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1:22 AM
Q: How to handle a suggested edit that adds link to source

not a robotI was checking the Suggested edit review queue and came across this edit: https://stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/32119505 Apparently the answer had copied a (fairly involved) code word for word from an earlier answer and the edit suggests to add a link to the original answer (which itse...

1:53 AM
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5:48 AM
@NewPosts this was a good question, I'm undeleting it...
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7:46 AM
Q: Dis[connect] this tag

Moshe KatzIn 2017 we had a discussion about disambiguating connect because it was being used to mean multiple things. At the time, it was suggested to have a separate request to burninate this tag after the retagging was done. I'm sure the 2017 retagging is done, but there's been a lot of new activity with...

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9:10 AM
Q: How to get the latest DPI of System with win32 API

Tushar Kanta GuptaI went through the documentation for GetDeviceCaps(); In my C++ application , for which DPI_AWARENESS is per monitor, I want to get the latest DPI. Let us say, I launch my application, that time System DPI was 96, post that I modified system dpi to 120. GetDeviceCaps(GetDC() , LOGPIXELSX) => it's...

9:28 AM
Q: Can I undo / correct my incorrect audit

MyICQI am relatively new in the audit queue. Today I accicently clicked "looks OK" to a question where I meant to click something else. Is there any way that I can correct my vote / audit on this, or at least remove my audit for that specific question ? Or should I not worry about it for now if it's...

10:16 AM
Apparently, I've lived two days without knowing of Cody's button masterpiece.
10:40 AM
Q: How to handle low reputation users editing higly voted posts / high reputation users posts

GrafiCodeWhile reviewing the suggested edits queue, very often I find users with low reputation trying to edit questions / answers belonging to high reputation users. This is an example: https://stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/32118531 I understand, of course, there's no limitation based on users...

Q: Where to find Java WingS Documentation

yesIamFadedI have a Question regarding Java's Framework called WingS. Does anyone still have the Docs from that Framework? They cant be found anywhere online maybe someone has made a copy or something any help would be much appreciated! Sincerly Faded ~

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12:28 PM
Q: Why Upvote button design is different in Brave and Chrome Browser?

Vishal BeepI'm just curious why the Upvote button's UI is different in browser This is my brave browser's upvote UI And this is Chrome Browser's UI As you can see both are different. does it is happening only with me or anyone else too!

1:04 PM
Q: Merge [angular-material2] into [angular-material]

angularrocks.comI just noticed that we got two identical Angular Material on StackOverflow https://stackoverflow.com/tags/angular-material/info https://stackoverflow.com/tags/angular-material2/info Both of them correspond to the same thing. So I believe that angular-material2 could be merged into angular-mater...

1:16 PM
Q: Unresolved reference schedule

Vivian Alexander L. NonglaitAnybody else facing this problem? import java.util.* import kotlin.concurrent.* fun main() { Timer.schedule(1000){ print("Yes") } }

Q: Merge [angular2-template] into [angular-template]

angularrocks.comI just noticed that we have two identical Angular-related tags on Stack Overflow https://stackoverflow.com/tags/angular-template/info https://stackoverflow.com/tags/angular2-template/info Both of them correspond to the same thing. So I believe that angular2-template could be merged into angular...

Q: Rename [angular2-directives] to [angular-directives]

angularrocks.comI just noticed that there is an Angular-relaged tag on Stack Overflow called angular2-directives https://stackoverflow.com/tags/angular2-directives/info I believe that angular2-directives should be renamed into angular-directives

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2:52 PM
Q: The ' new activity ' bar in the search is not showing up anymore, is it because of the "Testing new traffic management tool"?

Digital FarmerTesting new traffic management tool I noticed that since yesterday the bar of new activities such as this one 1 question with new activity is no longer appearing, I would like to understand the reason to know if I should mark it as a bug in Meta.

2 hours later…
4:23 PM
Context: the Community bot detected and reverted duplicate votes removal as serial unvoting
wait, today is not April 1st...
just some casual user targeting
or tag, possibly
(tis collective articles)
i wonder how many people, outside of recognized collective members, have voted on articles
@AndrewT. Not with THAT attitude.
4:58 PM
Q: Add default syntax highlighting for [excel-formula] tag

GreedoBased on this question: Syntax highlighting for Excel Formulae - language suggestions, lang-swift does a good job of syntax highlighting the excel formula language. We should make lang-swift the default syntax highlighting language for excel-formula - as highlight.js doesn't support it and even i...

5:34 PM
Q: Is google login with Firefox broken?

JimIs login with Firefox broken? I am logged in my google account in Firefox (version 102.0 64 bit) and if I try to login stack overflow using the Google Sign-in button I go in a page that says: "Request lacked state: May have been forged". If I use Chrome it works fine.

5:46 PM
Q: Is there a flood of spam regarding koa recently?

rayRecently, I notice that there is quite a number of new questions regarding koa. Most of the questions are just a dump of some code structure and ask no seeming question. They could be asking for "review", or posting "working solution"(not in self Q&A style); or some very vague question like "is i...

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7:42 PM
@NewPosts I was just about to make a post, I was a bit late to the part it seems. Yeah it 100% looks like a voting ring to me as well.
Q: Is it possible to make anyone who downvotes required to leave a comment, or at least choose a category

Rick HodderIt is so frustrating to spend time putting an issue into SO, and to have it downvoted with no context.The downvoting will affect whether people will even look at the message making it less likely to get answered. Without context, what purpose does the downvote hold? Maybe make it possible to subm...

8:16 PM
Q: What is a Sockpuppet Ring?

Joe HenriodI've seen the term "sockpuppet ring" come up several times during discussions about spam. But I'm having trouble understanding what it refers to.

8:49 PM
it's when a bunch of sock puppet's "connect" in a certain way that results in a ring

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