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8:27 AM
Q: Is it acceptable / discouraged to emphasize data in example output?

MyICQWith background in this question, the poster mentions "line 4 and 9, column 3". It would be more clear if these lines were pointed out. Is it acceptable or discouraged to point out relevant points in data (or for that matter, code) with comments. Given that the original is not touched. Example ed...

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10:33 AM
Q: Improve help center documentation for what questions are "practical"

Jan SchultkeThe help center article What topics can I ask about here? currently explains that any question has to be: a practical, answerable problem that is unique to software development in order to be on-topic for the website. "Answerable" is relatively clear, but "practical" is quite subjective. The Ox...

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1:19 PM
@NewPosts why did I have a Deja Vu about this, moreover in a bad light..?
1 hour later…
2:26 PM
> Please explain do wnvotes and vo tes to close. Thanks.
Playing this game now, are we
maybe they're just like me and their finger's don't work perfectly anymore
> their finger's
your fingers have an agenda of their own
i didn't even spot that one
3:22 PM
You must have a peculiar keyboard layout for that key to be pressed there.
@AndreasismovingtoCodidact it's a common non-freudian slip in English; a lot of people struggle with when to add an apostrophe to -s contractions
even for those who know when asked, sometimes when you're typing you just end up adding one in because of 'false' muscle memory
hell, when I was in my late teens on IRC all the time I used to struggle with occasionally adding an apostrophe to words that aren't even plural or contractions
I like the weird keyboard layout explanation better.
I sometimes mess up «its» and «itโ€™s», so Iโ€™m paying attention to that before sending.
I wonder if someone's ever made a reverse dvorak layout
I'll often write different forms of words despite reading the correct word in my head. find vs found, for example, has happened a few times recently. The keys are close in this specific case, but not such that it could be a fatfinger
Is there a bug fix for that? I need it.
3:33 PM
Yeah, be younger
i only started noticing this issue about 2-3 years ago
Stop swimming in the fountain of youth.
also saw a quick decline in my ability to accurately use keybinds in games when there's more than, say, 6-8 of them
wow became difficult
3:39 PM
playing wow is the first problem there
sure, and i'm quite happy i don't anymore, ๐Ÿ˜‰ but it was quite frustrating to, after 10+ years of playing it, suddenly being unable to do what i was able to prior
yeah, that would be very frustrating
probably would've gotten back into it, if you had spent more time practicing/refreshing your memory
Typically I think the rule of thumb is that as you get older, you can still be generally as good at stuff, it just takes you longer/more time to get 'back into it' after time spent away, and the time you can spend away without needing that refresh continues to shrink
now i stick to more... creative games rather than competitive
of course some stuff like reaction time always continues to reduce as we age
which is why e-sports, like normal sports, is generally a younger person's realm
yeah that was what became really frustrating about it. I was performing poorly, so i was put on the bench. from the bench i can't practice and fix the problems i have, so it just gets worse. After a year of that i was done
3:46 PM
ah, raid leaders sitting you out?
Yeah, what happened is an expansion came out where my class was effectively useless
so the options were sit on the bench or move to a new class. i chose the latter, and was decent at it, but couldn't perform at the level of someone who that class was there class, you know
I only ever played a few weeks of WoW. I think I got to level 25 or so with a gnome warlock
i did well enough to progress in the main raid for most of the tier in that raid on that class, but at a certain point better people were recruited and i reverted back to my old class, which sat on the bench anyway because it had no purpose in that raid tier
so effectively an entire year away from what i normally play
3:50 PM
what class was it btw?
then when the class became better... someone else decided to class change to my class, and they took my spot rather than me slotting back in where i was, :shrug:
that got basically invalidated
it was effectively useless at doing single target damage, and there were other classes that could do single target damage while also doing more aoe than a warrior could, so you'd just bring two of them instead every time
I feel like something called 'warrior' would be best at doing single target damage
it normally was
or very close
3:54 PM
that was one thing that I didn't particularly like about SWTOR's class design for pvp
Jedi Knight's dps subclass of Sentinel was shit at damage compared to the Kedi Consular's dps subclass of Shadow
Even though Shadow was more of an assassin style than pure combat
it's sortof an issue that crept up with wow over several expansions, for melee vs ranged
So for pure DPS I always sucked in pvp or operations (raids) because I mained a Sentinel (since that is the class the game's story line is written around)
ranged became stronger and stronger, meanwhile melee still had to deal with the fact that there's limited room around the boss's feet for melee to exist
with top tier raiding almost always having mechanics that require near constant being spread out
or leaving the boss's feet
before, melee countered that by just having higher output
2 hours later…
6:05 PM
ugh, has the 'won't delete' bug
was wondering why it wasn't disappearing (after retagging them as )
is it a bug, or a feature
6:45 PM
Q: I am scheduling a deletion on my account; will this delete my other Stack Exchange accounts too?

TimMcYeahI am deleting my Stack Overflow account, but I am paranoid that it will delete my Arqade account as well. Will it be deleted or will it stay there?

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7:45 PM
Q: Reaping the legacy of unfriendly, non-human interactions on SO. An AI takeover

mayersdesignIt's all over right? For years I've made suggestions that SO should be more welcoming. That it should encourage discussion, mentoring, chat, teaching and learning, respect for reputation, and humour. That it should embrace and celebrate human relationships. However, the powers that be preferred t...

8:05 PM
"one thing you could do is write a better title"
proceeds to revert improvements to title rather than update one word in a quote on my -30 score answer
but but my answer is right! the people downvoting it clearly just don't understand
Like, yeah, invalidating answers is a bad thing, but I don't really think changing one descriptor to another, more clear and more accurate-to-the-question-body descriptor is really invalidating any answers
and if it does, is the -30 answer really the answer we want to prioritize there?
let alone the ironic exclamation about writing better titles in the first place
meanwhile, this is literally the first edit the user has made on the site
I suppose a link to the help center's editing page is not unwarranted
@TylerH gone now; thanks
8:22 PM
2 hours later…
10:05 PM
@KevinB I give up
must be something in the water
10:19 PM
just self-entitlement, emboldened by upvotes because it's a genuinely interesting question, despite it's problems
woo, only 10 pending flags left
11:21 PM
> ...there is no AI tag ... wow
wait I thought we fixed that
maybe we just talked about fixing it
...okay, I just checked, and apparently we just talked about fixing it.
okay, now I fixed it.
love to get a badge for forgetting where the moderator synonym tool that does it in one fell swoop is and doing it the long way instead.
11:43 PM
@RyanM This happened to me too, probably multiple times
I don't think I even know the short way to do tags

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