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2:21 AM
@NewPosts Interesting... a font identification request.
2:33 AM
@CodyGray I mean... arguably closer to the target audience. They'll actually be able to read the adverts xD
2:49 AM
Q: My getquestion function is not working therefore I am unable to link entries of const with html web page

Navjot SinghI have given code here. document.getElementById("question").innerHTML=questions[2]["question"]; the provided code line doesn't give any result. could someone find out problem with this line or any other mistake in code function getQuestion(questions){ document.getElementById("question").innerHT...

2 hours later…
4:37 AM
Apparently, if I add inbookmarks: to a search but use someone else's user ID, it doesn't complain, but it also doesn't do any filtering. interesting
Q: Should [local-functions] be a synonym of [nested-function], or do C# local functions warrant a separate tag?

Peter Cordeslocal-functions is relatively new, being specifically about the feature introduced in C# 7.0, according to its tag wiki. (There's no excerpt). It currently has 33 questions, most tagged c#, a few tagged LUA, Python, C++, C, or common-lisp. This looks to me like C#'s version of the general conce...

5:02 AM
Q: How to verify a Digital Certificate using QSSLCertificate?

Neeraj ShuklaBelow is the code I am using to verify a dummy certificate QString certFileName = "cert.pem"; QFile certFile(certFileName); QSslCertificate sslClientCert; if (certFile.exists()) { certFile.open(QIODevice::ReadOnly); QSslCertificate cert(&certFile, QSsl::Pem); sslClientCert = cert; } ...

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7:30 AM
> if someone calls somebody else a Mother F**ker in their post, they deserve to just have the question closed. Editing services for those folks are not in my scope of service
Making their own rules, I see...
8:08 AM
Q: calculating Similarity score between rows using two files

muhammadI have two excel files : In the first file, each row represent node number and its features as 232 1 0 0 1 0 1 477 1 1 0 0 0 0 In the second file, each row contain three columns: source node number , target node number and 1 as like 2...

8:56 AM
Q: Expletives in Code - Flag declined

Celius StingherI recently flagged this question because of the text contained in the code example. However, it was declined. I tried reading some questions/answers here, but couldn't find an explanation regarding inappropriate language. In this particular case, it is completely unnecessary, doesn't contribute a...

9:14 AM
Q: How to been get rid of blocked from answering in Stack Overflow?

YounusI am curious to know that I can get rid of block from answering.

9:39 AM
@E_net4thecommentflagger It's part of the CoC: the Customrules of Conduct
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11:00 AM
@NewPosts oh... too bad...
2 hours later…
12:32 PM
Q: How to restore my answer?

nettI have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Install Kubernetes cluster on raspberry pi A moderator has removed the answer incorrectly because: It does fundamentally answer the question saying that "Kubernetes has deprecated Docker" so the author will not find a compatible Docker version as h...

12:50 PM
Q: Two close votes, five downvotes, plus snarky comments

Ben AstonThis perfectly appropriate and valid question quickly received two close votes, five downvotes and a snarky comment ("What even is the question?"). This is a site cultural issue that needs to be looked at.

1:14 PM
Q: How can I separate my personal account from my corporate account

user1529413Recently my company is using stackoverflow's sort of spin-off site. I would like to separate my accounts they are separate accounts using separate email addresses. At no point did I consent or ever want this behavior. How can I separate these?

1:34 PM
@NewPosts and I was wondering if we are going to get some Meta drama this week
3 hours later…
4:37 PM
The "How to ...?" form is broken English (or infantilised English). Either drop the question mark or use QUASM. — Peter Mortensen yesterday
Apparently the acronym is: "QUestion word, Auxiliary verb, Subject, Main verb" and that bothers me
Why not QASM? Or QWASM also works for "Question Word"
5:10 PM
@VLAZ I guess it is easier to pronounce?
@VLAZ frankly, this is one I disagree with - the "how to" may be clunky from a pedantic point of view, but it is succinct, well recognized, and does not unnecessarily bring personal pronouns in titles (of the form "How do/can I")
5:36 PM
> This is what happens when you cut funding from too many places, things start to break down. Perhaps it is time to sell this to someone capable of maintaining it.
^ eh, the SRE team is actually one of those that I have the most respect for in SE
5:50 PM
Q: Is it valid for an answer to berate the reader for not knowing something simple?

user000001While browsing Reddit, I landed on this thread: shit, they found out!, about this Stack Overflow question: What does \d+ mean in regular expression terms? The answer there uses a condescending tone to berate the reader for not knowing something simple. Here is the quote from the answer: This is ...

