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12:24 AM
Q: How do I get myself unbanned from questions on Stack Overflow?

zoomingspeedI recently was blocked from posting questions on the website due to my questions receiving negative feedback (such as downvotes), and I read the message that Stack Overflow provided for me, and they say I can start asking questions again if I start improving on my existing questions to make them ...

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5:34 AM
Q: Isn't teltonika tag (a company) advertising too much for it?

Marc Le BihanI came over a post tagged teltonika This tag has this description: Teltonika is a company which provides different devices to Overcome the challenges of IoT (Internet of Things) and achieve its full potential with GPS trackers,Teltonika M2M, fleet management, industrial routers etc. Isn't this ta...

6:22 AM
Q: How to prevent false close reasons?

ingotangjingleHow could one prevent false closure reasons? I can imagine the confusion one person might experience on this website, if their post were to be removed for a false reason. (Not my opinion, just a hypothetical) In such case, it is impossible to know whether any given question breaks a rule, or if t...

7:08 AM
@NewPosts if(!closeReason) prevent()
Q: Farewell Yaakov and thanks for the haiku!

CatijaYou may soon notice one fewer diamond around the site. The amazing developer, tech lead, and community advocate Yaakov Ellis - user 51(!) - has taken an opportunity elsewhere and today, December 7th, 2023, is the end of over 10 years working for Stack Overflow. When he shared this with me, I offe...

SG was developed under Yaakov. I'm not sure what that means for the project.
7:40 AM
Q: Is there any check to keep moderators and users 2000 < reputation from editting questions

GouravJust see what a moderator is doing on stackoverflow I am new to stackoverflow. After viewing some edited questions, I noticed that some users with 100k, 59k, 39k, 11k, .. reputation just playing edit edit game without answering questions. Around 350 suggested edits need to approve. But they just...

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8:59 AM
Has there always been a rep cap on the site? Did users like Jon Skeet get hundreds of thousands of rep in the form of bounties? I note that they're solidly above 200 per day from account creation to the present
@KarlKnechtel If not from the beginning, it has existed for a very long time.
@KarlKnechtel The repcap is for votes. Bounties bypass this (otherwise 500 rep bounties wouldn't make sense)
I think there are a few other things that also bypass the repcap. Maybe accepts? But it's not a very hard cap is what I'm saying.
Also, a softer "bypass" is that for example, you get 200 rep from upvotes, but you lose some rep, you can still get up to 200. Say, 21 upvotes + receiving 4 downvotes is a total of +200 rep but it's actually 208 - 8
9:29 AM
I know that, I'm just amazed by the implied total amount of bounty that must have been awarded.
in my experience, the awarded-bounty markers are a rare sight.
Could also be multiple bounties.
AFAIK answer acceptance does bypass the limit.
Which seems more believable. Especially if one user answers mostly bountied questions, then they can probably get multiple bounties on the same day. Manual or automatic. I don't know if that's the case with Jon Skeet, though. Just musing about bounties.
select sum(bountyamount) from votes tells me less than 42 million total rep awarded this way ever
@KarlKnechtel Not sure if that counts the halving of the amount from automatic awards.
Hmm, also not sure if it counts not awarded bounties that lapsed with no manual award and no eligible automatic award target.
9:35 AM
select 15 * count(*) from votes where votetypeid=1 accounts for another 185 million or so.
@VLAZ it does; I saw 25, 75 etc in the bountyamount values (using group by)
and it's the votes table, so it should only be considering awards of bounties I think?
OK, I am not sure how the bounties are recorded in the database. So it might be that it's an accurate number.
You're right, if it's in votes, it should only account for awarded ones.
We can see how much reputation a user has earned from bounties in their profile. For example Jon Skeet currently has 10,725 reputation from bounties
But other than the 200 daily rep cap their reputation would majorly be coming from accepts. The 10k+ rep from bounties above doesn't really cover the approximately 300k gap you get even if you calculate hitting the rep cap daily for Jon Skeet.
10:18 AM
@AbdulAzizBarkat Mostly irrelevant but from the 1 mil rep club few users have more rep in bounties than Jon Skeet: 1. VonC 91k 2. BalusC 26k 3. Martjin Pieters 16k
11:10 AM
It seems like sometimes people upvote debugging questions that just show a huge code dump because the bug was hard to find :|
which, you know, obviously makes the problem interesting and difficult enough to be worthwhile
@AbdulAzizBarkat so it'd have to be from accepts I guess
in Jon Skeet's case, that means averaging something like rep cap + 4 accepts per day...
on an average of less than 6 and a half answers per day.
of 35672 total answers, select * from posts a join posts q on a.parentid=q.id where a.posttypeid=2 and a.owneruserid=22656 and q.posttypeid=1 and q.acceptedanswerid = a.id... well, this might time out
oh, it was just my internet I guess. 22286 accepted answers.
11:27 AM
@KarlKnechtel Yes, I've also noticed (ok, interpreted, can't be super sure without mind reading) that some questions about "bugs" are upvoted because the bug seems important or interesting. Even if it doesn't exist. Because OP just misread something or just had a trivial typo in the code that lead to a slightly misleading error.
11:43 AM
> My complaint is why they don't answer the unanswered questions without down voting others' answer. They must know the answer that's why the downvoted.
Gotta love how the first assumption some people make about the downvote is either because they don't know the answer, or apparently because they do!
@E_net4 if (isAnswerKnown || !isAnswerKnown) downvote()
2 hours later…
2:10 PM
On the list of things that annoy me: user asks a question saying they get an error with some code and it's clearly evident their code neither produces the error, nor is in any way "real" code. So, readers of the question are supposed to guess from the (usually scarce) description of the error and (the incorrect) code what the real code might be in order to produce the error described.
Q: What is the easiest method at earning reputation?

zoomingspeedI am a fairly new user on Stack Overflow, and recently I have been having some trouble at earning reputation. It is difficult for me because I am not really an experienced developer, but I try my best to help others and get help myself on this website. It is especially difficult to use the websit...

