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1:22 AM
FYI @cigien it's a US holiday so you might get less response than would otherwise be expected.
1:40 AM
@RyanM Yeah, I figured. No rush, the post isn't going anywhere, so users can take a look at it whenever.
I hate writing post titles =(
2:02 AM
I forgot about the "rep bonus" view, because currently reps from acceptance and bounty bypass the daily reps limit from upvotes
2:52 AM
@RyanM Oh, because I said I was expecting more counter-arguments?
Because it hasn't reached Hot Meta Post yet, though looks like it won't in the first place...
It hit HMP 15 mins ago. Plenty of votes since then :)
Ah, I just realized that... expected response then :p
3:07 AM
@cigien nah, just generally
I'm not sure how well-known our holidays are in other countries
At least it's one of the most popular, 4th of July
1 hour later…
4:15 AM
Ok, it hit HMP at +10/-7, was on HMP for about an hour and a half, and is now at +13/-23. That's pretty close to the reaction I was expecting from the broader community.
4:39 AM
stackoverflow.com/questions/72864001/… I didn't expect the bot to close the question for me. What triggers that?
(I probably should have voted NMF anyway, but)
@KarlKnechtel OP accepts the duplicate proposal
5:01 AM
It was part of the new close UI New UI encourages askers to confirm or dispute duplicate votes. There was a (rather popular) proposal to show it as the OP who closed the question instead of Community for general clarity. Though there were some issues with that namely that the reason Community can close the question is due to its unilateral closure privileges
1 hour later…
6:11 AM
@RyanM Plenty, thanks to media
2 hours later…
8:12 AM
Q: "Are you sure you want to add an another answer?" when my old answer was deleted

Karl KnechtelToday on a whim I decided to scroll through answers of my own that were deleted, to see (among other things) what sort of awful nonsense I was getting up to back in 2010. I found that my answer for Choose list variable given probability of each variable had been deleted. I agree with the deletion...

I hate those messages. Especially on Meta when the question is about a new feature and users are invited to share bugs and other thoughts. Each one should be a separate post. Yet you're slammed in the face with "but do you want to edit instead?"
Understandable for meta (which unfortunately MSE is not), but for main site?
8:27 AM
We should be able to post more than one solution.
Well, of course we should, and we already can. But still, how many times do users post multiple legitimate answers? (SEDE time, but I'm lazy)
@AndrewT. Too rarely. I myself haven't done it enough. If ever. But the system should be clearer that you can do this. Right now the only thing is punish you for choosing to do this. Which in turn suggests that you shouldn't.
2 hours later…
10:36 AM
Q: Will existing badge get upgrade if I earn more score?

Ravi GuptaIf I post a question which got score 10 & awarded by badge as "Nice Badge" .Then for same question I got score of 25(10 prev + 15 new). In this situation, how badges will be awarded? Meaning the same question will now have two badge Nice Question & Good Question or just 1 as Good Question upgrade...

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11:42 AM
Q: Shared and static library

RogerI have 3 libraries liba.so, libb.so and libc.so Liba.so and Libb.so are using libc.so. In my application I use openssl 1.0.1, and libc.so is using an old version of openssl 0.9.8 To avoid the warning : libssl.so.0.9.8 needed by XXX libc.so may conflict with libssl.so.1.0.1 Could I use libc as st...

12:05 PM
Q: Understanding the reason of this downvote: is there anything I did wrong?

MarkI asked this question. Along with an answer I also received a downvote without any comment. I don't understand what's wrong with my question. I receive very often downvotes without any explanation. How can I improve my questions without a suggestion? From my point of view I followed all the usual...

@cigien welp, that went downhill quickly - as expected, but sigh. Went to sleep when the proposal was in the positive, got up to -17 :) Huge shame, but oh well
Cause: HMP
@OlegValteriswithUkraine "Oh noez, but the rep!"
1 hour later…
1:26 PM
@AndrewT. cause of death: prolonged exposure to HMP
1 hour later…
2:43 PM
It's not unexpected for people to generally be against losing a thing that gave them a lot of fake internet points
i'd lose 20,565 rep
as someone who rarely hit the rep cap
I think the low traffic tag argument is weak. Low traffic tags attract less eyeballs and thus less votes. That you earn less rep from them is proportional to how useful they are to future visitors.
similarly even with accepts it's still far easier to earn rep from accepts in a tag with 500 new questions a day vs one with 1 new question a day.
3:06 PM
@NewPosts If I had 0.01€ for every complaint about receiving a downvote, I wouldn't have to work.
i would
Maybe I'd need to pay less rent, fine.
If only one could do the maths.
3:35 PM
@KevinB My impression with lower traffic tags is that they might get a more consistent amount of upvotes. On large tags like JS or Python, it's very easy for a post to fall between the cracks and never be voted upon because there is just so much, it's hard to see and evaluate all posts. It's also easy to unexpectedly get, say, 5 upvotes.
With lower traffic tags, it's easier to read and evaluate every single post that appears.
but, but... the answerers are competing with each other! They won't upvote other answers... thus only OP's acceptance can save them! (citation needed)
4:07 PM
@OlegValteriswithUkraine It's not a bad showing actually. I was expecting worse than 2:1 against (although if it had stayed on HMP, it would get worse). I do appreciate that users are coming right out and admitting that rep is a big motivator to contribution. Comments like "... And after 5+ years with 0 rep to show for the work I'd done, I'd probably resort to FGITW with no other rep sources" is quite illuminating. Users mostly vehemently deny that rep is why they do things, so this is refreshing at least.
The niche tag argument may hold water. I've never really posted in such tags, so I don't know how it works there. If it is true that lots of users wouldn't post in those tags if not for the rep from accepts, then the proposal isn't a good idea. Rather sad, if that's the case, but that's besides the point.
2 hours later…
6:17 PM
Q: Is there a place to ask opinion-based questions?