3 hours later…
8:20 PM
Q: Editing Etiquette - What are the ground rules?

Steven C. BrittonEarlier today, I posted this question in relation to a weird error I'm getting. A few hours later, I came back and discovered that someone had edited it to "remove unneeded exposition and improve readability." I want to stress that some of what the user changed was reasonable (in terms of chang...

8:30 PM
O boy
@NewPosts the user they claimed downvoted them has only cast 128 downvotes over 12 years
It's only abusive to downvote so little in 12 years.
Didn't have "taking downvotes on Meta personally" on my bingo card... no wait, I did.
> DELETED Editing Etiquette - What are the ground rules?
new title
Someone really doesn't know what editing is about, I see.
i liked the "wikipedia is highly politicized"
8:46 PM
I mean, what isn't.
Anything that empowers someone or some people is bound to be political.
@KevinB Lots of wars have been fought over it.
Dirt is very political. Should you pave it or till it?
9:23 PM
@NewPosts yay, second day in, second drama! Yay? Yay...
half-tempted to chime in with "everything is CC-BY-SA, so deal with it", but something tells me not to pour gasoline into the fire
@OlegValteriswithUkraine That something is probably the high gas prices.
@E_net4thecommentflagger definitely - pouring some on a trash fire seems like a huge waste
9:50 PM
@ZoestandswithUkraine it appears as though the comment archive needs a kick
weird, the service is running
that or meta has been completely dead for a day
The logs rotated, and can't remember if it's possible to find the older logs
Anyway, gave it a good 'ol kick in the head and it seems to be alive
quite a representative first comment to appear since restarting
@ZoestandswithUkraine ... that said
the downtime does align shockingly well with me trying to pip install clang-format
9:58 PM
Completely blocked up my Pi, could be that it somehow resulted in a non-fatal error for boson
Any way I can un-cache a sede query? I made one to look for dupes-of-dupes; then I tried to clean them up and want to see the results (also to discover what were formerly dupes-of-dupes-of-dupes)
wait for the cache to expire
do you know how long it is?
(as nice as it would be to have automated tools to just do the relinking, I fear it would dump a lot of inappropriate questions on the canonical. this process seems like a good point for reviewing old closures)
sorry, i know next to nothing about sede
10:13 PM
@KarlKnechtel sunday, if you mean you want the questions to be registered as closed and consequently disappear from your query
Q: Will background requests count as visits for Announcer, Booster and Publicist badges?

Konrad LinkowskiDoes a request interrupted by cors error count as a visit? // this one throws a cors error fetch('https://stackoverflow.com/q/2421911/5089567').then(console.log).catch(console.error) Does an automatic request made by facebook / gmail bots count as a visit? <img src="https://stackove...

10:34 PM
@ZoestandswithUkraine I'm looking for "if I click run query it actually takes more than 1ms and doesn't give me the same result as last time despite doing things that should have changed the result"
I take it this is "every sunday it clears caches as a cron job", not a per-query timer?
11:19 PM
@KarlKnechtel Every Sunday the database is completely rebuilt from the main SE databases. As a side effect, this also clears all the cached queries.
However, I suspect what you're asking is "when will the actions I take on-site be reflected in SEDE?", the answer to which is "every Sunday"
While there is, as you note, query caching, that's not what's making your queries not reflect on-site changes, but rather the fact that the queries are run against a weekly copy of the database.
Per Nick Craver, it's specifically Sunday morning around 03:00 UTC.
@RyanM "every Sunday, except when the job that's supposed to do the dump breaks, which happens from time to time until rene or Glorfindel or one of the other SEDE wizards posts a bug report and it gets fixed"

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