching regarding this, I got to know that is on your back-end furniture moving. Note this bug and make this feature available to everyone ...

12:44 PM
@NewPosts Seriously?
Q: How to ask negative questions about the community?

ingotangjingleFrom these questions about intent: Do questions need to convey intent (discussing the intent behind the acts that lead to an issue) https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/427432/how-important-is-intention-behind-questions (discussing the intent behind deciding to post a question) The consensus ...

1:19 PM
@NewPosts this week's meta try-hard?
Q: Minimize a part of a post, expand when clicked

Kelly BundyIs there a way, or can we get one, to minimize a part of a post to a single line that expands to show the whole content when you click it? Like <details><summary>...</summary> ... </details> at GitHub. I often include benchmarks in my answers. And I usually include the often lengthy benchmark pro...

@NewPosts I wonder if their meta post score is now negative enough that they'd have received a question ban if it was actually enabled on meta.
@NewPosts They seem to be driven by downvotes. Try upvoting the posts instead, and they’ll grow tired, and eventually leave.
1:51 PM
Anyways, I already modflag'd
2:26 PM
@AbdulAzizBarkat I think it's just deliberate trolling at this point. I modflagged the comment chain to be removed.
@VLAZ Yeah, I just wanted to see how they would twist that piece of logic I threw at them. :P
I can understand that, lol
Q: Why does meta not allow questions about the community?

ingotangjingleAccording to https://stackoverflow.com/help/whats-meta Stack Overflow meta provides: a legitimate space for people to ask how and why this site works the way it does Given this statement, I will ask why this website doesn't allow questions about the community. There has been many asked, but all...

I'm sure people have gotten suspended for far less.
2:41 PM
"again", not "what".
@KarlKnechtel Synonyms, no? "Come again?" often shortened to "Again?" in colloquial usage.
ah, plausible
Although, I admit it's a bit reaching for a dumb joke
2:43 PM
Not again!
Who is responsible for hiring this entertainment? I want a refund.
I'm sorry, but I'm at least 80% dumb jokes by volume.
Well, I meant the meta posts, but I'll take a refund for that too.
@NewPosts And now we return to this question. A moderator will soon give you the answer.
10 posts in less than 3 days. This must be a new record.
If only they used that time to do useful thingy on the main site instead
Like fix this?
> Smallest reproducible example: <some link>
3:08 PM
@VLAZ so, not as high a percentage by word count? seeing as the last one involved all caps?
But yeah I seriously don't understand why the guy hasn't gotten suspended
@VLAZ my filters don't sync between machines, O.o
@KevinB Wait...that might actually explain it.
I just didn't think it was possible.
I mean, sure it's "possible" but it's a very, very improbable. But you might be right.
@AbdulAzizBarkat there are no question bans on meta
@KevinB Yup, which is why I said "if it was actually enabled on meta."
3:48 PM
@KevinB Nope...it's a userstyle I had for removing the blog posts. It was "working" on one machine. In that it was removing the blog posts but also the second and third custom filter I had.
@-moz-document domain("stackoverflow.com") {
li.s-sidebarwidget--item:nth-child(3) {
    display: none !important;
when they last redesigned the sidebar HTML (which they do annoyingly often), it caused my code to basically kill every link except "TEAMS" -_-
That's all I see now, lol
lot less distracting that way, I suppose
Yes, I had two userstyles on two machines. One of the redesigns of the side bar killed one of my userstyles. I couldn't be bothered to update it. Just now did I realise the other had a positional issue, after I tried creating a list called "a" and "b" which showed the items I couldn't otherwise see.
4:04 PM
Q: Does meta allow questions about the meta community?

ingotangjingle"What's meta" page does not answer this question: https://stackoverflow.com/help/whats-meta Are questions about the meta community allowed on meta?

Hoping that no one "feeds the troll", that they'll get bored and move on
Maybe it's a sock puppet of the moderators, to play a trick on us... No, wait, it's not April. But it would explain why it's not suspended yet.
@HovercraftFullOfEels Sorry, too late. It's already happened.
@AndreasmovedtoCodidact: easiest would be for me to just ignore it, but it's like a car accident, and I. Just. Can't. Look. Away.
Next iteration coming soon.
@HovercraftFullOfEels :D As long you don't snatch any photos, it should be legal.
Wait, is this:
> Weirdly toxic response. You might have an easier time writing what you mean with a calm mind.
a response to this???
> "all questions that 3 people dislike are bad, and can be closed." - You forgot to mention if other users, like the question, it can be reopened. While a question can be closed by 3 users, it can also be reopened, a question is never permanently closed.
I don't know what to be most surprised by. The complete lack of sense in that, or the fact that comment auto-boxing is broken in chat.
4:21 PM
Remember the lesson? Keep calm and meta on~
Q: Tricky review audit of a bot-generated First Question

DmitryThere is an audit review in the First Question Queue: 35377416. The question is best described by this quote from this Meta discussion: There is a question which looks fine. Then all of a sudden the comment responses look like they have been written by an AI, and then even say they are an AI! Y...

