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2:41 AM
@KarlKnechtel I don't know. But what have they been doing that's worthy of a 200-year suspension? From what I can tell they've posted spam or rude or abusive on writing but what else were they up to?
2:56 AM
Oh, and they are suspended to cool down on the Meta.
5 hours later…
7:52 AM
@user16217248 trolling, mostly
8:46 AM
> Assuming that the author of the post didn't hang himself in a fit of depression after being downvoted by everyone, I don't think this detail matters to him.
@user16217248 I don't feel confident calling it trolling, because generally I feel that requires a particular sort of intent, where Hanlon's Razor suggests to me that the guy really does believe his... bespoke positions.
However, he does have a habit, in Meta comment exchanges, of repeatedly ignoring evidence that is shown to him, and then demanding said evidence
also, as you've presumably seen, a politically provocative user profile, and some... impressively contrarian M.SE questions
So I found an answer, which doesn't really answer the post but rather gives the OP some other suggestions about their code, in the answer they also state "this is not an answer and so you can copy and paste to your question.". I am wondering whether I should flag this NAA or should I custom flag it?
If it straight out says "this is not an answer" then you should have a pretty solid case. but it might be better to get SME eyes on it
I can cover a fair number of languages there FWIW
@E_net4 I have to wonder how you keep finding these kinds of comments
It starts off with some code, which is why I feel NAA might get declined. It's this particular question: stackoverflow.com/questions/77555350/… (I'd say I am an SME here, since its basic Python)
9:28 AM
@KarlKnechtel I'm sure more than one post/comment which has since been removed was deliberately disruptive and provocative. I do think they do hold opinions but there are less in your face ways to express them.
@AbdulAzizBarkat Custom flag might work best if it's not super immediately obvious it's not an answer.
9:48 AM
@KarlKnechtel I don't know, why do people keep posting weird comments? :[
10:40 AM
Q: Nim syntax highlighting support

YupDeDupWould it be possible to add syntax highlighting for the nim language (And [nim] tag)?

11:04 AM
Q: Drawing attention to my git 2.5 weeks old git question?

gsamarasAny idea how to make my unable-to-resolve-nonexistent-file-vscode-vfs-github question gain some attention in the hope of finding answer(s)? Maybe some special MS tag that I'm not aware of? The github.dev Github page doesn't allow issues' creation, so I tried Github discussions, but no activity th...

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2:52 PM
Q: Are multiple answers enough hard evidence to prove that a question is considered "answerable" in triage?

monamonaI spend some free time in the Triage queue and sometimes find some questions, that already have two or more answers. At times, I find questions to be of low quality, as one would expect in the triage queue. Sometimes they don't include the attempts of the author, sometimes important details that ...

3:17 PM
@NewPosts People regularly ask something like "how do I fix code <off-site link>" and get multiple answers. Doesn't mean the question contains enough details. Also even worse examples are when the question definitely does not contain any details. Even off-site. And gets multiple pure guesses as answers.
6 hours later…
8:50 PM

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