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2:19 AM
@VLAZ In previous rounds, they identified themselves as LPU students in their profiles. These ones look different to me in posting style, too
2 hours later…
4:01 AM
@KarlKnechtel I believe VLAZ probably found LinkedIn profiles matching that username which also mention LPU. As to the posting style, students mostly just copy each other for such assignments so basically we were seeing things copied from a certain student before and now we are seeing things copied from another student.
3 hours later…
6:39 AM
@KarlKnechtel Yes. LinkedIn profiles. Regarding being different: the "up to now" low quality posts were probably there because the students were required to post something. So they did - in true university fashion, investing as little as possible for a pass. These triangle questions, on the other hand, are what you'd naturally get without requiring the students to post on SO. Just from giving them an assignment. I believe that's why they feel different.
Also this complete mess which does lend credence to trying to do the minimal possible. It gets worse as they probably copied from each other, I suppose:
in SO Close Vote Reviewers, 15 hours ago, by VLAZ
Note how the first ones are very similar And especially 1. is git command not returning any value in makefile. Not similar just the same.
... Is there any way we can sue universities for expecting their students to mess up the site for us?
@VLAZ wow someone actually copy-pasted a year-old question? heh
7:37 AM
Q: How can i send data from excel/spreadsheet into mysql table

Claudius MasseryHello any body who can assist, i just wanted to insert data from excel/spreadsheet into mysql table here is form <form method="post" id="UploadCsv" enctype="multipart/form-data"> <input type="file" name="filename" id="filename" class="file-choose" accept=".csv,.xls,.xlsx" >...

8:14 AM
@KarlKnechtel I guess they can be said to be breaking the Acceptable Use Policy specifically the "Mass Registration and Automation" clause by systematically registering accounts. Although what is considered "Mass Registration" and "systematic" is not that clearly specified. Most likely thing to happen rather than a court case though is staff sending the university an email telling them to stop directing their students to Stack Overflow.
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10:22 AM
> there are some research attempting to eliminate grades in the school cursus because of their violence
Is it really because of their violence?
Q: How to use json file as secret file in jenkins

varshaWe are using the newman docker image to run postman collection in Jenkins. command used is : newman run <api_collection_file_name_json> -e <env_file_name> I want to use environment file which is json file as a secret file in Jenkins credential manager. For above implementation, if we create a sec...

@E_net4 Red pens are murder!
@VLAZ I suspect they never met the blue pencil.
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12:09 PM
It's weird that editing and ticking the "this fixes the issues" sends the question to the reopen queue but doesn't actually vast a reopen vote.
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2:31 PM
@VLAZ Yeah, I work for a hospital system and luckily never had to deal with it myself over the last 10 years
but apparently if you are a healthcare entity that stores data, you have to be able to transfer it in this new 'standard' format
according to the PPACA (Obamacare)
I just think it's atrocious compared to, say, CSV
Only if you're in the US, right? So, you have a loophole - you can emigrate to the principality of Sealand. Become ungovernable!
also Sealand isn't a thing anymore, no? They gave up and moved out like 10 years ago IIRC
ah, yeah, it's been within British territorial waters since 1987
oh wait, no, it wasn't PPACA, it was HIPAA. I guess the affordable care act just strengthened requirements for it or something
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4:19 PM
Q: Wording of "time-series" is understood as trend analysis although just a mix of some monthly/weekly/yearly/timeless columns as input is meant

questionto42A question of how to build an ML model from columns that are stored monthly in a database and other columns that are overwritten or timeless should be clearly needed if you set up the features of an ML model. I asked this at Does the training+testing set have to be different from the predicting s...

5:14 PM
Closure is understood as misunderstanding the question although the closure due to being off-topic is meant
Q: How do I view the total number of flags I can raise per day?

DinuxI can raise a certain number of flags per day which increases if I have a lot of helpful flags. I started with ~13 flags and now I can raise ~26 flags per day. I want to know if there's any way to view the exact number of flags I can raise per day.

5:38 PM
Q: Delay in Data Dump release

RosieOur quarterly publication of our data (the “data dumps”) is currently delayed. While the process of copying and uploading data was scheduled to begin on Sunday, December 3rd, we’ve run into some issues with not all of the dumps uploading. The team is currently working on this and we’ll release th...

6:07 PM
@E_net4 what
6:19 PM
Q: Can Anyone Please Review My First Tkinter Application And Say What Should Be Added Or Changed?

Wali Lamberthttps://github.com/YatoVoid/Alarm-Clock-Tkinter-GUI-project-IOS-Design This is My project. I need someone to please review the simple app.

@NewPosts Yeeeees!
@VLAZ Was it still red before the murder?
@E_net4 The discolorization from internal bleedings is unlikely to transfer to the pen.
7:08 PM
Q: Site maintenance - Wednesday, December 13, 2023 @ 01:00 UTC (Tuesday, December 12 @ 8:00 pm EST)

BertholdWe have planned maintenance that will impact Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange sites. The window is scheduled for Wednesday, December 13, 01:00 UTC- 02:00 UTC (Tuesday, December 12, 2023, 8:00 PM-9:00 PM EST). During the maintenance window, Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange sites will be placed i...

7:55 PM
Q: Has has stack overflow gotten more hostile over the years?

FourierFluxI have used stack overflow for 10 years and I see a trend towards intolerance and general narrow minded application of rules, particularly in certain subareas. When browsing I see questions asked 5-10 years ago which got many upvotes that would be closed today. Did a policy change or has the user...

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10:54 PM
Q: What is appropriate action to take on older posts where answer is truly wrong in light of recent versions of software?

Buzz MoschettiSoftware moves quickly these days, and SO is no youngster. There are many questions and answers out there that show up in search that are completely wrong for current versions of software. As we come across these, should we comment? Downvote? Move to close as outdated?


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