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1:54 AM
@NewPosts ugh, this is such a mess... the thing that kills me about these is that there's usually some good point somewhere in them, but obscured by either a rant or by Yet Another Suggestion That Downvotes Require Comments.
Also things like this are just ludicrously bad ideas...
I will explain every single vote, if users who submit poorly received questions, are question banned permanently after reaching the threshold. All votes must be explained, not just down votes, upvotes can be more damaging to the community then a single bad downvote — Security Hound 24 hours ago
We don't permanently ban people who do things far worse things than asking a few bad questions, come on.
People change, they learn, they get better.
2:15 AM
I'm somewhat confused by the issues in the meta post and how they relate to their statements on the main site. It looks like they largely left after 5 years because of the idea of collaborative editing?
I will acknowledge that two separate editors did change the meaning of their surrounding statements quite significantly...
2:40 AM
@HenryEcker My impression is that there are different issues at play in the meta post and the main site comments there
Some of these are also where I come back to the fact that downvotes come quickly and upvotes come slowly.
You very quickly get the "this sucks" feedback, and it's often for bad reasons like "you didn't include an attempt"
whereas you'll usually wait months or years for "this was a useful question and a lot of people had the same problem"
the system has a very difficult time telling the difference
I'm pretty sympathetic to "downvotes should require comments" in part because I suspect a lot of them are for bad reasons and it'd be nice to set those people straight and maybe get them to stop.
There are a lot of problems with how the idea is typically proposed to work, and good reasons that it doesn't work that way, but...I dunno, there are solutions. Anonymous commenting would help somewhat (obviously not anonymous to moderators). Making it easier to get people to retract down or close votes when the issue is fixed would also be good (it's supposed to rate the current content, not some past state of the content).
Oh and the f@#$ing VLQ flag shouldn't downvote answers when people edit them to fix the problem the flag was raised for; that's just actively counterproductive.
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7:23 AM
@RyanM Yes, unfortunately downvotes are mostly forever. Even if a post improves. Although that's reciprocated by the vast majority (in my experience) of posts never being improved. Or sometimes are completely unimprovable from the get-go.
8:15 AM
@VLAZ It's a bit of a self-fulfilling prophesy, in that if the downvotes were likely to be removed, people would be more likely to fix the problems
If I had more time for curation, I should randomly decide whether to include "and mention me with @RyanM to reopen the question once you've done so" in a message and see how much that helps improve the rate of getting fixes.
@RyanM I follow most posts I downvote or VTC. I'm notified to any changes and from my experience, the rate of improvements is really small. Few even bother editing a post, of those few improve it meaningfully. I do get to retract a DV or CV or cast a reopen vote, however it's quite rare.
Yeah, but I mean that there's a widespread perception that there's almost no hope of a DV being reversed.
@KarlKnechtel Not sure we're talking about the same thing here.
8:34 AM
@RyanM I mean, yeah - you're right that the two things do feed into each other. I feel users often don't edit their posts because they already have, say, a -2 on it, so chances of getting a positive score is very small. And I'm well aware I'm in the extreme minority of users who monitor posts I've acted on.
I wouldn't even recommend others do this because it can be rather noisy in terms of notifications. When I started I expected more notifications than I did get. However, I do still get a lot. If you CV a post, then you can expect at least one notification that it's closed. Maybe 3-5 total if some users comment. Some times I get 20 notifications from one post. It's rare but still, 10+ is not quite unusual. And the more you CV/DV/etc the more notifications you expect to get in the future.
If I could opt-out of comment notifications for some followed posts that'd be great. But I can't.
Yeah, I'd be far more inclined to do it if I could just follow edits.
9:02 AM
I submitted 2 chatgpt flags some time ago, one admitting it is a chatpgt answer. Both are pending. So whats the backlog on flags rn?
@A-Tech just under 5k of the custom moderator intervention flags, which make up the vast majority of the just under 7k total flags
The vast majority of the 5k are about AI content
oldest flag looks like Jun 28, though we don't handle them exactly in order (e.g., we'll often check to see if new custom flags are raised that aren't about AI content)
also handling AI content flags is a bit tricky while the heuristics with which we're supposed to evaluate posts are being hashed out
thought this was done?
i see how that makes it more difficult and slower
We have some approved heuristics but there are some cases that we think are obvious but also don't meet any currently approved heuristic
9:30 AM
I still wonder where this is leading to.
10:16 AM
Q: Answer date is previous to the question date

BytesOfMetalIn this question opened in 2018: Path.Combine() behaviour with drive letters this answer https://stackoverflow.com/a/19909134/6009117 appears dated in 2013. Tested it using Brave, Edge and Firefox.

Q: Stackoverflow keeps logging me out every few minutes

ShaharyarIt's been happening for the last few days. Whenever I open StackOverflow, it's logged out. I login and browse for a while and then close the tab. When I re-open it after a few minutes i.e. 20 min. It asks me to login again.

10:50 AM
@E_net4 "FUN"?
11:07 AM
It sure has been fun.
11:28 AM
Vaguely related to encouraging better answer and better questions on SO: we should also encourage people to not discard a dupe just because they don't want it to be still correct. Many a time a user would ask a question, it would be closed against another and they'd appeal it with some variation of "the answer is from 10 year ago and I want to know if it's still the case now" with a often a heavily hinted "because I imagined something to be possible but the dupe says it's not".
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6:22 PM
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7:16 PM
7:26 PM
Fullscreen cartoons, yay.
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8:28 PM
Q: What should we do with [google-contacts-api] (deprecated and retired)?

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