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1:59 AM
I just successfully cast a delete vote on something with a net positive score (+1/-0) and accepted, positive answer (+5/-0) (trust me, it really should be deleted). I was surprised to have the option and also not be warned about it. What exactly are the criteria?
(well, the scores are 0 and 4 now, but I downvoted after the delete vote.)
2:16 AM
@KarlKnechtel Questions can be deleted after being closed for 2 days regardless of score or answer score. If that's the criteria you're asking about.
The number of delete votes needed to remove the content scales with both question and answer score, but otherwise there are no restrictions.
ah, so because it was already closed rather than me hammering it
4 hours later…
6:01 AM
Q: How can I delete a question that I posted anonymously?

Phalguna CavuturuI accidentally added information that I did not intend to and would like for it to be deleted. Could you help me please? upgrading to sprinboot 2.5.12 and my Junit tests are throwing this error

7:01 AM
Q: How big is a reference variable in java?

Ashrik Ahamedreference variables are pointing on heap memory, how much space a reference variable is allocating it self? is there any good way to reduce memory while referencing a variable for objects and data types?

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11:52 AM
Cheers lads, could some tag meta.stackoverflow.com/posts/419557 as status-complete?
12:09 PM
Did someone just copy a comment from Meta about downvotes on Meta to complain about a downvote on the main site?
12:25 PM
Q: How does a meta post become hot? How did mine become hot?

Caleb LiuRecently, one of my meta posts showed up in the hot meta posts section of the community bulletin. For me, this raises a few questions: How does a meta post become a hot meta post in the community bulletin? What happend to my question so that it got into the community bulletin?

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1:43 PM
Q: Questions get deleted very fast

AndamI have noticed for while that posted question on stack overflow gets deleted very fast (minutes) to the point that we can not edit the question or write meaningful comments to direct the user to amend his question. Is there a way to give users more time to fix their questions or edit the question...

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2:49 PM
Q: Got no answers, got too low reputation for a bounty, just give up?

mortpiedraI hope this is the right place for the following issue: my question got only one non-helpful answer. Now 2 months later I have still not been able to come up with a solution on my own. As I have little experience and thereby few reputation points I can not offer a bounty. What do I do in a situat...

3:19 PM
Q: I received a message, "We are no longer receiving questions from this account". Why?

John WootenI have read the previous questions, but don't see why I have reached a question limit. I have a score of 659 and generally ask good questions, some of which scored highly. How do I get reinstated? What am I doing wrong that I can correct.

@NewPosts This has to be a record
90 undeleted questions. The vast majority are scored zero
There's actually 31 deleted questions score <= 0
Not sure why the userscript missed on-... oh
shit, right
3:42 PM
score 0: 60
score 1: 17
score 2:  4
score 3:  1
score 4:  1
score -1: 7
Breakdown per score of the 90 non-deleted questions
4:14 PM
That's a lot of questions.
4:26 PM
oh, reminds me
Ah, no, just 31 deleted questions
None scoring above 0
Q: It is possible to find a user by company or profession in the profile title?

Dmitry PolovinkinIt is possible to search for a user by something other than his/her name? Was just interested to find people from the same company as mine or people in the same field, but it seems that the only thing possible to search by is the name. Wanted to make sure, or learn how to do it.

3 hours later…
7:31 PM
Q: How do you find out how many visitors in here that are following a certain post?

Anders Brandén(Note: When I write this post I receive the bot statement "The question you're asking appears subjective and is likely to be closed." How is this question "subjective"? Is it the words "follow" and "popular" that triggers the reaction? I've revised my question a dozen times now but I get the sam...

3 hours later…
10:37 PM
Q: Filtering out questions not containing a reprex, and made by very low reputation users

gautThe amount of questions that do not include reproducible data being so large, wouldn't it be useful to be able to filter out questions without a reprex and created by very new/low-reputation users? This could be achieved by asking a new user who asks a question to confirm whether they provided su...


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