@AndrewT. That's why we've gotten 11 of them so far.
Q: Are questions about the meta community allowed on meta?

ingotangjingle"What's meta" page says that meta is for: Stack Overflow users to communicate with each other about Stack Overflow (asking questions about how the websites work, or about policies and community decisions) This however, doesn't explain whether meta allows questions about the meta community?

4:37 PM
@AndreasmovedtoCodidact I'm thinking that that is in response to a previously deleted comment, but only a mod can see this and know for sure.
4:58 PM
Q: What does "this post is off-topic" in meta mean?

ingotangjingleI have lately seen this message on my closed questions here on meta: What does this mean? How can I make a post seek for input or discussion? As an example, Let's assume this question has the above message: How would you edit to fix it?

@AndreasmovedtoCodidact That's in response to this: chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/56921283#56921283
5:17 PM
@AbdulAzizBarkat Oh, I forgot about the comment archive. Thanks.
5:32 PM
@AbdulAzizBarkat: and I never knew about it, double thanks!
Q: How to edit out rants from a question?

ingotangjingleMy question got closed: https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/427457/does-meta-allow-questions-about-the-meta-community And when I asked for advice: What does the "does not appear to seek input and discussion" message in the close banner mean?? The second question got closed for being a duplic...

@HovercraftFullOfEels the comment archive and this room are quite useful to keep track of what's going on on Meta
OK, I may be dinged for this, but I'm flagging these questions as rude-abusive.
5:41 PM
@HovercraftFullOfEels There's one on MSE as well.
@AndreasmovedtoCodidact: good. Let them deal with this kook.
@AndreasmovedtoCodidact: was the MSE question closed? I have not found it as yet.
@HovercraftFullOfEels No, there's a comment archive on MSE too.

  Meta Stack Exchange Comment Archive

A comprehensive archive of all Meta Stack Exchange Comments. C...
@AndreasmovedtoCodidact: ah, I see. Thanks.
6:10 PM
Q: How to interpret a "off-topic" close reason?

ingotangjingleMy last 3 questions were closed, 2 of them for being "off topic". How to edit out rants from a question? https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/427457/does-meta-allow-questions-about-the-meta-community https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/427461/what-does-this-post-is-off-topic-in-meta-mean...

6:23 PM
6:56 PM
Q: Should questions about improving questions be allowed on the meta page?

ingotangjingleExample of an off-topic question: https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/427463/how-to-edit-out-rants-from-a-question Should these type of question improvement questions be allowed on the meta page? A new user would be confused by the closing reason and someone else might ask the same question ...

Q: Can we please red flag discussions?

FastnlightCurrently, we can flag discussions, which (I assume) brings it up to the moderators. However, with other posts, we can spam and r/a flag posts to automatically bring them down. Why can't we do that with discussions. Now, spammers are realizing that discussions is a way to keep spam up for longer ...

Q: How to deal with stalking?

ingotangjingleNot a statement I would imagine to hear from this website, but I have a stalker. Is this behavior allowed, and if not, how can I report it? I have spent all my flags for today.

7:16 PM
7:46 PM
Q: Is "I am interested in hearing what you think" appropriate edit addition to an off-topic question?

ingotangjingleIf a question gets closed for being off-topic, does adding "I am interesting in hearing what you think?" count as an appropriate solution? If not, what other ways should be used for this specific close reason? I am interested in hearing what you think. Example: This question.

Blessed relief
8:02 PM
8:14 PM
No worries. It'll return in 7 days.
1 hour later…
9:17 PM
That took a while, I see.
And look, it's the "low-quality contributions" reason.
Ssssh. Why post the answer 7 days before the question is live on the site?
Well, I certainly learned something new from that...
1 hour later…
10:34 PM
Q: Can an API endpoint endpoint and websocket be added for Collectives Discussions and Articles?

cocomacYes, both the Articles and Discussions tags would be appropriate, but I'd like to leave room for a status-* tag. Currently, there's no method (without scraping) to automatically collect Articles & Discussions. At one point there was a way to get Articles, but it's since been removed from public f...

1 hour later…
11:48 PM
@NewPosts Sounds reasonable. Smokey is not monitoring those right now and it probably really should

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