2:40 PM
Q: Other undelete votes are not properly counted/displayed when a post owner self-undeletes a post

TylerHYesterday I cast an undelete vote on an answer. This undelete vote is shown in the timeline, although it is unattributed so normal users can't tell whether it was an undelete vote by the post owner or by another user: The red arrow above indicates my undelete vote, which occurred after the post ...

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3:40 PM
Q: AuthenticationManagerBuilder with webflux spring security

Sakib X HossainI'm facing problem to implement AuthenticationManagerBuilder with webflux spring security. Here how I implemented AuthenticationManagerBuilder with websecurityconfigureradapter private final AuthenticationService authenticationService; public SecurityConfig(AuthenticationService authenticationSe...

4:34 PM
Q: How important is intention behind questions?

ingotangjingleUnwritten rules and their impact: This website does have unwritten rules: Do not mention negative aspects of the website: There are no well-received posts about the user experience around negativity or site toxicity. Complex, niche topics are deleted. These are the basic things a new user finds o...

4:57 PM
The edit war of the century decade year
A user rolled back then just rolled back again to a revision even further back...
not sure what i'm lookin at
My notifications with all the rollbacks and edits
the road to the place i want to eat is closed
i could take an alternative route, but it's gonna be incredibly busy and has several 4 way stops... that'll take half my lunch hour to get through
5:25 PM
@KevinB This is prime American behaviour.
Driving, from work, during lunch, just to eat. :O
i mean, i could bring my own food, but meh
Just prepare food at home, and bring that to work.
there's also a resturant right across the road i can walk to
3 in fact
That sounds expensive.
5:26 PM
Hope you have an electric car, then, so you won't pollute as much for a meal.
i don't, i drive a gas guzzler
it does though get 3 more miles to the gallon than my old one
sometimes even 5!
Q: Why does the search bar in Stack Overflow return wrong results?

DinuxWhen I searched for β€˜score:-1’ in the Stack Overflow search bar, I expected to get a list of questions with score <= -1. However, all the results I got were highly upvoted. In fact, most of the answers had like >10k votes. Why is this so?

So much energy spent at getting food.
It's probably much more cost-effective if you consume the gasoline instead of the car.
5:44 PM
@NewPosts @VLAZ best to simply disengage with that user, they just want things to go their way.
that's no fun tho
Yes, I agree. But I'm really curious what mental hoops they would jump through to try and make it sound like everything is allowed and it's not allowed to disagree with that.
🚩 γƒŽ( γ‚œ-γ‚œγƒŽ)
Q: Should popularity matter more for closed posts?

ingotangjingleI have been searching the site of how they define "good" and "bad" questions. Considering that you only need 3 people to believe a question is bad, it makes sense to define it well. Well I found this answer: Basically, popularity doesn't matter, all questions that 3 people dislike are bad, and c...

@NewPosts here we go again
6:34 PM
Q: Are questions that put to light negative aspects of the website allowed?

ingotangjingleIs it allowed to create questions about negative aspects of the website or discuss them?

Q: Update to cookie consent modal for EU/UK users

DalmarusOur sites feature a cookie consent banner to ask users for permission to store cookies on their devices. It currently looks like this: In order for us to continue to serve personalized ads in the EU and UK, we are updating the content and style of our cookie consent banner and cookie settings di...

1 hour later…
8:04 PM
Q: Is it ever ok to put an image of code in an OP

ZakI have been staunch in my opinion of Posting images of code I will 100% of the time either downvote the question or flag to be closed. My question is, am I being too rigid? We've given plenty of examples of when NOT to post images of code ... Is there ever an acceptable time to post an image of...

8:28 PM
Q: Stackoverflowteams: Take the tour link just refreshes the page

JonHThe stackoverflow teams "Take the tour" link does nothing but refresh the page. Is it supposed to make you take a tour?

2 hours later…
9:58 PM
Q: Suggestion: Ban repetitive disruption by high-karma accounts

ingotangjingleIssue: Many repeat bad actors on the website aren't new users, they're veterans. Because of this, they have high karma and can do many power user actions such as comment anywhere. Bringing the banhammer on these disruptive veterans would decrease the amount of work from moderators and staff alike...

10:17 PM
@VLAZ I just like the audacity of the user to suggest we ban Jon Skeet
for voting to keep a question closed
10:40 PM
Q: Cannot select next badge to track

mickmackusaToday, I earned a badge and I wanted to pick the next badge to track myself. To my surprise, the list is unresponsive when I tap the desired (any) badge option.

Q: Ban continuous disruption by low-score accounts

ingotangjingleIssue: Many repeat bad actors on the website are low-score users. Despite their low score, they bring snark and rudeness to the website. Bringing the banhammer on these disruptive users would decrease the amount of work from moderators and staff alike. Flags currently remove a comment in question...

@NewPosts "karma"
10:58 PM
@NewPosts πŸ€”
11:16 PM
Q: Another slap in our face with this newest StackOverflow blog post

einpoklum"Are LLMs the end of computer programming (as we know it)?", ask our overlords at StackExchange inc, through the person of Ben Popper (sp?), the Director-of-Content, and Ryan Donovan, blog editor. Well, the magic 8-ball says: and if that reply sounds ridiculous, conceited, dismissive, worthless ...


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