Jeremy GottfriedIt seems like Stack Overflow questions are limited to "specific programming problems", "software algorithms", and "software tools" questions. Is there a place to ask more opinion-oriented questions about best practices, software design philosophy, methodology (such as agile), or general industry ...

@NewPosts meta gold badgers are faaast
6:48 PM
Request for feedback/suggestions: If I were to post something discouraging demands for problem-solving effort/"not a code-writing service"-type comments, should it a question in announcement form, or a "Should I leave comments saying that 'Stack Overflow is not a code-writing service' or demanding effort?" self-answered Q&A?
@RyanM I'd say it should be a self-answered Q&A and part of the FAQ
An announcement invites discussion. There is nothing to discuss here - asking for code on every question is wrong.
Well, also it should explain when to ask for code, of course - it is appropriate in some cases. I just don't want to see people coming out of the woodwork clearly not understanding the site saying that code is required when a user asks "How to do X?"
code is only necessary when it is necessary
7:41 PM
Q: GPU vs TPU. For EMAIL Scrapping, which one is suitable for faster fetching, execution and storing result in files?

Shubham ThakurMy EMAIL crawler, using 'imaplib' is working fine, but the fetching part is creating a bottleneck. So I thought GPU or TPU can actually help or not?

8:11 PM
Today on MSE - spam post advertising ransomware. Giving it a glowing review.
Oh, also provides a discount code. For 50% off.
8:36 PM
You wouldn't want to overpay for ransomware.
8:50 PM
@cigien it's strong with the current implementation of the privilege system, IMO. Progressing to "more power" is a well-known effective motivator in games (board/video), so I think that was the proposal to be implemented alongside a shift to progression-based system, the argument would've weakened.
There are also other ways that can help satisfy the "extrinsic motivation" that many seem to be so hang up on: badges. Were SE to increase the number of badges aimed at low-traffic tag participation, the argument would be even weaker.
9:11 PM
Q: Synonymize [coingecko-api] to [coingecko]

TheMasterIt seems a user has changed two questions on coingecko to coingecko-api. This change seems unnecessary. They both refer to the same api. Requesting that they be made synonyms.

9:21 PM
@cigien Interestingly, it's also relevant in a different way in tags like ...in that there are so many questions that there aren't really people going through answers and upvoting good ones. Most upvotes come later when people find your answers.
which is, arguably, good: it means the useful answers are the ones getting upvotes. but it's a very delayed gratification.
9:33 PM
I'm working on a GitHub repository to gather notes about missing or substandard canonicals, and workshop the changes / newly-written canonicals. Would it be appropriate to self-promote something like that on meta.so?
Also, aside from there and the Python chat room, is there anywhere that makes sense to discuss proposed changes to canonicals that require SME?
(for example: yesterday I tried establishing a new canonical for a separate facet of a topic, where I think the established canonical gets applied too broadly. I wanted to review that decision, and if approved, get help figuring out which of the thousand-odd signposts should be redirected)
9:52 PM
i don't think it'd be a good idea to promote that on MSO
at least not as the broad overall project
you'll likely get pushback on the idea of even crafting canonicals in this way.
10:08 PM
how would they like to do it instead? (How did projects like, say, the regex reference get approval?)
I feel like the system is rather incentivising me to just go ahead and try to change stuff and see what gets reverted, which seems like not great system design.
10:41 PM
Q: Close this low quality question with a bounty on it?

customcommanderAccording to this Q&A I should simply cast a custom moderator flag. I've done this for this question but my flag got declined with the following comment from the moderator: flags should only be used to make moderators aware of content that requires their intervention FYI the full content of t...

10:54 PM
I found meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/276010 . Time for some WP:BOLD I guess.
It's not clear to me what a "collaborative effort lock" is. Does that mean conversion to community wiki?

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